Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 34

Chapter 34: Please don’t fight for me!


「Lucio, are you there」


I was called by a voice, and I went outside the entrance.


Ojii-san was there.


Ojii-san who should be in our family home was there for some reason.


「Arere〜, what happened, Ojii-chan」


「Can I come up」


「Of course〜」


I let Ojii-san up, and let him through the living room.


「Is it a visitorーーAh! Ojii-sama」


Sylvia showed her face.


「To think that the visitor was Ojii-sama」


「You can treat me as a visitor. This is Lucio’s mansion, I am as you have said, a visitor」




Sylvia made a troubled face and looked at me.


「Then, Sylvia, can you get the most delicious tea and the most delicious snacks for the visitors」


「Yes, I understand!」


Sylvia let the living room.


Ojii-san looked around the living room.


「This was the mansion Isaac bought huh」


「Un, that’s right」


「……it looks like I placed a burden, to Lucio」


「Not at all. It’s just exactly that I wanted a mansion. My family increased, so it was good since it has good space」


I answered in child-mode.


Ojii-san made a smile, and patted my head.


It was the way that Ojii-san patted me since about more than two years when I reincarnated.


「Is that so, is that so. As expected of Lucio」


「Thank you」


「Lucio-kun, it’s a visitor〜」


The door suddenly opened. There was Nadia, and the King’s appearance there.  

The King was wearing simple clothes for his disguise.


「My Senjukou, I came to playーーMu!」


The King entered with a cheerful face, but he sulled in an instant.


He saw meーーno, he saw Ojii-san who was patting my head and got in a bad mood.


「My Senjukou, who is that old man」




「My, you say? Lucio, who is he」




It somehow became a weird flow.


「……I, will go help Sylvia okay」


Nadia who felt that ran away.


……I should punish her for a bit later.


Rather than that, it’s about the two right now.


My real Ojii-san, and the King who took care for me since I came to the royal capital.


The two old men faced each other, and scattered fiery sparks.






「I do not know who you are, but you are too friendly with my Senjukou」


「Your? Lucio is not anybody’s property. I don’t know who you are, but are you not the one who is impudent」


The fiery sparks scattered more.


What is this, hey, what is this?


Uhm, in these cases, a magic that can take care of this situationーーthere’s nothing like that!

In the first place, I don’t know what the situation is, so no shit.


For the meantime, I thought I should do something, and went in between of the two.


「Ou-sama, this person is my Ojii-chan. He is usually in our family home, but he came to play today. Ojii-chan, this person is Ou-sama. He really took care of me with the Grimoire Library」


「Senjukou’s grandfather?」


「Grimoire Library you say?」


The two’s eyebrows flinched at the same time.


Eh! Don’t tell me this is also a landmine?


I thought, but.


「Excuse me. To think that you were the grandfather of Senjukou. I am Abraham the Third, the King of this country」


「Excuse me also. I am Luka Martein. Lucio’s actual grandfather」


「It is a pleasure to meet you, Martein-dono」


「It is my pleasure instead, Your Majesty」


「Abraham, or Abe is enough」


「Then, please call me Luka」


Are? Arerere〜?


Somehow, the two suddenly got along? What the heck is going on here.



It was like to sit on thorns.


「Hou, you mean Lucio deciphered the Grimoire, and resurrected to this world an ancient magic huh」


「Umu, I was really surprised by that. To think that the ancient magic that controls the weather, right. Right now, it was only to be expected of Senjukou」


「I also have that kind of episode. Do you know, Lucio have the hobby of reading Grimoires the second time」


「Reading it the second time?」


「That’s right, it is the hobby of reading the Grimoire he once read, the second time」


「Unbelievable! To read Grimoire like that」


「As expected of Lucio」


「Umu, as expected of Senjukou」


Inside the living room, the two old men who really got along was having a lively discussion.


The was no trace of the simmering atmosphere earlier, but, with this like this, it’s uncomfortable.


The two who was getting fired up, take a stop to praise the hell out of me, so I felt like I want to enter a hole if there was one.


「By the way, Senjukou made this for me」


The King said that, and took out the anime gemstone that I made.


He made played it, and streamed the anime on the wallーーwas he walking with that around!

「Mu! I know, I received something like this from Lucio. Lucio, the Grimoire that you bought for me earlier, I was able to read it」




……when I was thinking they were getting along, they scattered fiery sparks again.


Arerere〜, what’s going on here?


This day, the two Ojii-san got along with each other, scattered fiery sparks with each other.


That was repeated a lot of times, and I who was in the middle of it, didn’t feel alive.









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