Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 29

Chapter 29: Daily Mansion

「……is this the mansion Nii-san bought?」

I lost my words seeing the scene in front of me.

Sylvia, Nadia, and Mami who was behind me was the same.

「……that is right de gozaimasu」

Amanda who guided us here also had voice of a lower tone than usual.

She was clearly astonished, her voice was that kind of tone.

She would surely become like that, even if the mansion in front of us can be called a mansion, it was a lot that should be called a haunted mansion.

The roof is on tatters, the window glass also was shattered. Some of the walls have fallen down, and double doors placed in the front entrance was half-destroyed.

Inside the lot, there were grass growing everywhere, and it doesn’t look like people can live on it.

「Lucio-sama, I will, go look inside」

「I will go too」

「I-I can also go if you really want me to」

The three entered the mansion one next to the other.

Being left behind, I let out a deep sigh.

「Why did he buy something like this?」

「He ordered a mansion that can be bought as soon as possible, they said. Also……」


「Because he bought it without negotiation, it looks like it was bought expensively. Precisely, twice of the market price」

「Twice, you say……oi oi」

As usual, you’re always catching us unaware, Isaac.

「In addition, precisely, that was the market price if it was “newly constructed”」

……he’s caught us one notch higher.

That means, the price would’ve been ten times the current value of this mansion.

Really, what does he want to do.

「With that said, Lucio-sama, excuse me for being presumptuous, but Lucio-sama shouldn’t push himself to take this」

Amanda said. She had a worried face.

「No, it’s okay」


*Geho*, *GehoGeho*

While coughing, Sylvia went outside from the mansion.

「What happened. Are you okay Sylvia」

I ran to her, and rubbed her back.

Sylvia coughed so much that tears welled up in her eyes, and sneezes.

If I look closely, her eyes was somehow sore.

「I-I’m sorry, Lucio-sama. The dust inside the mansion was so much」

「Because of that huh」

I was convinced, it looks like this from outside, the inside is probably more terrible.

「By the way, where’s Nadia?」

「N-Nadia-chan said that she would look around a little bit longer. She said it was exciting because she felt a weird presence」

「Why are lines for adventure comes out from the mansion that we would live in?」

When I was rubbing Sylvia’s back who continues to cough, I felt a presence beside me.

When I looked up, Mami was there. The cat ears girl, how can I say this, she had a rat in her mouth.

……as expected of a cat〜.

「That is?」

「I caught it」

「You caught it huh」

「There’s still more, I’ll go catch more of them」

She left the rat in the ground, and Mami jumped into the mansion once again.

It was hard to tell, but just like Nadia, she was also in the excited group huh.

The fed up group was Amanda, Sylvia and I, the three of us.

Sylvia who retreated, Nadia who continues to explore, Mami who came back to hunt.

「……this is an amazing mansion, huh」

「You should not push yourself to take it」

Amanda said the same words.

She was a little annoyed was probably because of the anger against Isaac.

Thinking about it normally, doing what Amanda said was for the best, but I thought that giving up with this, is somehow…

「It’s okay, I’ll take it」

「But, if it was like this, even living on it……」

「I’ll do something about it」

I stepped into the lot, and searched magic in my head.

In the ones that I had thought of roughly, there was two magic that could be useful.

One of them was orthodox one, and the other was a little atypical.

I thought which one of themーーand I chose the latter.

「Nadia, Mami, come out」

I let out a loud voice, and called out to Nadia and Mami from outside the mansion.

The two saw that I was going to use magic, and went out without asking anything.

Nadia, with an excited face, stood beside Sylvia, and stared at me.

I reached out my hand, and chanted the magic.

「Daily Mansion」

The light of the magic became a light bubble, and enveloped the mansion.

After a while, the mansion which was swallowed changed its appearance.

Its shape had changed very much, but instead, a newーーit became a mansion that came normally be lived in.

「Ohh, it changed very much」

Nadia ran into the mansion with her eyes shining, and Mami also entered the mansion just the same.

After a while, the two came back.

「It was too normal, it’s boring……」

「There wasn’t prey……」

Just like that, both of them was disappointed.

「That’s good enough. It’s a place we’ll live normally you know」

「Uhm……Lucio-sama, what kind of magic is that?」

「You’ll know soon」

I grinned to Sylvia.

I looked back to Amanda, and said.

「As you can see. There’s no problem」


Amanda bowed respectfully, and said with an impressed expression.

