Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Prized Wife


I am in a party.

A night party that is being opened inside the palace.

The organizer was the King, therefore, almost all of the participants seems to be nobles or wealthy people, they looked like celebrities.

Of course, the venue was also extremely flamboyant.




Sylvia who was beside me was being taken aback.

I took her with me, wearing a dress from the Dress Up magic, but she was panicking to the scale of the party.




「I think that I am out of place」

「That’s not true, you know」

「But, everybody around are all grown-ups, they are all ladies and gentlemen. There is no one else childish like me」

「If you say that, there isn’t another kid other than me, right. Well, don’t mind it too much. Sylvia is my wife, so you should just act in a stately manner」


「Yes, I understand」


Sylvia nodded, but she was still too stiff.

“I should be in manner”, it was clear that she was nervous thinking of that.


「Ah! Lucio-sama, I will go get drinks!」


She said that, and *PataPata* she ran.

That can be left to the venue personnel though.

Well, rather than being nervous at all times, it might be better to let Sylvia do something to make her distracted.

And when I was looking at that from far away, one man approached Sylvia with dispute.

It was a young man at around the same with Isaac about 16-7,  and the clothes he was wearing looks expensive even from where I look from far away.

I approached, and called out from the behind.


「Ne〜ne〜, what do you want with my wife〜?」


I talked to him in child-mode.





Sylvia ran towards where I was, and the man looked at me as if to measure me.


「What happened?」


「Why is a kid like you in here? Do you know what kind of place this is and what today’s event is?」

「I’m sorry, I don’t know」


Honestly, I really thought of that.

Is something going to happen? I came here because I received an invitation from the King, is there some kind of real meaning for it.


「I guessed so. It’s something kids like you won’t know about. Kids like you should hurry up and go home, just go play house or whatever」


The young man said that, and went away with a stride.

He then calls out to a young lady at around the same age that was in a little far away, and talked joyfully.


「Let’s go back」



I took Sylvia with me, and return to where we were earlier.


「I’m sorry, Lucio-sama」


「It’s because I’m a kid, I’m causing problems for Lucio-sama right」

「It’s not like I’m being troubled at all」



Sylvia looked at the grown-ups.

When I followed her sight, I found out that she was staring at a very grown-up beauty.


「I want to grow up faster……」

「You want to try?」



Sylvia was surprised, and stared at me as if to confirm.


「Do I want to try, what do you mean Lucio-sama」

「Do you want to be a grown-up beauty like that, I mean. Using my magic」

「Ah!……Lucio-sama’s magic」


Sylvia’s eyes shined in an instant, but she soon looked down.


「It is okay, even if I become a grown-up, it is not like I am going to be a beauty like her」

「Un? That’s not true at all. When Sylvia becomes a grown-up, you’re going to be more beautiful than that person. I, who looks at Sylvia everyday, can guarantee」


「Seeing is believing」


I stopped Sylvia’s words, reached out my hand and used magic.

Some people nearby was surprised. It was because I suddenly started using magic.

But ignoring that, I casted magic on Sylvia.


「Fake Growth」


Soon after the light of the magic enveloped Sylvia, her body grew up.

The 9-year old body of Sylvia grew up in an instant.

She grew up to her 16 year old appearance that I had specified.


Sylvia looked at herself, and looked down at me with a surprised face.


「T-This is?」

「It’s a magic that changes the appearance to look like a grown up. I specified it to about 16-years old. It means, how you look right now, is how Sylvia would really look like after growing up to 16-years old」

「Amazing……there is also this kind of magic huh……」


Sylvia sighs in wonder. I stared at her intently.


「Un, beautiful」


「You’re as beautiful as I thought, Sylvia. Let me say, you are more beautiful than anyone in here」

「T-T-T-T-That’s not true desu」


Sylvia blushes and sways off her hands. But, that was my honest opinion.

The Sylvia right now is beautiful. With no doubt, she was more beautiful than any other woman in here today.

Because she was a beautiful girl from the start, she became a beauty by dressing up,  but I really think that even without something like that, she is the most beautiful.


「That is true. I am a happy man, because I was able to marry Sylvia」

「Uu……Ru, Lucio-samaa……」


She blushed on a grand scale, Sylvia made a very troubled face.

