Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Saving the Princess Instead of the Useless Man


When I was having a walk with Coco, I encountered a commotion on the town’s outskirts.

The were a lot of town people making a crowd, and was surrounding someone.


「And you ran away with that」

「You’re not saying that left her alone right」

「To think that he’s a man like thatーーyou’ve disappointed me」


Everyone was surrounding someone and accusing him with words.

I wonder what happened, I gripped Coco’s leash, and went to the middle of the commotion.


「Ne〜ne〜, what happened?」


Towards the young man in the back line, I asked in child-mode. Coco who was not used to me being on child-mode was surprised, but I ignored that for the mean time.

The young man answered.


「This guy did an outrageous thing」

「This guy? an outrageous thing?」


I looked at the person being surrounded.

It was a face I had seen before, if I’m correct……it’s Adriano.

A court magician who had a triumph return to his village, a man who can use 20 kinds of magic.

That man was made to do seiza on the ground.


「You saw that the carriage that Hime-sama was riding on was being attacked by bandits, but instead of saving her, you ran away」



I lost my words, and looked at Adriano who lost himself.

Oi oi, weren’t you a court magician. Weren’t you able to use 20 kinds of magic.

You were being pampered by women like that………


「Really, you’ve disappointed us!」

「You’re the worst, you!」


Within the people who surrounded Adriano, there were also the appearance of the women that pampered him that day. The women were looking down at Adriano with cold eyes.


「Please wait, that’s not true, there was a proper reason」

「What is the reason?」


I asked while still in child-mode.

And that started the fire.


「That’s right that’s right, what was the reason」

「Hime-samaーーleaving your lord behind and running away alone, let me hear the reason for that」

「T-That isーーright, I wanted to let everyone know. That Oujo-denka is in danger, and the bandits might also attack here」

「He〜, but Onii-chan. Onii-chan is a court magician, and can use a lot of magic right. Couldn’t Onii-chan just defeated them on the spot?」

「That’s right, that’s right!」

「Why did you not defeat them!」

「T-That is……」


Adriano couldn’t answer. While in seiza, he made his shoulders smaller and smaller.

Being bathed in the town people’s sight, he was making a face that looks he’d die anytime.

Just like the rating of a number one idol who was found out with infidelity, it felt as miserable as that.

I left that place quietly.

And went directly towards outside of the town.


「Where we going desu ka〜?」


Coco who I took with me asked.


「I’m going to go save the princess」


「If she was attacked by bandits, there’s no way she couldn’t be left like that. I meanーー」


I looked behind with a glance. The town people were still accusing Adriano.

They were continuing to accuse him, but no one was saying of saving her.


「But do you know desu ka〜? That, princess’s place right now」

「I’ll do something about itーーSearch Some」


It was a magic used for finding people, so I used it for the mean time.

After I put on the conditions the person I am searching for is a princess, a single line emerged from the ground.

A red line just like a 3D image stretched very long.

Thinking of the effects of the magic, she should be ahead of this.


「Yosh, let’s go」



I took Coco with me, and went after the line that had stretched.

The line was stretching towards the road outside of the town, but it changed ways in the middle to the side road.

Finally entering in the mountain, it stretched into a cave.

A carriage was abandoned beside the cave.

Tracing with magic and physical evidence, no doubt that it’s here.





I looked at Coco. She who had followed me up to here had her dog ears *Pita* towards her back.

It was also on her face, she was somehow frightened.


「What happened」

「I’m scared desu〜. They’re bandits, right〜?」

「Yeah, that’s what I’ve heard」

「Bandits, they’re……scary〜!」


I see, she’s frightened to the bandits’ existence huh.

It’s not like I don’t understand that.


「Don’t worry, I’m with you」



Coco was astonished, and *Po* blushes her face.


「I-I understand〜」


Coco timidly nodded. For the meantime, it looks like she’s not frightened anymore.

I took Coco with me and entered the cave. Using 「Filament」 to make light, and moved through the path.

Suddenly, I heard the sound of people talking, so I made the *Shi〜* gesture to Coco, stopped our feet and hear what they’re talking about.


「You, who do you think I am. The first princess of Savoya Kingdom, I am the Ruby Savoya seventh to the king’s throne!」

「We know, we know, you’re the only princess right now right」

「There’s no way we wouldn’t know a person that famous right?」

「You know, I’ve seen you a lot of times. I’ve seen the speeches you did a lot of times yo?」


I heard a princess-like, and bandit-like voice.


「Then hurry up and release me jya. If it’s right now, I can make it that this has never happened」

「That, she said, what do you think」

「That’s……there’s now way」

「Of course, it’s the awaited time that a princess came, you should do your “work” properly. Kekeke」


When one of the bandits said that, every one of them laughed nastily.


「Work you say? There’s no work that I have to do in a place such like this」


No, there’s one you know.

Specifically it’s not work, but a cliche though.


「Hehehe, there’s one thing, you know」

「Right, right, something that can only be done by a princess」

「W-What is it. Why are you taking off your pants」


……it’s that after all huh.

But well, it’s normal though.

Bandits kidnapping a princess, having an idea that is something like that, unless they’re a group of homos, that’s impossible.

That’s why, the flow of things are correct.


「Stop it jya, don’t come nearーーdon’t touch me!」


The princess shouted. Her voice was trembling.


「You bitch, don’t move!」



I heard a small scream, and it became quiet.

……I’ll go save her huh.


「Arerere〜, I wonder where this is〜〜」


Being in child-mode, I entered there.

It was a scene that as I had heard.

The princes, Ruby, was being restrained on the wall, some of the bandits quick on their move had taken off their pants, and gathered towards Ruby. And Ruby herself had her dress disarrayed with her body, and had a messed up appearance.

Probably hit her head when she was attacked, she lost consciousness, and laid quietly.


I counted the numbers of the bandits.

There are eight of them. There weren’t a lot of them.


「Who are youーーhey, a brat huh」


The bandit that was cautious for an instant put his guard down after looking at me.

Well, I look like a 9-year-old child, that’s normal.


「Hey you, brat, this isn’t a place brats like you come to. Before you get hurt, goーー」


That bandit walked toward me, reached out his hand as if to grab my shoulder.


「Blaze Needle」


I chanted magic. Needles of flame appeared mid-air, and pierced through the man.

Pierced through by needles from all directions, the insides of the man were burned, and collapsed just like that.




The remaining seven bandits changed the colors of their faces. A few who reacted quickly were already making a stance with their weapons.


「You! Who are you!」

「I’m nobody important〜」


While saying that, I confirmed the places of the seven, and chanted magic.

It was the second Blaze Needle. The needles of flame enough for them attacked the bandits.

Six of them were pierced through by the needle, and collapses.

One of them swung his weapon and blocked most of the needles, but unable to block only one needle, it pierced very deep to his stomach.

It was only one, but it was deadly enough.




「Lucio Martein. Just a normal reincarnated person」


The man made face that couldn’t understand.

I chanted 「Black Hole」. At least in an instant, I thought.

I looked around, all of the bandits were taken care of. The only thing left is to bring back the princess, but.


「……this in itself, is troublesome」


Lost her consciousness, looking at Ruby with her messed up look, I was a little troubled.









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