Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 35

sChapter 35: Dragon Race


Up in the sky, there are two dragons.


The two dragons looked completely the same.


And that should be the case, since both of them are me.


「Oi me, let Sylvia ride properly, I’ll kill you if you she falls」


「You should also be careful, I’ll curse you for three generations if you make Nadia fall」


I cursed with that side.


How can I say this, he’s somehow annoying.


「Uwa〜……this if the scenery that Nadia-chan always see huh」


「Un! This is great right」


「Un, it’s very beautiful.」 And the wind feels good」


「I know, I know」


「And……Nadia-chan looks cool. As expected of the rumored Dragon Knight Nadia right」


「Sylvie would also be called like that soon」


On top of us, Sylvia and Nadia were having a peaceful discussion.


Nadia on me, and Sylvia on me’.


Sylvia was wearing normal clothes, and Nadia was wearing Dragon Knight attire.


If you’re asking how did it became like this…….



「I want to fly to the sky!」


When I was relaxing leisurely, Nadia suddenly entered the room.


I somehow left the Grimoire that I was reading on top of my stomach, and looked at Nadia.


「The sky?」


「Un, the sky! Remember, we haven’t flown to the skies at all after we came here right?」


「Ahh, that huh. That one where I become a dragon and carry Nadia to fly to the sky」


「Un! I thought it’s about time we know more around here……Lucio-kun, let’s go, to the sky」


「I guess so, yosh」


Just like Nadia wants to fly to the sky, I also want to do something.


Dragon Knight Nadia.


I’ll become a dragon, and let Nadia who is wearing armor right on my back.


It became very popular in the town of Barza quickly, and there were even Nadia’s fans.


I want to show her brave appearance to the people of the royal capital.


I want to brag around my lovely wife.


I stood up while Nadia clings her arms with me.


「Lucio-samaーーAh! Are you going out with Nadia-chan?」


Sylvia entered.


She saw us and figured it out.


「Do you need something?」


「U〜un, I just thought, if you need seconds for tea」


That’s how it was huh. Well, it was really about the time when Sylvia was going to ask.


If it was like that, we can go out without holding back.


「Please be careful」


「Ahh, we’re going」




「Nadia? What happened, thinking deeply like that」


「I know! Ne〜, Lucio-kun, can we let Sylvia go with us?」


「Sylvia too? I don’t really mind at all though」


「Sylvie, is it okay?」


「What do you mean, Nadia-chan」




Nadia, grinning. We’re not planning to do something that bad though.


We went out to the garden, I used magic there, and became a dragon first.




「Ah! Wait, wait, Lucio-kun」


Nadia suddenly stopped me.


「First should be Time Shift」


「Time Shift? Why」


「Can you bring the future Lucio-kun, and make that Lucio-kun become a dragon also」


I thought for a bit, and realized.


「Nadia, you……you’re smart. I didn’t think of that combination at all」」


「Of course! I am always thinking of Lucio-kun you know」


That was a little embarrassing.



With just like that, together with me who is one day after with time shift and became a dragon, let Sylvia and Nadia ride on our backs while letting them stick with Magnetics, and flew around the sky.


Sylvia and Nadia who was riding was horsing around, and was very happy.


I thought that it was really good I did it.




I’ made eye contact.


I’ looked at me, and looked forward.


It’s me, so I knew what I’ wanted to do.


「Until Barza」




With that, it was all decided.


「Nadia, grab on tightly」


「Sylvia, we’re going」


「Ike ike, go〜 go〜」


「Eh! Eh?!」


I’ and I accelerated at once.


Letting my bride ride, I accelerated in the sky.


It was the race, until Barza which would take a few days using a carriage which was ahead.


I accelerated explosively, and reached the top speed quickly.


「Ahahaha, so fast〜, it a lot more faster than Lucio-kun〜」


Both of us are me so our speed was the same……I thought, but that side of me was a bit higher.


If my speed was 99, that side was 100.


It was that small of a gap. But both of me was at my top speed, so the distance was only opening.


「It’s strange, both are Lucio-kun, I wonder why that side faster」


「I want to know that」


「U〜n, ah, Lucio-kun, Lucio-kun」


「What is it」


「Can you remove the air ahead with magic」




I looked at I’. He grinned with dragon face.


I see, it was like that.


He was the me tomorrow, the me who had already done the dragon race.


Knowing the advice that Nadia told right now, and was doing it from the start.


I removed the air in the route with magic and accelerated, but the opponent was the same as me, I just aligned with me.


After ten minutes, with the distance not closing up after all, Sylvia and I’ arrived first on the Barza ahead.











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