Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 24

Chapter 24: The Reward for Saving the Princess


When I thought about it.


「Coco〜, are you there, Coco?」


I looked behind, and shouted towards the outside of the cave.

*BataBata* I heard footsteps. Coco who I left behind outside entered.


「Yes〜, Coco is here〜」

「That, I’ll leave it to you」


I pointed at Ruby.

Coco is also a girl. It would be better to leave it to Coco to do something with the princess with her messed up look.

After thinking for a second, she nodded with a troubled face.


「I understand〜」


She said that, and went where Ruby was.

I faced my back from that, and tried to not look.


After a while *Za*, *Za* I heard the sound of that.

What sound is that?

I took a glance through my shoulder, I saw Coco digging the ground.


「Coco? What are you doing」

「Yes, I am digging a hole〜」

「A hole? Why are you digging for a hole?」

「It wouldn’t be buried if I don’t dig a hole desu yo〜?」

「Don’t bury her, don’t bury her!」


I let out a loud voice.


「She wouldn’t be buried desu ka〜?」

「Don’t bury her! I meant it as fix her clothes」



*Pon*, Coco clapped her hand.

Is she really thinking of burying her, this girl.

I faced back again. This time I heard sounds of clothes being worn properly, so I was relieved.


「It is finished〜」



I looked back. Ruby’s clothes were fixed.

I approached her, and casted magic.




Ruby’s body floated up.

She floated with her lying posture.

I pushed her softly, and as if to slide on ice, Ruby’s body floated in the air.


「Wah〜, amazing〜」

「Want to do it, Coco?」



Coco nodded very happily.

I changed with her. Coco stood where I was standing, *TsunTsun* poked Ruby.

Ruby hovered and slide.

For the meantime, I thought of bringing her to the town.




Before going out the cave, Ruby woke up.

I looked into her face from above.


「You woke up?」

「This is……ha,hya!」


When I met eyes with her, *Don!* Ruby pushed me back with her both hands while raising a scream.

Ruby with an adult body, and me with a child’s body.

Normally, it would’ve been me who was pushed away, but.




It was Ruby who was pushed away.

Because she was floating in mid-air with the magic of Float, she flew away with the recoil of pushing me away. She went inside the cave with a decent speed.


*Do〜n*   *Dosa*


It sounded that she hit somewhere, and fell to the ground.




And soon after that, I heard a scream. I entered inside thinking what happened, and Ruby was screaming to the corpses of the bandits that was on the ground.

Most of them were burnt black, but one partーーfor example, a head burnt only half of it, was still there.

It was a scene that you would scream at normally.


「T-This is……what is the meaning of this」

「I defeated them」


It would become troublesome instead in child-mode, so I talked normally.


「Y-You did?」


「No way……aren’t you a child, doingーー」

「Blaze Needle」


I used magic.

Aimed at the boulder in Ruby’s side, the needle of flames pierced it from three directions.

The boulder was pierced through, and went in flames. Ruby was looking at that and me back and forth.


「T-This is……advance level flames magic」 Are you saying that you used that?」


Was it an advanced level magic? I just knew that its power was high so it was convenient.


「Would you like to see it once more?」

「……no, it’s enough jya」


Ruby regained her composure very quickly.

A bit surprisingly, she was composed very fast.


「I will say my gratitude. I am Ruby Savoya. I am the first princess of Savoya Kingdom」

「I know. I heard you talking with the bandits before I saved you」

「I see. But why, is a child like you in here?」

「I heard it from a man called Adriano」



Ruby wrinkled her eyebrows. There were unpleasant colors on her expression.


「Did you remember him running away」

「He ran away in front of me. It’s very embarrassing of my ignorance thinking that I could trust that man」

「I see. Well, that doesn’t matter. What I want to say was it was because of that, I came to save you」

「I was saved jya. I will surely return this gratitude. In the name of Ruby Savoya」


Ruby stared straight to me with strong eyes and declared.

It looks like that royal members and nobles likes to say, in their name just like this huh.

Well, I guess I could expect rewards with just that.


「You are a magician that had deciphered a Grimoire right」

「Yeah. About a thousand, I can use」

「A thousand you say?!」


Ruby was surprised.


「That much huh」


I used magic without saying anything.

Fire Ball, Fire Laser.

Icicle, and Diamond Dust.

Big and Small, Wind Cutter and Dress Up.

There are no rules, I was using it from the ones I remembered.

I used more and more magic, and Ruby was surprised more and more.

When I exceeded a hundred, she couldn’t close her mouth, so I stopped.


「Well, about this much」



Ruby who was surprised……this time she didn’t come back that fast.

After showing a weird face(it was still beautiful though) for a minute, she cleared her throat, and returned her expression forcefully.


「You, are you affiliated somewhere」

「Affiliate? No, not at all, why?」


I didn’t understand what the meaning of that, but I’m not in any organization-like group, so I denied clearly.


「Then, to a court magicianーー」

「I don’t like that」


I refused clearly.

The truth is, it’s not like I really didn’t like it, but with this flow, I remembered Adriano so I didn’t like it.




Ruby hesitated. It was an expression concerned of what other gratitude she can give other than that.

It couldn’t be helped, so I suggested.


「Hey〜, in Savoya Kingdom, how many Grimoires are there」

「Grimoires huh? I’m not sure how many is there, but tens of thousandsーー」

「Let me see all of them」


After saying it, I started getting excited.

Tens of thousands of Grimoiresーーtens of thousands of magic.

Excited, I was.


「Are you alright with that?」


Ruby accepted casually.










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