Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 33

Chapter 33: Animated


This day, the King came to the library since the morning, and was reading a Grimoire in the relaxing place.


His clothes were the janitor’s of that some time, that simple clothes.


Beside me who was reading one book every thirty minutes, the King was reading only one Grimoire, the one that I recommended earlier.




「What is it? You read it?」


I raised my head, and asked in child-mode.


「No, I can’t read it at all. What is this really, drawing it this hard, I can only think that the one who wrote this Grimoire doesn’t think of making anyone else read it!」


The King was angry, it looks like it really came to him.


Hard, you say, it’s not really that hard though〜. I took a peak on that one that the King was holding from the side, but I really could only see it as manga.


「Can anybody make this easier to understand」


The king grumbles.


Well, it’s impossible to make the manga more simpler than that right, unless, it was animatedーー.




「What is it, Lucio」


The King made a strange face.


On the other side, I thought deeply of my mumble.


This world’s Grimoire is manga, and if you say its manga, its anime.


Inside me, I think that anime is easier to understand than a manga, it’s easier to see too.


Maybe, it can be an anime? I thought.


If it was like that, the magic that is needed…….


I thought for a while.


I searched for something useful from the around 2000 magic that I can use.


A combination of two kinds of magic……and a collaborator is needed.


「Ou-sama, I’ll borrow this for a bit okay」


I said, and took the manga the King was holding.


「What are you going to do?」


「It’s alright, please wait a minute」


「Umu? I don’t know what it is, but I’ll wait for it」


I left the King, and went outside while holding the Grimoire.


While moving, I read the Grimoire.


It was contents that I read once, so it entered my head quickly.


I ruminate it, I thought of it from the start to end.


*Patan* I closed the book, and chanted one magic.


「Create Delusion」


It is the magic that shows the contents of delusions to the real world.


The magic succeeded.


I read the manga, and the reconstructed one in my head was shown as a three-dimensional image.


It had the same contents as the manga earlier.


I was walking while I did it, so the people passing by that saw it was startledーーbut I ignored them.


After walking for a while, I returned to the mansion.


「I’m back! Sylvia, Nadia, are you there?」


I called the two in the doorsteps, I immediately heard footsteps, the two ran with a trot.


「Welcome back, Lucio-sama」


「You’re early. Didn’t you say you’re going to be late today」


「Rather than that, there’s something I want you to do」


「You want us to?」


「RightーーCreate Delusion」


I chanted the magic again, and released the video earlier.


「Wawa, what is this, Lucio-sama」


「It’s moving, a puppet theater magic?」


「It’s pretty much the sameーーI want you to say these lines in accordance with it」


I said, and whispered to the two.


I taught the lines of the characters.


「The lines, did you remember it properly」


「Un, somehow」


「This much, it’s too easy」


「Yosh, then, let’s go. Create DelusionーーRecording」


I consecutively chanted two kinds of magic.





When I returned to the library, I saw the King slurping tea leisurely.


「I’m sorry to make you wait, Ou-sama」


「It’s okay, rather than that, what did you go to do?」


「Un, this」


I reached out a gemstone.


「This is?」


「Hold this and invoke」


「Is it like this?」


The King as I’ve said, invoked while holding the gemstone.


The gemstone shined. The light moved in one direction, and showed images to the wall.


It felt like a projector.


「What is this? It looks like two cute girls are fighting though」


「Ah! You can understand」


「Of course. Mu!? This voice isーーLucio’s wife’s voice huh」


「Un, I made the two match their voices」


「And, what is this?」


「You know, the contents of this」


I said, and returned the Grimoire to the King.


「Ohh, the Grimoire that I was reading」


「Its contents are this. Because Ou-sama said, you wanted to make it easier」


「Ohh, so you translated it to this huh」


Translation, it can be said, but it’s animation.


「How is it?」


「Umu, I understand, I really understand. Mu! These girls, are they best friends?」


「Un, they’re best friends, but it’s a story that they became enemies and fight」


「That is cruel. Can’t anything be done to make them stop」


「It’s that kind of story, so」


「Mumu, this side’s golden-haired girl was defeated. That side’s best friend, why did she use all her powers」




The Kind and I watched the anime I made, and had a lively discussion.


Being able to see it normally, and understand the contents of the story normally.


I see, if it was made into an anime it can be understood, and quickly in addition.


After the video ended, I asked the King.


「Ne〜ne〜, did you learn magic?」


「Mu! I see, this was the translation of the Grimoire huh」


「Un. Ne! Light, can you chant it」




The King chanted the magic




Nothing happened.


If that Grimoire was read, you can remember the magic Light with it though…….


「It looks like it failed」


「Un, it looks like that. I’m sorry, Ou-sama」


I felt a little sorry.


I made it into an anime because the King wanted to read Grimoire to be able to use magic at least once, but it looks like the Grimoire should be read properly or else it wouldn’t work.


「Don’t mind it, Lucio. That feeling is enough」


「Un, I’m sorry」


「Rather than that. Can this gemstone be used many times? The video ended but it looks like it was still left behind」


「U〜un, you can use it a lot of times. It was magic that saves the memories just like that」


「Yosh. Anyone〜」


When the King shouted with a loud voice, the attendant he had outside entered.


「Did you call for us」


「Umu. I will open a party tonight, prepare it and invite」


「I understand」


The attendant came out.


Party, the one like before?


Why so sudden.


「Well then, I will take this」


The Kind said that, took the gemstone and stood up.




「Today will be the premiere of this. Senjukou made it for me, I will go brag that it is amazing」


「W-Wait, wait」


I tried to stop him, but the King, as if he was not an old man, came out with light movements.


I mean, bragging it…….


I worried if I should stop it for an instant, but.


「Well, whatever」


It’s not like it has some harm with it, the King’s that, it was the same with Ojii-san to meーーhe looked the same at the time when Ojii-san was bragging his grandson, so I couldn’t stop it.


A few days later, the King downhearted and let me hear what happened in the party.


Rather than the video itself, the guests liked the voice actorsーーSylvia and Nadia’s voice better.









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