Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 22

Chapter 22: The Battle Against the Demon King before Lunch


Early afternoon, I was reading Grimoire leisurely.

It was the new Grimoire Ojii-san had, and it was the one brought by the maid Amanda.

Recently, Ojii-san was collecting Grimoires as usual, and when he gets a new Grimoire, he sends it directly to me.

I am reading that right now too. It was a very old, a seasoned Grimoire that has tattered covering.


「Lucio-sama, I will be going for a walk with Coco-chan okay?」


Opening the room’s door, Sylvia showed up.


I can get a glimpse of Coco’s appearance through that door.

My wife Sylvia, and Coco who recently subsided to the pet dog position.

The two of them started to go for walks once a day.


「Take care」

「Uhmm, I have prepared snacks in the kitchen, so please eat it later」

「I got it」


Sylvia said that, and went to for a walk together with Coco.

Inside the room that I was left alone, I read Manga.

I read it to the end.


「What the hell is this」


That, I thought.

Honestly, it’s a manga I don’t get. I don’t know what it was trying to say.

Is it surreal gag?

There are parts that are too violent, and even if I read it I couldn’t understand, that kind of manga.

Well I read it for free, and I should have learned magic so I’ll let it be.

Now that I think about it, what magic did I learned from this?




I heard a voice. It was a strange voice.

It was at least not a type that could be heard normally, it was not a voice that is heard by the ear from sound waves.


「Who are you!」


 ーーI have my gratitude, you brat. You did a good job releasing me.


「Ha〜? What are you saying. I mean, where the hell are you, show yourself」


 ーーKukuku. You, you can use magic huh?  What a good timing, I need blood of a magician for my resurrection. I will make you as sacrifice.


「What areーーUwaa!」


The space was suddenly distorted, and sucked me into it.

The place where I had been sucked into, was a dark place and had nothing on it.

And there, that was there.

A male that grew horns like a goat, and have an ominous look.

From his whole body, a strange aura is being emitted. It was not human wherever I looked at it.


「Who the hell are you!」

「I am the Demon King, Demon King Balthazar」

「Demon King, you say? 」

「That’s right, I was doing that once in this world, but I was overthrown by that damned Hero, and I was sealed in that Grimoire. And after a thousand years, I have been waiting for someone who could decipher the Grimoire and resurrect me」

「……it means, because I read the Grimoire that had not been deciphered for a thousand years, you resurrected huh」

「That is correct. I have my gratitude you brat, because of you, I had been resurrected. The only thing left is to devour your blood and soul, then I can manifest in this world as Demon King again」


How can I say this, normally it would have been a huge disaster.


「Kukuku, wait you humans. Just like a thousand years before, I will fill this world with fear. I’ll start by killing all men, and the recreation of the female human ranch」


……it really would have probably become a disaster.


「Come now, give me your life」


Maou Balthazar reached out his hand, and with those sharply pointed fingers, he attacked me.


「Force Field!」


I chanted the magic instinctively, and blocked the chop.


「Mu! You were a defense magic user huh. Then, how about this?」


Balthazar reaches out his hand. This time, magic flew. It was a beam-like, flame magic.


「Magic Shield!」


I used magic again and blocked it.

*Parin* the shield shattered with a sound.


「You’re pretty good for a brat. Using magic freely on that age, and that courage」


「I’ve taken a liking on you. You brat, become my minion. If you do that, I’ll let you live and give you one kingdom」

「If I said no?」



Balthazar laughed, *Pachin* snapped his finger.

From his behind, various crawling things appeared. Dissolved like mud, something like a human.

And there was a lot of them, it wasn’t thousands, it was ten thousands of them.


「I will kill you, devour your blood and soul, and let you be a part of the undead」

「I won’t like that」

「Come now, tell me your answer」

「I don’t want to」

「I see, then DIE!!」


Balthazar attacked, and his undead minions also attacked.

I fought, using a thousand magic.



I returned from the different space.


「I’m tired……if I didn’t learn Black Hole it might’ve been close」


I exhaustedly sat down to the chair.

Reincarnating and living a new life, today might be the day I was tired the most.


「A-re? It is Lucio-sama」


The room’s door opened, and Sylvia showed up.


「When did you come back, Lucio-sama, you were not around earlier」


「Earlier? Ohh, it’s already evening」


I looked outside, and got surprised a little. The sky had already reddened when I noticed it.


「Did you go somewhere?」

「Yeah, just a bit」

「? Is that so. Ah! It is almost time to eat, so please wash your hands」


Sylvia said that, and tried to go out of the room.




「Do you know Balthazar?」

「Balthazar desu ka? ……ah!  The legendary demon king desu ne, the one who dominated the world for 300 years, and took away all hope from human kind they said」

「He〜, that guy, he’s a tremendous guy after all」

「What is it with Balthazar?」


Sylvia made a blank look and tilted her head.


「No, it’s nothing. Rather than that, I’m hungry, so can you double the amount for dinner」

「I understand!」


Sylvia, this time for sure, went out.

I saw that off, and started at the Grimoire intently with the sunset.

It’s tiring, so something like a demon king, I don’t want to fight that again.








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