Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 31

Chapter 31: Into the Dreams


In spring one sleeps a sleep that knows no dawn.

From the morning this day, Sylvia and Nadia, the three of us, were laying down on top of the bed.

On top of the bed was warm enough even if magic weren’t used, so we were laying down very comfortably.





I heard Sylvia’s voice from the side, so I looked towards her.

Her eyes were half-opened, and it looks like she just woke up.


「Is it……a dream?」


Oh, she was seeing a dream huh.

Sylvia looked around restlessly for awhile, but then closed her eyes again and went to sleep.

Her sleeping face looks very comfortable. Just by looking at her, I felt very happy.


「Sylvie, I wonder what dream she is seeing」



I looked towards Nadia. In Nadia’s case, she was laying around but she was completely awake.


「Yeah, I wonder what kind of dream it is」



Sylvia said in sleep talk.


「It looks like she’s seeing a dream about Lucio-kun」

「It seems like that」

「I wonder what kind of dream is it……she even slept the second time for it, so it’s a good dream right」



I know that feeling.

Seeing a good dream, sleeping the second time to see it again, and see the good dream for a longer time.

That is also something that happened to me before.


「What kind of dream it is, let’s ask Sylvie later」

「……if you want, we can take a peek right now?」


I suggested to Nadia.


「Take a peek huh, how?」


「You can do that?!」


Nadia was surprised, raising her body on the top of the bed very quickly.

She was like “I’m so excited, if you can do it, let’s do it”, it was that kind of face.

I also raised my body. Just exact, I just remembered that kind of magic from the Grimoire Library.


「You want to do it?」


「Then, hold my hand」

「Like this?」

「That’s okay, let’s goーー『Dream Catcher』」


I chanted the spell, and the light of the magic enveloped the two of us.

It became pure white before our eyes, and our whole body was enveloped by a floating feeling.

After a while, we came to a place that was vague and has no background.


「This isーーAh! This feeling, it’s a dream」


Nadia understood quickly. It felt very fluffy and cloudy, it felt like the sight wasn’t focus and has no background.

Inside the dream, it felt exactly just like seeing a lucid dream.


「Is this inside Sylvia’s dream?」

「Yeah, it’s that kind of magic」

「Amazing〜! Lucio-kun is amazing〜!」

「Well now, I wonder where Sylvia is」


While being praised by Nadia, I searched for Sylvia’s appearance.

Inside the fluffy and cloudy dream world, I saw that immediately.


「A-re, Sylvie?」



It was not Nadia’s fault that she didn’t know.

For the reason, the one who was there was the grown-up version of Sylvia. It completely looked like Sylvia’s grown-up appearance that I casted on her during the party the other day.

Beside her, there was one man.

……a super dazzling, handsome man.


「Then, who is that?」

「……who knows」


I beat around the bush, I didn’t really like to say it.

Nadia stared intently for a while, and *Pon* she hit her hand.


「I got it, that is Lucio-kun!」


「That’s correct right」



I nodded with a bitter face.

Right, that who was right there, was me. It was me who grew up just like Sylvia.

But, that was super duper handsome. That was far, more handsome that the grown-up that I casted on myself.

It was quite beautified, it was so beautified that it was so embarrassing to say “That is me”.

With “me” inside the dream, Sylvia faced each other.


「O Lucio-sama, why art thou Lucio-sama?」


Oi oi.


「It was because I was destined to meet you」



Chills ran from my back. Chills ran throughout my body because of the lines of Dream Lucio.

Sylvia was, seeing this kind of dream huh.


「Ahh……Lucio-sama, so cool」


No, no……


「That’s cheap, that’s too cheap!」


Nadia let out a loud voice, and got between the two grown-ups.  



「That’s too cheap, Sylvie. Lucio-kun isn’t something like this」


It looks like she came to stop Sylvia’s dreamーーor delusions in a way.

It seemed like she was going to put it back on tracks, so I just looked on how it would go.


「Then, how is it?」



Closing her eyes, Nadia thought while placing her pointing finger in her head.


「Just like this!」


After she opened her eyes in an instant and said that, the “me” inside the dreamーーDream Lucio changed his appearance.

That is, saying it with a word…… it was an Overlord.

With a fearless face, wearing a fluttering mantle and a crown, looking afar with face full of confidence.

And finally, his sight poured into the two.




「Sylvia, Nadia. We’re going to take itーーwe’re going to take the world」

「Yes! Lucio-sama」

「A〜n, you can do whatever you want Lucio-kun!!」


Sylvia with her eyes mesmerized, Nadia who was hugging her own body and was wiggling.

The Overlord Lucio, it looks like they both liked it.


「But, this is also, somehow different」

「Then, Sylvie should show the real Lucio-kun」

「Un, wait a minute」


This time, it was Sylvia’s turn to think.

After she thought for a while, the “me” inside the dream changed just as earlier.

It was almost the same with Overlord Lucio.

The difference was the color of the clothes was mainly white, a mantle was worn, but instead of a crown, there was a ring floating in the top of its head.

Oi……don’t tell me that is.


「I am, the God thou shalt own this world」


It was really a god! I mean, that’s too cheap for a god huh!


「Amazing……as I’ve thought, it was Lucio-sama」

「Un, it’s Lucio-kun……」



I let out a voice instinctively. Is something like that okay?

Honestly, rather than that  god, I’m starting to think that the first one, the handsome one looked normal compared to that. That was somehow, feels like “that” though!


「Ne〜 Sylvie, this Lucio-sama is good enough because he’s majestic, but I think that he’s not cool enough」

「Is that so……but, it’s hard you know, Lucio-sama is super cool, so my imagination can’t catch up」




「I agree with that. I know, let’s think about it together. If it was the two of us, we can create the coolest Lucio-kun」

「Un! Let’s do that」




Sylvia and Nadia was fired up.

I left the two, and came out from the dream.

When I came back to the bed, I was so embarrassed my face feels it’d burn into flames.  

Something like an Overlord, or a God, but still,  saying something like that wasn’t enough yet.

……somehow, I was so much beautified, it’s a bit embarrassing.


「Lucio-sama……so cool」

「Lucio-kun……so cool」


My two wives were holding their hands while sleeping when I noticed it.

Their faces were grinning, showing how happy they were.

It seemed like they were seriously thinking of me like that, so I got more and more embarrassed.









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