Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 25

Chapter 25: Child and Cat and Last Boss and


The carriage outside the cave was the one Ruby was riding. There’s no horse, so I used the magic Float, and let Coco pull it.

Coco easily pulled that so rather than a carriage, it felt like a dog sled.

I let Ruby ride that, and returned to the town of Barza.

In the entrance of the town, people gathered and was surrounding Adriano.




Adriano found us, and let out a loud voice. And soon, the other people looked at us at once.

The carriage(dog sled) had stopped, and Ruby came out from that.

To the appearance of the princess, the crowd was rustling.

Adriano who was in seiza on the ground came in front of Ruby as if to crawl.


「W-Were you alright. This Adriano, worriedーー」


Those words stopped in the middle, and Adriano 「Uu!」 groaned.

The expression of Ruby who looks down at him, her eyes also, was very cold.


「How could you leave me behind」


*ZawaZawa* The eyes of the crowd became even colder.


That outrageous thing, was said from the person itself, so it became an unwavering truth.


「T-That is not true, Hime-sama. There’s a reasonーーt-that’s right, I wanted to call for help so I, from that placeーー」

「Adriano, I will release you from your post as court magician」



Adriano, shocked.

That isn’t something to be surprised of right, that’s normal right.


「This place was your hometown right. Then, return to your house, the official notice will be sent later」




Ruby said with full of dignity. Adriano was intimidated and couldn’t say anything, and collapsed to the ground just like that.

Ruby and the people of the town’s cold, and scorn sight.

That was the instance that the man who had achievements to a court magician’s downfall was decided.  




The next day, I was called out.

The place where I was guided by the messenger was inside the most splendid mansion in the town of Barza, and in the most splendid room.

I faced Ruby there.






I was speechless. I lost my words from Ruby’s attire.

Ruby was wearing a normal dress yesterday, but it was completely different today.

If I say it in few words, the Last Boss in the choir battle in the end of the year, that kind of 「Attire Set」 Ruby was wearing.

There is dignity in that……there is, though……


「Lucio Martein」


Ruby called my name. Maybe because of her attire, her tone also had more dignity than yesterday.

A dignity that wants you to kneel down naturally.


「About yesterday, you did a great job. Once again, let me say my gratitude」



I replied half-heartedly. Honestly, I was too curious about her attire.


「I need to give you a reward. You wanted the free pass to the Grimoire Library, but are you sure you’re alright with that」

「Is it “something like that”, that place. The Grimoire Library that has tens of thousands of Grimoires, isn’t it that very valuable」

「There is no value to things that are not readable properly」


Ahh, that was it huh.

In this world, just by reading Manga(grimoire) you can learn magic, but there isn’t a lot of people who can read it, and even those who can read would take months with one book.

Pearls before swine, it’s weird to use that, but it’s something like that huh.


But, that is only for the normal people of this world.

Being able to read one manga for around an hour, and be able to learn magic with that, there’s no greater reward than that.

Simply, the Grimoires itself is very expensive too.


「I’m alright with that, I was also thinking that I wanted to learn more and more magic too」

「I see. Somebody」


When Ruby said that, one servant came inside.

The servant respectfully held the tray, and took it in front of me.

On the top of the tray was one sheet of paper, a paper with an emblem in it.

I took that with my hand.


「Take that, and go to the Royal Grimoire Library in the capital, I already had taken care of it. Other than taking them out, do what you want」

「I see, thank you」

「Do you really not need anything else? Y-You saved me jya, I can grant you at least one last thing」

「No, this is enough」


I rolled the paper, and put it in my pocket.

It’s not like I did something that special, so this is enough.


「I see……」


Ruby made a depressed expression for some reason.

Did she want me to ask for more? I can’t understand what royals are thinking.


「Well then, let’s meet at the capital」


Ruby said that, she faced to her side and started walking.


Somehow I thought. Is she able to walk decently with that set-like attire.

I thought that if she couldn’t walk decently with it, she might fall down.

I thought, and stared at her. But, Ruby walked normally.

She was walking with dignity so she was slow, but normally, she walked without anything happening.


What’s that, that’s boring.

Ruby continued walking normally, and went towards the door.

The servant went first, and opened the doorーーin an instance, a small wind flowed in.

It was to the extent of only shaking bangs, it was a breeze, only a breeze.




Ruby broke her balance.

Hit by the wind, she fell backwards.

After she fell, she couldn’t stand up.

Her attireーーbecause of the set, her hands and feet couldn’t reach the ground, and she couldn’t stand up.

The servant tried to make her stand up in a hurry, and Ruby *Kii*, glared at me.

I looked awayーーI did not see anything, let’s keep it like that.




The house was rowdy.

Because I gained the entry pass to the Royal Grimoire Library, let’s move to the capital, I decided that.

And because of that, Sylvia, Nadia, and Mami who changed to her cat ears was rowdy because of the preparation of moving out.




Ojii-san came to visit. He looked at me, and said with a wide smile.


「I heard about it, Lucio. It looks like you are now able to enter the Royal Grimoire Library right」

「Un, that’s right〜」


I answered in child-mode.


「It’s because I saved a princess, she gave me a pass with that」

「I heard that you defeated the bandits alone」

「Un! With magic」

「I see I see. As expected of my grandchild」


Ojii-san patted my head, and praised me.

I didn’t feel bad.


「Lucio is very smart huh. If only Isaac could learn something from you」




Something sounded from outside of the window. I wonder what was that.


「Wait, you agaiuwaaaaaaa!」


Soon after, I heard a scream. It was a familiar scream.

And after I waited for a little while Mami appeared, and threw Isaac who was tied up with ropes in front of Ojii-san and I.


「I caught it」

「Un, thanks」


I patted her head, and Mami was very happy.

And she took off the rope, and went outside of the room in a very good mood.

I was left behind, and looked Isaac who was obstinate.


「What is the meaning of this」



Isaac doesn’t answer, he doesn’t answer while looking to his side.




Ojii-san opened his mouth, Isaac was like *Biku*.

Isaac got frightened, and looked at Ojii-san and I back and forth.




「Don’t think that you’ve won with thisーーーー」


He said that, and jumped out of the room.

It was a very used last words, but I couldn’t understand what he means.


「Haa〜……couldn’t he be an adult soon」


That’s impossible.

Somehow, I feel that he would become an adult just like that, Isaac will.

After Ojii-san let out a sigh, he regained composure, and faced me.


「Hey Lucio, I have something to ask for you」

「What is it〜?」

「Lucio is going to the capital, and go to the Royal Grimoire Library right」

「Un, that’s right」

「In there, can you snitch it if there’s a rare Grimoire stored in there」



……go steal it huh.

Ojii-san’s eyes shined, and said further.


「Three books, no, even if its one. I want to see what kind of Grimoire is stored at the royal library」


It was an excited face just like a child’s.

Ojii-san who had the hobby of collecting Grimoires, was just like that ever since, and I somehow understood how he felt.

Stealing them is impossible though.


「When I meet the princess this time, I’ll ask her to let Ojii-san enter too」


She looked like she wanted me to ask for more, so I think it can pass.




Ojii-san stuck to me. Oi oi, your use of words are strange.


「Un, I’ll do my best」


When I said that, Ojii-san became more and more child-like, and had a very excited face.










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Translator Notes:

No, Ruby wouldn’t be Lucio’s waifu. Not for a long time, maybe not at all.

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