Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Ride on Wife


Nadia and I, the two of us entered the bath in the after noon.


I was on leisure since morning today, and I was invited by Nadia to enter the bath after lunch.




Within the bath that was full of steam, Nadia was doing her best to scrub my back.


「Lucio-kun, is somewhere itchy?」


「It’s okay, it’s just enough with right now」


「I see〜」


She said that, and washed me from my back, arms, and legs.


It was very satisfying, both of my heart and body were relaxed.


「Ahh, goodness! I’m splashed by water again!」


With that voice, *GaraGaraGara*, the door opened.


Cat-eared girl, Mami was there. Mami was drenched, and it seems like she came to the bath to warm her body.


「Mami-chan, yahho〜」




The instant Mami saw me, she raised a scream, turned back and ran like a wild rabbit.


Well, if you see a naked man (but, 9-years-old), you would react like that.




「Leave her alone. Rather than that, are you okay with it?」


「With what?」


Nadia was surprised cluelessly.


「Looking at a naked body, aren’t you embarrassed」


「We’re a husband and wife so there’s nothing embarrassing」


Nadia said that in a very good mood, and continued to scrub me.


It was a line that I heard somewhere, but it was more persuasive than that.


And just like that, I was scrubbed clean by Nadia, let her wash me, and we entered the bath tub together.


「Ah〜, it feels good〜」


「I agree」


「Soaking in the bathtub feels very good〜」


*BataBata*, Nadia raised her legs off the water and fluttered them.


I rested my body to the object that was inside the bathtub.


The bath tub that had an object that was like those on hot springs looks really good, but it’s a little small.


Sylvia would probably be fine with it, but I think it’s too small for Nadia.


As expected, Nadia who couldn’t settle down said something like this.


「If it was a little bigger I could swim though」


「Do you want to swim? Let’s relax」


「You’d want to swim while relaxing you know? I think that swimming in a warm bath like this would feel really good」




Somehow, I think I can get that.


The point is not in normal waters, but bath water.


「Yosh, let’s swim」






Nadia and I, I casted magic to both of our bodies.


It was the magic I used during subjugation of cockroaches, and our body gradually became smaller.


「Move over here」




Before we got completely small, we went on the top of the object that I rested my body on.


And there, we became completely small.


「Amazing〜, it’s like an island on a lake」


Nadia said her comment. I also felt the same.


We who got smaller, were like we’re on a floating island above a lake.


「Ahahaha, the lake is warm〜」


「If it’s like this you can swim right?」


「Un! Ei!」


*Pasha〜n*, Nadia jumped in.


She romped swimming.


I sat down on the banks, got careful not to fall, and soaked my lower body within the bath water.


Suddenly, something flowed.


When I looked at it carefully, that was my hair.


The very thin hair, looked like a rope because of our size.


「Ah〜, that was fun. Lucio-kun, you won’t swim?」


To the objectーーNadia who came up to the island asked that.


「No, I’m fine with relaxing just like this」


「I see〜, then, I’ll also relax〜」


She said that, lowered her waist beside me, and sat with our shoulders lined up.


*PashaPasha*, while she fluttered her legs on the bath water, we relaxed.


After a while, I heard footsteps.


「Lucio-sama, the dinner isーーa-re?」


The door opened and Sylvia appeared.


「Ahaha, Sylvia’s like a giant」


「That’s true, she looks like that. Sylvia, I amーー」


When I was in the middle of saying that, Nadia covered my mouth.




「It’s fun, so just like this for a little bit」


I wonder what is fun.


On the other side, Sylvia felt strange that I was not in the bath.


「I wonder where did he go, Lucio-sama, and Nadia also. Although their clothes are here……」


*KyoroKyoro*, she looked around.


「If it’s Lucio-sama, he should be okay though」


Sylvia said that and entered.


She placed her hand inside the bathtub, and it seems like she’s removing the bath water.


「This……Lucio-sama’s hair……?」


Sylvia’s movements stopped. She was staring intently at the hair I saw earlier.


「Lucio-sama’s hair……the bath water Lucio-sama used……」


Sylvia was mumbling something.


「B-Before I remove the bath water, maybe I should use it〜」


Somehow, she feigned very clearly.


She went out once, after ruffling sounds could be heard, she returned.


In her naked look after she took off her clothes.


Her form was still an 8-year-old child’s, but her size was a giant’s.


It was an unbalance that was impossible normally.


「Ahahaha, Sylvie so funny〜」


It looks like Nadia felt the same.


Sylvia entered the bath tub after washing her body.


She soaked up to her shoulders, and “Hau〜……”, she let out a sigh.


「It’s like I was being embraced by Lucio-sama……Lucio-sama」


「She said」


Nadia poked me with her elbow. It’s somehow embarrassing.


「It feels good……I know」


Sylvia floated.


She completely relaxed her body, and floated on the bath water as if to lay on her back.


Sylvia who was floating inside the bath tub, that appearance of hers looks very happy.


I wanted to continue seeing that, but.


「Yoisho, Yoisho」


Nadia approached Sylvia, and climbed her!




「Eh? Nadia-chan?!」




To Sylvia who noticed, Nadia raised her hand and casually replied.




「I became small with Lucio-kun’s magic, and we were having fun with the lake of bath water」


「Ehhhh? Then, Lucio-sama also?」


「I’m here」




Sylvia started panicking a little.


Looking at her not able to move decently because Nadia was on her, was so ridiculous and cute.


And that Nadia laid face down on top of Sylvia.


Just as if she laid on a beach to sunbathe.


「S.S. Sylvie huh, the ship’s」




「Lucio-kun should come too. Let’s ride it together? S.S. Sylvie」




I thought for a bit, and did that.


Because it seems really fun.


I rode on top of Sylvia, and laid on my back.


「It really feels good, this」


「I told you〜」


When I looked diagonally while laying on my back, I met my eyes with Sylvia.


I smiled at her sweetly. Sylvia smiled back shyly.


With that, the three of us stopped moving.


Sylvia who floated on the bath tub, and dwarf Nadia and I who laid around on top of her.


Laid around, poked from time to time, and ask Sylvia for a splash of the bath water.


Until the bath water got cold, we spent our time there leisurely.











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