Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 21

Chapter 21: *IchaIcha* Lazily


Today was cold since morning.

When I woke up with that cold, I noticed that Sylvia and Nadia are completely stuck with me.


「Good morning, Lucio-sama」

「Ohayou, Lucio-kun. It’s very cold right」


The two of them were already awake, and stayed stuck to me.

In top of the bed wider than a king size bed, the three of us stuck together and made a circle.

Just like the pickled plums that is inside the white rice, like the Japanese Flag Bentou.


「Yeah it’s cold……I mean, is snow falling」

「Yes, it has fell since last night」

「Well that’d be really cold」


Outside the window, I watched the snow fall.

It’s warm where I stuck with the two, but it’s cold in the parts where we don’t touch.


「Auto Heat」


I casted magic to the bed. From inside the bed, it started to emit heat.

Just like the sheet on the trains, the warm air rises up from the bottom of the body.


「So warm……」

「Amazing, this feels good」


The two liked it.

It got warm, so we stop cuddling.

On part of the body still being overlaid, we distanced a little.

Nadia left her arm on the top of my leg, and Sylvia pushes the top of her head to my side.

It was skinship that aren’t aimed for warmth.

While rolling above the bed, we continued our skinship.



「That sound right now……Nadia huh」

「Ehehe, I’m sorry, I think I got a little hungry」

「Wait a minute」


Sylvia went down from the bed. *Buru* her body trembled, and she went outside of the room.

After a while, she came back with toasted bread in a bowl.


「Here, Nadia-chan」


「Lucio-sama too」

「Ahh, you eat too」


We divided the bread with the three of us and ate.

*GoroGoro*, on the top of the bed we ate.


「Ah! Food fell」

「It’s okay, we should clean it altogether laer」

「I think so too〜」


*GoroGoro* just like we had become a lazy person.

At first, *MushaMusha* I ate the bread faced up, but it was hard to swallow, so facing side wards and could somehow swallow it.

That was really troublesome.

I looked at the two, the two looks the same.

It’s too troublesome to do anything, I want to *GoroGoro*, it was that kind of air.


「I feel parched, aren’t there any drinks?」

「Ah! Wait a minute」


Sylvia said that, but she didn’t move.

She wasn’t moving at all, so Nadia asked.


「What’s the problem, Sylvie?」

「……Ha! W-Wait a minute」


She tried to stand up in a hurry. It looks like she *GoroGoro*-d too much and couldn’t move anymore.

I stopped Sylvia.

*Posun* she fell to the bed, and looked at me with a surprised face.



「Wait a minute」


I searched inside my head for magicーーthere it is.


「Sixth Sense」


The light of the magic enveloped Sylvia.

The light gathered further, and enveloped her hair.


「This is?」

「Can you catch this, here you go」


I said that, and threw the bread.

Because I was also *GoroGoro*-ing around, it was tiresome, but I somehow threw it.

The bread drew a parabola and flew out of the bed.




*Biku* Sylvia flinched.

She tried to catch just as I’ve said, but the *GoroGoro* felt too good and she got late, I think.

In the next instance, something happened.

Sylvia’s hair flew, and caught the bread that flew away.



「What what, what is that Sylvie」

「I do not know also」


The two of them looked at me at the same time.


「Humans have five senses, that was the magic to put another one. This time, I casted it on her hair, so that hair should be used easily just like a hand」

「Hand, desu ka」

「Can you use that to take some drinks」

「Yes, I understand」


*GoroGoro* while still on the top of the bedーーSylvia extended her hair.

The hair extended, opened the door, and went out of the room.

After a while, it came back with a cup of water.


「Wah, Amaaazing〜」

「Uhmm, Nadia-chan, here」

「U〜n, make me drink it!」


Nadia was also *GoroGoro*-ing, and there’s no sign of her moving. She demanded to do everything for her to Sylvia.


「Sixth Sense」


I couldn’t watch that, and also casted magic to Nadia.

Nadia’s hair extended the same, and moved.


「There, do it yourself」



Nadia said that, and took the cup from Sylvia.

The cup that was passed from hair to hair, it was a little interesting.

After drinking, the cup was placed outside the room.

And even while doing that, the person itself was *GoroGoro*-ing.


*GoroGoro* I also did that, *GoroGoro* Sylvia also, *GoroGoro* Nadia too.


On the top of the warm bed, we *GoroGoro*-d anyways.

Suddenly, *TsunTsun* my sides were tickled.

Nadia used her hair too *TsunTsun*.

Looking at that, Sylvia also *TsunTsun*.

*GoroGoro*, *TsunTsun* using only their hair.


Just like earlier, it was a strange skinship.

But that wasn’t bad at all.


「Sixth Sense」


I also casted magic to myself. *UneUne* the hair went, and entwined with the two’s hair.

*GoroGoro* with the three of us, *IchaIcha* with only using our hair.









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Translator Notes:

*GoroGoro*(ごろごろ) = sound for something rolling. Also means laying down lazily. The translator also *GoroGoro*-d so the translation was like wtf.

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