Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Child Administrator


Leaving Barza, Sylvia, Nadia, Coco/Mami and I arrived at the royal capital, La Linea, during early of spring.

On the way, I lazily flirted around with Sylvia and Nadia so it felt that we arrived very fast.


We entered La Linea, we took an inn for the meantime.

In a decent inn, in one large room.

Only my wives and pet are staying so this was enough.

Nadia and Coco were looking outside, and Sylvia was facing towards me.


「Are you going out, Lucio-sama」

「Yeah, for the meantime I will go to the Royal Grimoire Library, and I’ll find a house after that」

「What do we have to do?」

「You can tour around the capital freely」

「I understand. Please be careful」


Sylvia said that, and Nadia and Coco waved their hands by the window.


「Be careful〜」

「Be careful desu〜」


I left the three and went out of the room, there was the muscle macho owner in the counter so I talked to him.


「Ne〜ne〜, where is the royal grimoire library〜?」

「Library? What are you going to do there」

「Just a bit, I’m interested」

「Fuun. If that is it then, after you go out from here, walk straight to the left and go right in the third street, you can reach it if you go straight from there. It is a building different from others」

「Building different from others?」

「You’ll know when you get there」


The muscle macho repeated the same words. I wonder if it was that kind of building really easy look apart.


「I got it, thanks, Oji-chan」


I said thanks in child-mode, and left the inn.

I walked the way as the macho master had said.

As expected of the Royal Capital La Linea, it was very lively.

People pass each other, full of vitality, and on top of that, there are goods that I had never seen in Barza that was being sold on the store here and there.

I want to slowly look around, I want to go here and there together with Sylvia and Nadia, I thought.

After a while, I saw that.


「……I see, this is to know」


That building, it was upside down!

A large, splendid, beautiful building that is worth having the word Royal in it.

But, it’s upside down! Just as if the roof of it was stabbed to the ground, it was a building with that kind of feeling.

The meaning of different from others, I’m sure that this is it.


I entered from the entrance-like place.

Inside was more ridiculous.

Although the interior was upside down, things like the counter, table, and chairs were normal.

And the bookshelves were upside down starting from the ceiling.

To whom, and how did someone made this, I was a little interested.


「Hey boy, this isn’t a place kids come yo」


When I turned around to the voice, there was a large man.

His height easily exceeds two meters. Rather than to a library, he was a man who was more fit to a stadium.

That man had a stack of books on his hand. The books look very small compared to the man, I felt my senses get unstable.


「Are you lost? Un?」

「Ne〜, this is the Royal Grimoire Library right」


I asked in the child-mode.


「Yeah, as you can see, this is the place where the Grimoires gathered throughout the Kingdom is stored」


The man glanced to his back.

In the wide space, numerous Grimoires.

There were tens of times of what Ojii-san had collected, it was the scenery as expected of being called royal.


「Then it’s correct」


「I’m Lucio Martein, here」


I took out the certificate that I got from Ruby, and gave it to the man.

The man held the stacked books with one hand, and dexterously took the certificate.

He read that. When he read it to the end, the man’s face color changed.


「Boy was the new administrator huh!」



The man was surprised, I was also surprised.



「What’s that」

「I was told from above, that a new administrator will come they said. That it was a great magician scouted by the princess herself」

「I don’t know about that you know? I told Ruby-sama that I want to read more Grimoires, and I only received permission to enter the library」

「Wait a minute」


The man took out a sheet of paper from the back of the counter.

He stared intently at that paper, and said.


「As I have thought, Lucio Martein of Barza will be appointed as the new administrator of the Royal Grimoire Library. Treat him with respect and explain it to him」



Is that really true.

But well, if I think about it carefully, if I wanted to read the books in the library freely, the administrator is a very easy convenient stature.

I should receive it gratefully, and read all the Grimoires.


「Ah〜, I am Fan Cruz. Nice to meet you」

「I’m Lucio Martein. Please take care of me」


Fan and I shook hands.

There was a huge difference in our body size, my hand was only about Fan’s finger, so it became a strange handshake.


「But, why did someone like Boy became the administrator? Is it honorary position」

「It’s because in the whole world, I’m the fastest reader of Grimoires」

「You came out big huh」

「It’s true you know〜」


Probably though.


「Fu〜n, that’s right」


Fan went to the back of the library as if to remember something. He took one Grimoire from there, and returned.



「What’s this〜」

「It’s a new Grimoire. A Grimoire that was found recently, a book only one in the world. No one has read it yet, and it’s something that has unknown magic in it」



Fan reached that to me, it was a face a little mean.

Go read it if you can, it was that kind of face.

I received the Grimoire, and opened it.

It was a heartbreaking manga.

It was a tearjerker-type scenario themed with the rain, and it was made with an emotional ending finale together with the clearance of the weather.

After reading it till the end, a magic emerges inside of my head.

I see, that kind of magic huh.


「How is it」

「Un, I learned it」


「I’ll go try it for a bit」


I left the Grimoire, and went outside.

Compared to the inside of the library that was chilly, the Royal Capital La Linea that entered the spring had warm south winds blowing.

Fan followed.


「What will you do?」

「I’m going to use the magic of that Grimoire」


I said that, and closed my eyes and imagined.

I strongly maintain that image, reach out my hands, and chanted.


「Weather Change・Snow」


After I chanted, I felt the biggest sense of exhaustion until now.

It was a sense of exhaustion of my magic powers being taken away.

That was, a sense of exhaustion that made me feel it was a success.


「Wha, whawhawhawhawha!」


Fan was surprised, I opened my eyes and looked up to the sky.

The warm skies with sunlight earlier was covered with clouds, and snow fell.

An ancient magic that changes the weather. An enormous amount of magic powers are needed, but it was a magic that has effect・phenomenon that was worth it.

I had results, and asked Fan.


「What do you think?」



It was Fan with his eyes wide opened, and jaws dropped.









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Translator Notes:

Yes, she was clearly called as a “pet”. Imagine when they grow up.

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