But, it doesn’t seem that she didn’t like it.


「Come now, stop being shy. As my wife, please make a more beautiful expression」

「More, desu ka?」

「That’s right, more beautiful that I can be proud of」

「I-I will do my best!」


Sylvia said that, had a deep breath, and made an expression.

Those words right now are magic words, magic words in a different meaning.

“For me”, that word, was very effective to Sylvia.

She withdraws the blushing face she had earlier, and made a composed expression.

Sylvia looked more and more beautiful. Just talking in her shoes, if she was like this, I think that I would be the one who’s not worth of her.

I should also use magic to myself, and at least be in the same age, at the time when I was thinking of that.


「Beautiful lady」


A voice that I was familiar with, called out to Sylvia.

It was the young man earlier. He, who came from over there, calls out to Sylvia with a some kind of cheesy lines.


「Are you talking, to me?」

「Who else there could be. Today is a wonderful day, to be able to meet a beautiful person like you」



Sylvia was troubled.


「My name is Diego. If it was okay, can you please let me know your name」


The young manーーDiego made a bow with a noble-like gesture, and stared at Sylvia.

Sylvia became more and more troubled, and looked at me.

In a different meaning from earlier, I knew that she was troubled. However I looked at it, he was clearly smooth-talking her, it’s natural to be troubled.


「Ne〜ne〜, what do you want with my wife〜?」

「Mu! What, you again huh」


Diego looked at me with cold eyes.


「I told you to go home because you’re out of place you brat」

「I’m sorry」

「I mean, what did you say right now, wife?」

「Un, wife. Come here」


I called Sylvia to come, Sylvia made a smile, and came to my side.

We couldn’t cling our arms because of the height difference, but instead, we held hands.


「It’s my wife. Ne! Sylvia」

「Yes, Lucio-sama」

「You’re beautiful, Sylvia」

「I am beautiful only because of Lucio-sama」


Sylvia said that, and stared at me with as if she was truly a very obedient wife.

Giggling laughter could be heard around.

They’re laughing at Diego who failed at smooth talking.

Diego trembled, and reddened his face.

The difference from earlier was, he was embarrassed because he was rejected by Sylvia who looks nubile.


「W-Who the heck are you really, why is a kid like you here!」


He asked with an unreasonable anger.


「It is because I invited him」

「WhatーーYour Majesty!」


The King came unnoticeably, and Diego who saw that bows his head in a hurry.


「I am very sorry Your Majesty, without knowing it is Your Majesty’s guest」

「He is also not my guest though」



Diego got confused, the King talked to me.


「It is good you came, Senjukou」

「Senjukou? What’s that〜?」

「A duke that can use a thousand magic, Senjukou. It is your noble title, I thought of it. If you do not like it, I can think of it again」

「U〜un? It’s cool so that’s fine. Thank you, Your Majesty」

「Umu. I heard the conversation, is it true that, that lady is your wife?」

「Un, I casted magic on her for a bit, but she really looks like this」


I said that, and released the magic on Sylvia.

Sylvia who returned to her original 9-year old appearance was relieved, and clings her arms with mine.


「Hahaha, I see, you look good with each other」

「Thank you」

「It is not only you look good with each other. A duchess this lovely is the treasure of our country」

「That is……thank you very much」


Sylvia got shy.


「By the way, what was the magic right now?」

「It’s a magic that disguises to a grown up appearance. Just like this」


I used Fake Growth once more. This time, I casted it to both me and Sylvia.

We now looked like a 16-year old couple.


「A handsome man and a beautiful lady that goes together huh」

「And that magic right now, that is an advanced magic that has only a few that can use」

「Senjukou’s name is not just for show, huh」


Voices of praise were raised around us. I was alright with it, but Sylvia entered her shy-mode again.

And just like that, together with Sylvia, I had a small talk with the King.

Diego who showed a huge embarrassment, quietly, ran away with his tail between his legs.









Chapter 29 <-> Chapter 31

Senjukou(千呪公) = a /duke(公)/ that can use a /thousand spells(千呪)/.
千(sen) = thousand
呪(ju) = probably comes from 呪文(jumon) = incantation or simply 呪(ju, noroi) = curse,
公(kou) = from 公爵(koushaku) which means a duke

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