Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 32

Chapter 32: Read All You Can and Eat All You Can.


On this day, I was in the Grimoire Library since the morning.

In the reading space the the King made for me, I was reading all the manga I want while relaxing comfortable by laying on the top of the sofa.


Today, I made the first experience since I reincarnated in this world.

There was a series!

If it was read as a manga, everything until now was completed in one volume.

Because I could learn magic the more that I read, I didn’t mind it, but there was also a series.


The one that I’m reading right now is a battle manga.

Four friends entered a Martial Arts Tournament, while waging fierce battles, they won one step at a time.

The drama of the people outside of the ring was so interesting, I couldn’t help but reading it.

And right now, I finished reading the third volume.


「Are you finished〜?」


「Then, I’ll go take the next one〜」


Came with me to the library, and sitting by my side behaved all the time as if a loyal dog, a girl with dog ears, Coco.

She received the Grimoire from me, and returned it to its bookshelf.

For a while now, just like this, she returns the book that I’ve read, and brings a new book.

It was super easy.


「I wonder if it’s okay if I remember magic this easily〜」


It was super easy that something like that comes out from my mouth.

It’s still the same that I could learn magic by reading until now, and in addition to that, right now, the hassle of taking it and returning it disappeared.

Honestly……if this was the world where I was before, manga would’ve been scattered around my bedroom floor.

Just like it was when I was reading it before sleeping, without returning it in the next day, get a new one, and just like that, it would become more and more scattered.

Thinking of that made me want to say thanks to Coco a little.


「Here, this〜」


Coco returned with the fourth volume properly.

The people of this other world can’t read the contents, but they can read only the cover huh〜.

Well, anyways, I received the Grimoire, and said thanks.


「Thank you」

「You’re welcome〜」

「I will give you my gratitude. You, do you like bones?」

「Bones, desu ka?」

「Yeah, bones」

「I love it, why〜……」


She was making a face asking “why do ask of that”.

As I’ve thought.

When Coco is splashed by water, she changes to her other personality and body, Mami.

Mami is a bishoujo with cat ears, and has the nature of the cat as it is, since she liked to catch preys(Isaac) and rats and show them off.

That’s why, I thought that maybe Coco was also like a dog and asked.

Well, being behaved beside me all the time and changing the books for me was already just like a loyal dog though.


「Just wait a minute」


I searched inside of my head for the magic, and simulated how I would do it.

One is an old one, and the other one was, since I remembered it, the magic that I learned from the series I’m reading right now.


「Summon Skeleton」



Surprised, Coco hid behind my back.

The magic creates a magic circle, and a skeleton came out from that.

And towards that skeleton, I shot the next magic.


「Soul Arrow」


The magic arrow pierced through the skeleton, and it was scattered into pieces.

Soul Arrow, it was the attack magic that I learned from the manga I’m reading right now.

By the way, it was two arrows after I completed reading the first volume, three arrows after reading the second volume, and finishing the third volume right now, I could shoot five arrows at the same time.

It looks like there was some kind of rule in it. I should try it after reading the next volume.

Rather than that, it is about the bones right now.

Towards Coco, I told her.


「There you go, its bones」

「Is it okay〜?」

「Yeah, eat all you want〜」

「Thank you very much〜」


Coco jumped to the bones with delight.

The human shaped, scattered bones, she nibbled them one by one.

Seeing her nibbling it with all her efforts looked very cute, and-and the canines that show from her mouth was very cute.

I watched that for a while, and then opened the fourth volume.

Slow and comfortable as usual, I read the manga.


*Gajigajigaji, pera*


*Gajigajigaji, pera*  


The sound the two of us made was making a rhythm.


「I read it」

「Please wait for a minute」


Receive the Grimoire, ran, and returned with the fifth volume.

At the same time, I tested the Soul Arrow. This time, seven arrows came out.

This ruleーーI know about this.

Next is seven arrows, next to that is eleven arrows, and next to that is thirteen arrowsーーit might be on that order.

Well, it’s something I’d know if I continue to read it.


「I have kept you waiting」

「Thank you」


I received the Grimoire, and patted her head.

Because there was still bones remaining, I didn’t summon.

Just like that, I continued reading Grimoires.

The result of being in the library with Coco all day, I completely read twenty volumes, and I am now able to shoot seventy-one arrows at the same time.

And Coco was expanding her belly after eating all the bones that she wanted.









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