Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 28

Chapter 28: Nonstop Lucio


After Hugo left the library, the King let out a sigh for some reason.


「What happened?」


Knowing that he was the King was a bit stalling, but I somehow asked with child-mode.


「I suddenly got envious of you. In what I’ve heard from Ruby, she said that you have deciphered more than a thousand Grimoires」

「Un, I read it」

「I cannot read even one book. Even though these much Grimoires are collected」

「U〜n, that can’t be help, I think. You’re the King right, the King is busy, so there’s no time to read Grimiores」


Right now was my real feelings, and there was another one.

This world’s Grimoires are manga, but I know what manga in the world that I was before.

The person called the King, it can’t be helped because he wouldn’t have time to read manga.


「……you really are thinking of that seriously」

「Un, I really think of that」

「Even so, I would think that if I could read. I also, want to experience what is magic at least once」

「I see……wait a minute」


I left the King there, and ran around inside the library.

From the thousand books of Grimoires that I’ve read, I also choose ideas from there, and searched for that inside the library.

And the three books of Grimoires that I brought, I passed it to the King.


「Here, this」

「What is this?」


The King tilted his head and asked.


「This one’s, the Grimoire that my Ojii-san was reading. It’s the one that he said, easiest to read. And, this one is the only Grimoire an Obaa-chan somewhere read, you can learn the magic to become a dragon you know. This one’s the Grimoire that many people I asked that they have read」


「I think that one of these the King can read」

「……can I read it」

「I’m sorry, if only I could teach you how to read……」


I felt a little guilty.

I have taught a lot of people to read until now, but I couldn’t teach any one of them.


「That’s why, at least, I thought I should bring the book that might be easy to read」

「I see. Yosh」


The King received the Grimoire.


「It’s your recommendation, I will carefully read it」



After separating ways with the King, I returned to the inn from the Grimoire Library.

When I entered inside, Isaac was in the lobby for some reason.


「You’re finally back Lucio. Where were you」

「Just a bit. Rather than that, why is Nii-san here?」

「I thought I might as well say greetings」


「Yeah, I also decided to live here in La Linea, I came to at least let you know」

「Was that so」

「I also bought a mansion. I will invite you in some time」


No, it’s okay. I’ll just be troubled being invited.

In the first place, why did Isaac came to La Linea?

At the time that I was going to ask that.


「Is Lucio Martein-sama here」


One man entered from the door.

It’s a man who I saw for the first time, but he’s wearing the same clothes with Hugo.

I wonder if he’s a messenger of the King?


「I’m Lucio」


I entered child-mode, and went in front of the man.


「This is the words of the King, listen respectfully」



The man took out a parchment, spread it, and started reading it.


「Lucio Martein. Aforesaid, praised with the achievements of ancient magic resurrection, you will be appointed to a Baron」

「Thank you very much」


The one that was said earlier in the Library.

But, it became like this huh. Achievements of ancient magic resurrection, un, it’s reasonable.

Because the King was saying to make me Baron in any way, so maybe the aides or ministers, somebody might’ve searched for that point of compromise.

I received that parchment.

I became a Baron with this huhーーwhen I was thinking of that.


「Is Lucio Martein-sama here」


The door opened and a different man entered.

It was the same uniform as the man before but a different person.

……what is the meaning of this?


「I’m Lucio though?」

「This is the words of the King, listen respectfully」  


「Lucio Martein. With the achievements of saving the first princess, you will be appointed to a Viscount」


「What is the matter, will you not accept」

「No, e〜to……thank you very much」


After I received the parchment, the man was very content and went out.

I didn’t think that it would come in a row. Well, saving Ruby is somewhat of an achievement though.


「Is Lucio Martein-sama here」



A different man entered again.

It was clearly the same clothes, with the same flow.


「Lucio Martein. Praised with the achievements of Grimoire recommendation, you are appointed to an Earl」



Because I recommended a manga?

No way, just with thatーーwhen I was thinking that.


「Is Lucio Martein-sama here」


「Lucio Martein. Praised with the achievement of the unbelievable feat of learning a thousand magic, you are appointed to a Marquis」

「E〜to, yesーー」

「Is Lucio Martein-sama here」

「Again?! What is happening?」

「Lucio Martein. Praised with the achievement of returning the Grimoire to the bookshelves, you are appointed to a Duke」

「Well I’d surely return it! I mean, anything is good enough?」


Five messengers came in a row, and pushed on to me five parchments.

With surging waves in a few minutes, without understanding anything, I became a Duke.




「What is it this time?!」


I quickly looked at the entrance. It was different this time.

How can I say this, it was Amanda who was standing there.

A maid that works in the mansion of our family home, she is inflexible, but she could really do her job.


「Amanda? Why are you here?」

「I came on the orders of the previous head of the family」


Amanda said that, passed through me, and stood in front of Isaac who was astonished.

Now that I think about it, Isaac was here huh.



「ーーHa! W-What is it Amanda」

「This is the words from the previous head of the family」


Amanda took a deep breath.

And, her expression and her air changed.


「What the heck are you doing using the house’s money! Let go of the mansion and come back right nowーーde gozaimasu」


Amanda said the last part returning to her usual self.


I mean……Isaac. You used money without permission, and bought a mansion without permission. What are you trying to do.


Isaac who was indirectly scolded by Ojii-san had a pale face. But when I thought about that, his face became red and glared at me.




「Remember thisーーーー」


Just like that, leaving a nostalgic parting shot, he jumped out of the inn.

I let out a sigh, and said to Amanda.


「Amanda, tell Ojii-san」

「What is it」

「The mansion Nii-san bought, tell him I’ll buy it. Also tell him, I took permission to enter the library, so come any time」


Amanda was surprised for an instant, but nodded soon after that and said as if to be amazed.


「As expected of Lucio-sama de gozaimasu」









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