Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Wife’s Begging


I was playing in the yard with Coco.


「I’ll make it more difficult this time……there」


I threw the ball making it form an arch.


The ball that was almost the same size with a baseball’s flew while drawing a parabola.


Coco chased after that. While her tail fluttering under her skirt, she chased after it.


*Pachin*, I snapped my finger.


The ball splits into three in the air, and flew towards three directions as if to burst.




But when I thought she would panic, Coco seemed to be having fun.


She caught one that flew, had a sudden change of direction and caught one again, and caught the last one that flew in the opposite direction with a head slide.


She caught all three balls without dropping any of them.


She held that and came back.


「You want to go for one more time?」




「I’ll make it more difficult this time……there」


I threw the ball again, and casted magic at the same time just like earlier.


I casted magic that turns something transparent this time, the ball became transparent in the air and it couldn’t be seen.


Coco stopped to a halt. Was it too difficult after all?


Although I thought of that, *SunSun*, she started to make a sound with her nose.


She fixed her directions there, and jumped.


「I did it〜」


I can’t see it, but it seems like she caught it.


She once again returned with that, and passed me the ball.


I removed the magic, and returned the ball to normal.


And I threw that once again.


I casted magic, and the ball disappeared.


It was a different magic than before. It was a magic that teleports things to a different place.


But even so, Coco stopped, sniffed the smell, and chased after it towards a clearly different direction.


As expected of a Wanko, she can reach the smell even though it teleported huh.


When I was waiting in my place, I felt a gaze.


It was a gaze coming straight from my side.


When I looked there, there was a young boy that was the same age as me.


It was a boy that was around 8-years-old that looks cheeky.


When we met our eyes, he went towards me. It is, the grounds of my mansion though.


「Oi, you」




(It looks like it) It’s between children, so I replied normally without child-mode.


「Your wife, she’s cheating」




「Divorce immediately」


「I can’t understand what you’re talking about」


「Divorce with her immediately and release her, you got it!」


The boy just said that, and left as if to run away.


He left the grounds, and hid in the shadows……he’s not completely hidden though……and stared at me.




I called Sylvia first. Sylvia came out of the mansion.


「What is it, Lucio-sama」


「Can you come here for a bit」


I called Sylvia to come closer, and hugged her.




Sylvia felt it strangely. She relaxed and rested her body on me.


I looked towards the boy, his expressions haven’t changed or anything.


「What is it, Lucio-sama, so suddenly」


「It’s nothing, rather than that, can you call Nadia」




Even though she felt it strangely, Sylvia returned to the mansion.


After a while, Nadia came.


「You called〜? Lucio-kun」


「Yeah, come her for a bit」


I hugged Nadia who came to my side just the same.


「Eh〜, what’s up」


Nadia was different from Sylvia, she wrapped her arms around me, and hugged back the same.


She embraced very tightly, and showed affection.




I looked towards the boy.


He seemed very frustrated, he had eyes that could kill a person with hatred.


I see, it’s about Nadia huh.


I let go of Nadia. I looked at her hand.


The ring that she is wearing on her ring finger was still there.


It’s a ring made with magic, an item that would break at the instance she would cheat.


It was there as usual.


「What is it, Lucio-kun」


「U〜n. Do you know him?」


I said that, and pointed at the boy.


Nadia looked at the boy.




She tilted her head, she’s doing her best to think.




She groaned, she desperately thought of it.




「I got it already, that’s enough」


I stopped Nadia who had the air, that it wouldn’t come out no matter how much she thinks of it.


「By the way, did someone say they like you recently? Or did someone give you a present」


「Not at all〜. I’ve been teased though」




「Un, like being scared by a caterpillar in a branchーーoh, it’s him」


Nadia suddenly remembered.


「Oi oi」


“Really, that one”, I thought.


The pattern that elementary school boys teases the girl they like.


But, I get the story.


He likes Nadia, and came to her husband, me, to break up.


The saddest thing about it, he wasn’t almost in Nadia’s memories, his existence was almost not recognized.


I thought of it sadly instead.


「He came to play tricks on me again huh. I’ll go complain for a bit」


「It’s okay」


I stopped Nadia.


「Leave him alone」




「It’s okay」


「Un, I got it」


Nadia nodded honestly.


「In exchange, can I ask something」




「If he bullies me again the next time, Lucio should exterminate him」


Exterminate, you say, that’s not peaceful.


「Ne! Please」


She asked for it placing her palms together.


Nadia’s that gesture was super cute.


「I got it」


I nodded.


「Wa〜i. Then, I’ll let him go today」


She said that, hugged me once, and Nadia returned to the mansion very joyfully.


I looked at at the boy.


When that time comes, I’d at least hold back, I thought.











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Wanko(ワンコ)/Wanchan(ワンちゃん) = doggy = mofumofu

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