Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 20

Chapter 20: From Exchange Diary to First Meeting


「Good morning」


Morning in the living room, Mami was there.

Mami was staring at the ceiling, but when I called out to her, she faced here.

I remembered last night, I’ll caress her again, I thought of that and approached.




Mami passed through my side, and went out of the living room.




I tilted my head.

It was 180 degrees different from last night, her attitude was like *TsunTsun*.


「Did I do something that made her mad without knowing? But even if you say that, I just went to sleep after that……」


I didn’t have a clue at all on what had happened.

When I was tilting my head like that, from far away, *Shapaーn* I heard a water sound like that.

It was the sound of large amount of water being thrown, I heard it from outside of the house.

I went outside. Coco was there.


A very lovely girl with dog ears that has a smaller body figure than Mami, Coco.

Coco was wet, but *BuruBuru* she shook her body, and flicked the water.

It was the same gesture like a dog.


「What happened?」

「I’m sorry〜, probably, I think it was Mami〜」




Coco said that and looked at her feet. There was an empty bucket there.

The water that was on her was probably the one inside the bucket.


「Are you saying Mami dropped water on herself and changed to you?」

「Yes……probably, that’s right〜」

「Probably? Mami has the same body but different personality than you right? Don’t you know?」

「Mami and I can’t talk directly to each other desu〜. If we really wanted to talk, like this……」


Coco squatted on her spot, reaches out her finger to the ground, and writes words by tracing on it.


「Like this, after writing a letter, we drop water to ourselves desu〜」

「Exchange lett……no, like an exchange diary, huh」


I mean……that’s inconvenient, and has no ends.


「I was thinking of it surely, that you can talk to each other inside your mind. That’s the cliche too on multiple personalities」



Coco tilted her head, it’s a face that she had no clue about what I was talking about.


「Then, you really had not talked to each other even once. Even hear each other’s voice?」

「Not at all desu〜」



I pinched my chin, and thought.

Within more than a thousand Grimoires that I’ve read, I searched inside of my head a magic than can be used within that thousand.

There was only one, that seemed to be useful.


「Can you not move for a while?」


I told Coco, and reached out my palm, and chanted the magic.


「Time Shift」


Light envelopes Coco’s body.

The next instance, Mami appeared on her side.





The two were surprised at the same time.



「Are you Mami desuka〜?」


Facing each other itself, seems to be their first time. The two looked at each other and was surprised.

Coco looked at me.


「W-What is happening desuka〜?」

「It’s the magic called Time Shift. If I say it very simply, it’s the magic that borrows what originally in the future temporarily」


「Right, Mami who is there, I brought her from about 5 minutes later, the future Mami」

「I can’t understand what you’re talking about though」


Mami made a frowning face, and looked at me.

Maybe I should explain it a little more simple huh.


「I made it that you can meet each other for five minutes using magic」

「So that was the case〜!」

「Being able to do that, who the hell are you」

「Rather than that」


I placed a hand on the two’s shoulder, and made them look at each other.

Coco and Mami, a girl with dog ears and a girl with cat ears.

The two of them looked at each other.


「I-It’s nice to meet you〜…… I’m Coco desu」

「I-I know it, something like that. That fur, I always look at them fallen you know」

「I’m the same desu〜! Mami’s smell……I was always sniffing at the lingering scent desu〜」

「Is that so. You……your voice sounded like that」

「Mami’s face looks like that huh〜……」


The two of them looked at each other very intently.

*PetaPeta* they touched, and confirms how they feel, both of them.




Coco was seemed like she was moved, she jumps and hugs Mami.


「W-What are you doing!」

「I wanted to meet you desu〜, I wanted to meet you ever since desu〜」



At first, Mami seemed troubled, but to Coco’s confession, she squints her eyes.

Coco who was hugging, she hugged her back softly.

Seeing the cat and dog that were touching each other was very pleasant.

Finally, the time has come.

Just like the time that she appeared, Mami disappeared in an instant.



「It’s time limit」

「Is that so〜……thank you very much〜. Thanks to you, I had met Mami〜」

「Thank goodness huh」


「Well then, it should be recovered then」



Coco looks strangely, I took the bucket, and scooped water.

Just like that without saying anything, I splashed water on her.




Coco changed to Mami.

The same when I woke up this morning, to Mami who was *TsunTsun*.


「Wait, what are you doing」

「3, 2, 1ーーhere」


Mami suddenly disappeared. It was the after payment of the Time Shift, and she jumped to five minutes before.

Right now, she should be meeting Coco.


「……no, she jumped back to the past so it isn’t right now huh」


*Khukhu* I laughed. It was somehow funny.

And there, I waited five minutes. Mami returned.


「Welcome back. Did you meet her properly」

「……I met her right」

「Well, that’s good」


I had used Time Shift itself, but I hadn’t used it on living things, so I was a bit worried.

But it looks liked it succeeded, so it’s good.

Coco and Mami, I remembered the appearance of the two of them hugging each other.

Sometime soon, I should let them meet each other, I thought.




Mami mumbled something. I was thinking about things, so I couldn’t hear it.


「Did you say anything?」

「ーー! It’s nothing!!」


Mami said that, and went away.

I saw that she was grinning while she went away, so I more and more thought, that it was good that I did that.









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