Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 41

Chapter 41: NyanNyan and Wanko



I heard water sounds from outside the mansion.

I left the half-read Grimoire and stood up, I saw the drenched Mami from outside the window.

The cat-eared girl, from her ears to her tail, her clothes were also completely drenched.


「What happened……Mami-chan!」

「I got wet」

「That’s bad, you should change」


Sylvia who ran towards Mami, pulled her hand and brought her inside the mansion.

I got curious, so I followed them.

The water drops on the floor made a trace.

When I came to Mami’s room, I saw that Sylvia was very troubled in front of the wardrobe.


「What happened」

「Ah, Lucio-sama. Actually, Mami-chan had no clothes」


「All of them are on laundry. Mami-chan and Coco-chan, they have many laundries, so」


Well, that should be true.

Coco and Mami is a being that has the same body.

Coco is a dog-eared girl, and Mami is a cat-eared girl.

The two of them are sharing the same body, they had the constitution that when they are poured with water, they would change to the other one.

Because of that, the two’s laundries and twice Sylvia and Nadia’s, and it looks like she’s troubled with that right now.


「I will dry it very quickly, so please wait, Mami-chan」


「Ahh, no, I’ll do something about it」

「Lucio-sama will?」


Sylvia who was going to run out of the room stopped to a halt and looked at me.

Mami also titled her head and looked at me.

*Pachin*, I snapped my finger and used magic.


「『Dress Up』」


It’s one of the magic that I often use, the magic that changes clothes.

The light of the magic enveloped Mami’s body, and changed her clothes.


「Waa, so cute!」


Sylvia’s eyes shined.

The one I changed Mami to, was “Maid Clothes”.

It was also different to the classic type maid clothes that Amanda wore, it was the type of clothes that are the so-called “Moe-type”.


「Ahh, I was thinking of it before, but you and Coco looks good with these」


I looked at Mami wearing maid clothes, and “un”, I nodded.

A bishoujo with cat ears and tails, wearing cute maid clothes.

She’s a cat so her expression feels empty so that also makes it better.

Sylvia and I, both of us stared closely.

Mami frowned, and made an unpleasant look.


「I don’t like this, return it」

「No way, it’s such a waste」

「……if you’re not going to return it, I’ll go somewhere until my clothes dries」


Saying that, Mami was going to run away from the room.

I casted a new magic on her.




A ring of light appeared, and tied Mami’s body.

Mami was tied up and couldn’t move.


「Is it a magic for catching, Lucio-sama?」



That’s only half correct.

It is a magic for catching, but it’s something that a person who seriously hates it, they can untie it immediately.

Mami was struggling, but she couldn’t untie it, so she made a sulking face towards me.

Hmph, it’s useless even if you made a face like that.


「While we’re at it, let’s make her wear a lot of things」


「『Dress Up』」


I casted magic without minding Sylvia.

Mami changed to gym clothes from maid clothes.

Cat ears with gym clothes.


「Waa, this is also cute. Lucio-sama, what kind of clothes are they?」

「They’re gym clothes, have you not seen it before?」


「But, it looks great right?」

「Yes, very much!」


Sylvia emphasized making her small fists together.


「I wonder why, it looks very well and cute」

「There’s also something like this……『Dress Up』」


This time, she changed to school swimsuit.


「This is also cute!」

「It’s called the school swimsuit. 『Dress Up』」

「Waaa, waaa」


Sylvia got excited a level above.


「It’s so cute!! What is this underwear, the chests are Nyanko-chan」

「This isーー」



In the middle of the explanation, Mami got free from the magic and ran away.

Her embarrassment exceeded its limits, it looks like she really didn’t like it anymore.

It’s only up to this huh, if she really doesn’t like it, it isn’t good to force her.

When I thought of that.




As soon as she jumped out of the room, Mami was poured with water.

She bumped with Nadia who had a cup with her and got poured with water.

And there, to Cocoーーshe changed to the dog-eared girl.


「I’m sorry〜, I bumped」

「It’s okay, rather than that, go change」



Nadia who had her change of clothes, returned to her room to change.

Sylvia approached Coco, took her by pulling her hand.


「Master, please go on」


Sylvia who said that, had an unusual mischievous light in her eyes.

I understood what she wanted.


「『Anti-Tsundere』ーー『Dress Up』」


With the same kind of happenings with Mami, I casted magic.

The ring of light restrained Coco’s body, and soon after, she became a dog-eared maid.




Sylvia got very excited. I know that feeling.

On the other side, Coco looked at her own appearance.




She got free from the magic, and ran while raising a scream that did not have a voice.



「I-I wonder what happened」

「She really didn’t like it huh. She’s like that compared to Mami……but well, people has their own preferences」


It looks like Coco didn’t have the resistance of being a doll for changing.


「I see, that’s too bad」


Sylvia really felt of it as a shame.

And started wiping the water on the floor.

And there, Coco returned.

Hiding behind the door, she looked at us shyly.




When I was thinking of it as strange, Coco had found more of her courage, and entered the room.

And, she stood in front of Sylvia and I.


「Please go on desu〜」


She closed her eyes, and seemingly said with resolution.



「What Master wants to do……please go on desu〜」


Her appearance of trembling with shyness while checking me was very cute.

Mami-neko who made a face that she didn’t like it, but stayed until she really reached her limit.

Coco-inu who doesn’t like it from the bottom of her heart, but returned and endured for her owner.

They had their own characteristics, so it was interesting.


「Ne〜ne〜, Lucio-sama, what do you think would suit Coco-chan?」

「Let me think」


To return something for Coco’s gallant, after that, Sylvia and I, played by making Coco wear many kinds of clothes.











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