Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 27

Chapter 27: Everything Concerning Grimoires


I returned inside the library.

Snow was falling outside with my magic, but nothing had changed inside.

A wonderful space where there are tens of thousands of mangas.

It was just like a manga cafe.


Until the snow outside stops, I should read manga for a while, I thought.

I stood in front of the nearest bookshelf, and glanced through their covers.

I was quite excited. Because almost all of the Grimoires are ones that I hadn’t read before.

I took one that I had not read before, and the time when I was going to read it.


「You’re a new face huh〜」



I was called out, so I looked to my side.

There was one old man there.

Wearing normal clothes, he was holding a broom and a dustpan.

I wonder if he was a janitor.

As usual, I answered in child-mode.


「Nice to meet you, I am Lucio Martein」

「Ohh, then you are that Lucio-sama, the new administrator of this library」

「Yes, what about Ojii-san?」

「Please call be Abe」

「Abe-san desu ne. Please take care of me」


I took a quick glance to the Grimoire that I took out, and looked around the library.


「What is the matter」

「A-no-ne, where should I read this, I thought」


「Un, something like a sofa, or a chair would be nice, I thought. I thought I wanted to sit there and slowly read the Grimoire」


When I said that, Abe-san was very surprised for some reason.

His eyes on his wrinkled face was widened, and was staring at me.

Did I, say something weird?


「Abe-san what’s the matter?」

「Administrator-san think of interesting things」

「Is that so? It’s a library right, wouldn’t you want a place to have a seat and read?」

「If it was a normal library, then that is true. But this is the Grimoire Library where Grimoires are stored, they are all Grimoires that would take from months to years to read, there’s no meaning even if there are chairs and sofas」



When I think about it, that was right.

I almost forget since I was able to read normally, but the almost all of the people of this world cannot read manga.

As Abe-san had told, one book would normally take several months, some may take years. I guess that’s true that with that, chairs aren’t needed in this library.


「I see……ne〜, do you think it’s okay if I bring my own chair」

「Lucio-sama is administrator-sama, so that much is」

「Thank goodness. Then, I have to find a good chair and sofa huh, I’m going to read this much Grimoires, the chair that I’m going to sit on during that should be good」

「Are you planning to read everything」


Abe-san was still surprised.


「Un! There’s this much of them, I have to read it. It’s exciting right, to be able to read Grimoires this many as much as I want」

「Lucio-sama likes studying huh」



I laughed wryly.


「I think so. In everyone that I have met until now, they all felt as if reading Grimoires was mortification」


Mortification, huh. Well, they’re forcefully reading what they couldn’t read, so maybe it’s mortification.

But yeah, if I think of it as reading every manga in a manga cafe, it might be a little be mortifying.

But I’ll still do my best and read it though.

The manga here, the more I read them, the more I can learn magic, so mortification or whatever, I’ll do it.


「A person like Lucio-sama is the first time」

「Was that so」

「I cannot read Grimores, but I will support Lucio-sama from the shadows」

「Thanks, Abe-san」


I said thanks.

From Abe-san, I had the same feeling with Ojii-san on our family mansion.

Making a kind smile, it was almost just like the same with an Ojii-san who treats his grandchild kindly.

Maybe, I’m a Jijii-killer. I don’t feel bad.

While thinking about that and tried to read the next manga, the library’s door was opened widely.

A middle-aged man who was wearing a splendid attire opened it. That man was having a serious look, but when he looked here, he clearly was relieved.


「This is bad」


Said Abe-san who was beside me. What is bad?

The middle-aged man, while catching his breath, sounded his footsteps while he approached.

And, he stood in front of Abe-san who was beside me.


「I was looking for you, your majesty」

「Your majesty?!」


I was very surprised and looked at Abe-san. Abe-san was like *YareYare*, and sighed with a troubled face.

And soon after, his air changed.

From the air of a very friendly janitor Ojii-san, to a noble’s air that had a majestic aura.

His appearance hadn’t changed, but it was as if he was a different person.


「Your majesty, he said……could you be, the King?」

「Umu. I am the King of Savoya, Abraham the Third de aru」


No way, is he’s really the king!


「I am sorry for hiding my identity. I had heard from Ruby, but I wanted to actually see what kind of person you are with my eyes」

「I-Is that so」

「In reality, it’s good that I met you. You are a more wonderful child than what Ruby had talked about」

「Thank you very much」


I was praised very much, it looks like he’d really had taken a like to me.

And that Abe-san……the King, looked towards the middle-aged man.




「Gather artisans, to make this child leisurely read Grimoires inside the library, make a space where he can read comfortably」

「As you wish」

「Also, I will grant all of the authority that the royal house have concerning with Grimoires to this child. Make the draft for the imperial rescript」


This time, he looked towards me, and said.




「As you have heard. I will leave this whole Grimoire Library to you. Everything of it」

「Can I buy new Grimoires?」


I remembered what Ojii-san had asked of me, and asked.


「Hahaha. Of course, collect all as you want」

「Waaai, thank you!」


It was a little exaggerating in the child-mode, but I was simply happy.

Not only what is here, I was happy that they would increase.

Looking at me being joyful, the King made a kind smile.

As I’ve thought, it was the same feeling with Ojii-san that was in our family home.


「Your majesty」


Hugo said to the King with a serious face.


「What is it」

「If it would be all authorities concerning Grimoires, a Baron rank is needed at least」

「Then make him a Baron」

「As you wish」




That is, could that be?!

The King, deepened his smile and made a pleasant smile towards me.









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