Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 4

Chapter 4: The 6-Year Old Young Wife


It has passed a month after coming to another world.

I was spending most of my time during that, staying at Ojii-san’s archive.

It’s not like a 6-year old child can do anything, and reading manga and learning magic was fun.


After a month, I have read through one-third of Ojii-san’s archive.

And the magic that I remembered was already beyond three-digits.

And what I’ve found out, was most of this world’s people are not able to read manga.


The best they could read is a 4-koma manga, but if it was a story manga’s panel layout they are confused, and if sound effects like *Doーn* appears they will not be able to read the page.

And the American comic-like one was 「The most difficult Grimoire in the world」Ojii-san said.

I also took a hard time with that. The panel layout and the way you turn its pages were different……But I could still read it normally.


And, if I specifically talk about how much they couldn’t read it, at the level that they read, one volume of a comics would take six months to a year, even the people who are considered as “fast” would take a month.

Ojii-san took care of me well so I tried to teach him how to read a manga, but the result ended with him not understanding at all.

There isn’t a difficult thing in reading a manga though, it’s very strange.




「What is it Ojii-chan」


I’ve gotten used on being child-mode in front of Ojii-san.

I’m worried about myself, that someday I might start saying 「Arerere〜」.


「Your bride will come tomorrow, you should get along with her」

「Yup, I got it」


I nodded, and continued reading manga.










Because of its absurdity I got late reacting.

What did he say now, bride? Did he say a bride is coming?

I was overly surprised and almost fell back, and looked at Ojii-san.


「W-What does that mean Ojii-chan」

「Like I said your bride is coming」

「Bride you say, I’m still 6-year old you know?」

「It’s alright, your partner is also 6-year old」

「It’s not alright, not at all. What on the world would that mean」

「Fumu, as expected, I should explain it from the start huh」


Please do that.

Ojii-san put down the Grimoire(the one I read within five minutes), and started talking.


「Lucio originally has a fiance. It was my best friend’s grand daughter, even before you were born, we promised each other that if they are of the opposite sex we will make you engaged」  


That kind of thing……is it something that is decided before a child’s birth.


「Of course, the plan was, you are going to be married when you were both old enough. My best friendーーHe was a merchant, but he failed at some trade and his house was on a downfall. I was thinking of saving him, but it was too late when the story came to me」


It somehow, became a heavy atmosphere suddenly.


「I tried my best, but the only one I saved was the granddaughter alone. If it is like that, I thought that I should take care of that grand daughter」


As his best friend’s memento, huh.


「It was like that huh」

「The best way to protect that girl, is to make her out relative. That’s why, Lucio. Take care of her as your bride」

「Yup, I got it」


If it’s like that, then there’s no helping it. The situation is the situation.

The partner is a 6-year old little girl, I should just take care of her like a little sister, I think.



The next day, my bride came.

A carriage stopped in front of the mansion, and the one who went out was a very cute little girl, but has an exhausted expression.

Her cheeks are sunk, and there was no spirit in her eyes.

She was really tired, that you can see, even with a glimpse.


「Ohh……Sylvia-chan, what a pity. You were so lovely the time we met before」


Ojii-san……approached the little girl, Sylvia.

I agree, that she looked pity. Because when Ojii-san approached, Sylvia was frightened.

That wasn’t like being frightened when one is shy. In the first place, the way Ojii-san talked to her, it wasn’t the first time they met.

Her expression was like that, because bad things happened and she became afraid of adults.



「Ohhh……poor thing」


Ojii-san stopped his feet.


「Ojii-chan, I will go」


I said, and stood in front of Sylvia instead.

The little girl that saw hell, because of her house failed at trade.

That, was my bride.

I didn’t want to leave her like this.




I placed my hand forward, I chanted one of the three-digit spells I had remembered.

Sylvia’s body was coated by light, and changed her appearance in an instant.

A veil on her head, dress in her body, and a bouquet in both of her hands.

A very lovely, wedding dress look.




Sylvia was surprised. I took her hand, and kissed the back of it.


「Welcome Sylvia, my lovely bride」



Sylvia flushed her cheeks, and looked down shyly.

Yup, it was better with her being frightened.


「Oh, Good job Lucio」


Ojii-san was overjoyed.



At night, I was woken up by a strange presence.

When I opened my eyes, Sylvia was awake in the bed, and was flustered.

With Ojii-san’s orders, I am sleeping together with Sylvia in the same bed.


The bed itself was larger than a king’s size, so we were sleeping on top of it with a little distance.

She was sleeping, but something happened, and was flustered.


「What happened, Sylvia」



When I called to her, she made a loud scream.

I wonder what it was.

I also raised my body.

Sylvia was hugging her pillow, and was making her body small.


「What happーーWait, *Un*?」


When I tried to approach her, crawling on the top of the bed, the place where I touched my hand was a little moist.

One part of the bed was wet with water.  

Thinking what it was, I smelled itーーit was pee.


Maybe……thinking that, I looked at Sylvia.

Moist bed, a 6-year old child who was embarrassed.

I see, bedwetting huh.




「Lets go change」



Sylvia was trying to say an excuse.


「It’s alright, don’t mind it」


I said, and smiled at her. “I really don’t mind”, it was that kind of expression.


「If it was left like that you would catch a cold, lets go change」


I called a maid, and let her prepare change of clothes.

I received the change of clothes, and let the maid go outside for once.


「Let’s change, I’ll help you」

「Y-You aren’t angry?」

「I’m not angry. There’s no reason for that」


I didn’t feel the need to be angry to a child, even if she wets her bed every time.


「……Sorry. When I, sleep in a place I’m not familiar it becomes like this」

「Was that so」

「I’m really sorry」

「It’s okay. You should just get familiar in this house at your own pace」


While I was saying that, I removed Sylvia’s pajama, wiped her crotch clean, and let her change with a new pajama.

Sylvia was a little embarrassed, but she let me help her change.

I burned the soiled pajama with a Fire Ball, leaving no trace of it.

After changing, I called the maid, and let her change the sheets.

Together with Sylvia, I went on the top of the bed with new sheets.


「Come, let’s sleep」




「You’re welcome」



「Hands, can we hold them?」

「Yeah, it’s fine」


I reached out, and Sylvia holds our hands gladly.

Together, we slept while holding hands.









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Translator Notes:

「4-koma manga」 – 「a manga that has four panels every page」
「Arerere〜」 =「あれれれ〜」=「another Detective Conan reference. The line he says every time he leads the detectives to an evidence」
Legend says that there is a bounty for the remaining pieces of the “godly” pajama.

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