Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Excellent Little Brother and Useless Big Brother


In the mansion’s dining room, served by a maid, I ate lunch.


「Please, Obo-chama」


It was the maid that helped me change this morning.

Her name was Amanda, a young and beautiful person, so being called “Obo-chama” by a person like that made me nervous.


「Uhmm, can you stop calling me Obo-chama?」

「Ha〜, then I will call as Lucio-sama」

「No that -sama also……I’m younger, so you can call me by my name」


That side was young too, but this side’s look was that of a child.

Even though she’s a maid that looks petite objectively, the me right now has to look up to her.


「I cannot do that, calling Martein House’s Obo-chama without honorifics……」

「Martein House?」


From the story was going, is it my house?


「Yes. The second boy of the Martein House, a prestigious landowner for generations, a simple maid like me cannot call him without honorifics」

「……I see, sorry」


The maid was making an expression that carries misery. “If you really want to make me say it I’ll follow, but……” it was that kind of expression.

It’s not like I wanted to push herself with that, so I stopped forcing her.


「Rather than that, where is Nii-san?」


She called me second boy right now, then there should be the eldest boy.


「Isaac-sama is away together with Danna-sama due to work」

「I see」


I have a big brother called Isaac huh.

And for the last time, there was something I wanted to ask.


「By the way, do you know about the country called “Nippon”? and the planet called “Chikyuu”?」

「No, I do not know of both of them」

「……I see」


After hearing that, I ate lunch absent-mindedly.

Lucio Martein in another world not Earth.

I wonder what was happening.



After I ate lunch, I went towards Ojii-san’s archives.

Actually, I received the key from Jii-san earlier. I was told, “You can read any book you like there”.

Because I was able read the Grimoire(contents are manga) , Ojii-san liked me very much. That’s why I was given the key.

I liked reading manga, so because I have the chance to, I will read them with care.

I arrived at the archives, used the key and went inside.

There are mountains of books, so I took one book from the corner and tried to read it.


「What are you doing Lucio」



When I raised my head, there was a boy who was about 15-16 years old. His appearance was a little plump boy with a bowl haircut.

That was glaring at me from the corridor.

Who is this? This.



「”You” you said?」


The boy raised his eyebrows.


「I’ve told you many times right, if you see your Nii-san you should say greetings first!」


Is this my Aniki.


「Uhmm……Good Afternoon, Isaac Nii-san」


I lightly greeted by lowering my head.


*Phn*. Rather than that, what are you doing here. This is Ojii-sama’s precious archives, if you enter without permission you won’t be let away just by being scolded」

「That’s alright, I was told by Ojii-san that it’s okay if I enter」

「Ha〜? Don’t tell lies」


It’s not a lie though.


「In the first place, what are you going to do entering here? What is that in your hand」

「Eh? I’m going to read it right now」

「Show it to me」


Isaac took the book forcefully from my hand, and started to turn the pages. *ParaPara*

Looking at a glimpse of it, it was about using Ice Magic to fight human-size mantises to protect the peace of the backyard, that was the flow of the manga.


「Can you read?」


I asked Isaac.

Isaac, for some reason, took a second before


「Of course I can」




「Fumu, then I will make you use that book’s magic」


「Ah! O-Ojii-sama」


Before I knew it Ojii-san appeared.

Isaac’s face whitened.

He whitened so much that I wondered what was the attitude he was taking until now.


「Let’s go to the yard, I will make you use the magic that is infused to that Grimoire」



Isaac tried to resist, but he was forcefully taken to the courtyard by Jii-san.

And like the time with me, he said: “Use the magic”.


「Come now, use it」


「What’s the matter, it you could read it then you should be able to use it right now」


「Or is it, not only entering my archives without permission, but also started to lie about something you couldn’t do, you… Did something that was unworthy of the men of the Martein House?」

「I-If that’s so then Lucio should also be guilty. It’s because he was saying he could read it」


The conversation threw flying sparks to my side.

I took the book earlier, read it while walking, and just finished reading it right now.


「Did you say that? Lucio」


「Then, use the magic」

「I got it」



Isaac was surprised. I ignored that.

Towards the tree that had become burnt black by the trial shots earlier, I chanted the magic.




A few spears of ice appeared, and pierced the tree.

Just like before, I learned how to use the magic just by reading the book.

Fire Ball, Fire Laser, Icicle. With this, it’s my third magic.



「Ohh, that book was Ice Magic huh」


Ojii-san was impressed.


「Ojii-chan, didn’t you know?」


I asked with C*nan’s way of talking.


「Because that’s a Grimoire I couldn’t read」


Ojii-san patted my head.


「Lucio is an excellent child huh」


Nah, it’s just I could read manga you know.




Ojii-san called out towards the mansion. One maid appears.


「Confine Isaac to that secluded building, the period is three days」

「I understand……Isaac-sama, please come here」

「Please wait a minute Ojii-sama! I am helping Otou-san’s work right now! If I was away right nowーー」

「Is that true? Or is it another lie?」



Isaac covers his mouth in a hurry. He tried to say excuses but it seems that he stepped on a land mine.

Lying is an unworthy act in the Martein House huh.

Isaac wasn’t able to say anymore, and been taken away by the maid.

I kind of feel sorry for him, but it was his own fault.


「Come now Lucio, let’s go read some books」


Ojii-san’s eyes when he was looking at Isaac were harsh, but they were kind eyes when he was looking at me.

It was eyes that somebody would make looking at an excellent grandchild.




I returned to the archives together with Jii-san.






Chapter 2 <-> Chapter 4

Translator Notes:

「Obo-chama(お坊ちゃま)」 = 「young master」
「Nii-san(兄さん)」= big brother 」  「Aniki(兄貴)」= 「big bro, more casual/unformal」
「Danna-sama(旦那様)」=「the head of a house」    「Otou-san(父さん)」 = father」
「Chikyuu(地球)」 = 「Earth, literally a round(球) land(地)」

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