「To think that a difficult problem would be solved so easily, as expected of Lucio-sama de gozaimasu」


The next day, Sylvia woke me up with a panicking voice.

I raised my body from the bed, and rubbed my eyes.

I felt that the surroundings was somehow very bright.

「Fuaa, good morning, Sylvia」

「Good morningーーI mean, Lucio-sama! It’s an emergency」

「What happened」

「The mansion became transparent!」


I opened my eyes and looked around.

I could see outside.

Precisely said, all of the walls and floors of the mansion changed into transparent glass, and even though we were in the bedroom, I could see outside through transparent walls.

Even though it was shaped like a mansion, everything became a see-through skeleton house.

「I see, it became like this in the second day huh」

「Like this, you say……what does that mean, Lucio-sama」

「Daily Mansion. If casted to a building, it is a kind of magic that would change the building to another building everyday. Well, it’s something just like daily meal or tear off calendar」

「Ehhhhhh, t-there’s something like that desu ka」


「Was that so……then, will it become a different mansion tomorrow again?」

「It would」


Sylvia made a complicated face.

On the other hand, Nadia was having fun.

As soon as I stretched and looked up the ceiling, I met my eyes with her on the higher floor.

She stared at me intently, and Nadia waved her hand with a smile.

This one’s having fun because it was skeleton.

「Lucio-kun, Lucio-kun」

The next morning, Nadia woke me up.

「Fua〜a. Good morning Nadia. It’s you today huh」

「Lucio-kun, this magic is bad」


What happened, I thought, and when I looked to the side……I fell from the bed.

I rubbed my shoulder that hit, and raised my body up.

The bed that I was sleeping in, became a very narrow bed.

It was a bed that could be called as a balance beam, falling down is naturalーーrather, I’m impressed I could’ve slept until now.

When I looked closely the room too, although it should’ve been the bedroom, it felt like a warehouse had all these kinds of tools.

Those were somehow subtly customized to the furniture, and if I look very closely, it looked interesting.

「Ne! It’s bad right」

Nadia who seemed to like that very much, denied.

「Un, Why?」

「This bed. I can’t sleep with Lucio-kun with this you know. I thought that it’s interesting that it would change everyday, but I don’t want to change the bed」


I thought of what Nadia said.

Certainly, as she had said.

It’s fun to live in an interesting house, but it’s certain that I wouldn’t want to change the bed in the room.

I like to sleep with my wives in a wide room with a bed that was larger than king size.

Un, this daily mansion is bad huh.

「I got it, I’ll do something about it」

I let everyone get out of the mansion, and casted magic.

One of the two magic, the other one.

「Glory Regression」

The light of the magic enveloped the mansion, and gradually changed its shape.

「Lucio-kun, what magic is it this time?」

「It is magic that returns it to its best condition, what the magic was casted on」

「Best condition?」

「Right, well, just look」

The mansion changed.

It changed to a skeleton house yesterday, and it changed to the normal mansion the day before that.

After it changed into the haunted mansion three days before, it became a scene that looked it was rewinding.

The opposite scene of being deserted, a scene that gradually fixes.

「Just like this, little by little to its past condition, it’s magic that returns it to its best condition」

「Just returning it?」

「That’s right」

「Un! If it’s like that, we can live normally huh」

「Thank goodness……」

Sylvia was relieved.

Different from Nadia, she couldn’t enjoy the daily mansion even once, so it made it feel that she was more relieved.

The magic accelerates, the same thing that happens that when forward continues its speed goes up.

And finally, it got so fast it couldn’t be seen by the eyes.

「It’s exciting right」


My two wives said.

And finally, the rewinding stopped.

「Uwa〜, what’s this, it’s amazing」

「Uhmm……is this the time when it was at its best? ……that might be it」

My two wives that reacted differently, I also made a subtle face.

The mansion’s shape almost didn’t changed. Its appearance was almost the same with the haunted house.

But the roof, the walls, and the decorations here and there.

How can I say this, its was shining with gold.

It was probably built as a golden mansion, in the start.

「What〜, that’s boring」

「Lucio-sama, it’s normal inside」

My two wives that entered inside first said. It looks like it was only outside that was shining with gold.

「Then, it’s okay huh」

For the mean time, let’s live in it, if it wasn’t good, then I will just do something about it with another magic, I thought.

While thinking this and that, I also had a few idea……because I could learn something from the Grimoire Library.

With this, I gained my mansion in the royal capital.

That it would be called as Golden Mansion and become a tourist spot later on, was something I didn’t know right now.







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