Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 2

Chapter 2: The Grimoire’s Contents was Manga


The thing that looked like a manga, Ojii-san was staring at it with a very serious expression.

It’s a normal manga, I think I can read that two-page spread within 10 seconds, but Jii-san doesn’t turn the page at all.

I wonder what it means.


Jumping down the chair, I took one book from the nearest bookshelf.

I opened itーーIt was also manga.

I read it.


It was a surreal manga.


It’s story’s development was reminiscent of a cram school manga that was for publicity, it was a super-development that roughly says “If I learn the Fire Ball Magic, the skinny person I am, will become muscular and become popular with women”.

It was too far-fetched, but that was rather interesting.

Then, I finished reading it until the end when I noticed it.

Well, it was a very interesting manga.

Then, after I closed the manga, I noticed that Ojii-san was staring at me.


「W-What is it〜」

「Lucio, did you read that?」



Ojii-san’s atmosphere was a little strange.

He had a very surprised expression.

Is it bad……if I was able to read it?


「How is it?」


Being urged, I timidly nodded.


「I-I could read it」

「……Come for a minute」


Ojii-san said and started walking. I followed in a hurry.

Went to the corridor, and went outside the building.

Here, it’s the first time I knew that the mansion, was some kind of a western-styled building.

After going to the courtyard, Ojii-san said to me.


「Can you see that tree there?」

「Yup, I can see it」

「Shoot Fire Ball towards that」

「F-Fire Ball?」


For some reason, a name of a magic came out.

It’s a name that sounded Beginner’s Magic, but I can’t use something like that.


「It was the Fire Ball’s Grimoire that Lucio was reading earlier. If you were able to read that, you should be able to use it already. Come, do it」


He said that but I think It’s impossible learning magic through reading manga……

But Ojii-san was looking at me with serious eyes, so for the meantime, I did what I could do.

Uhmm, but what should I do?

I didn’t know, so for the mean time I placed my palm forward, and said the name of the magic.


「Fire Ball」


The next instance, a ball of fire the size of a dodgeball was shot from my palm, and flew towards the tree.

The ball of fire hit it, and the tree started to burn.

A maid flew out of the mansion, but Ojii-san said “It is okay” and let her go back.


「……No way」


I looked at my palm.

That right now, was it really magic?


「You used it, you really read it」


Ojii-san was also surprised.


「Lucio, have you ever read a Grimoire before?」

*U〜n*, I haven’t, why?」


「W-Was it bad?」


Ojii-san was making a very grim expression. I felt that I did something that I really shouldn’t have.


「No, let’s go back to the archives」


Ojii-san returned to the archives with me.

Ojii-san took out one book of Grimoire from the bookshelf, and passed it to me.


「Read this Grimoire」


I don’t know what’s happening, but I took it, and started reading.

This time, the name Fire Laser came out.

It was a story about an “Okaa-san fighting insects that were attacking using Fire Laser, for her three children’s examination”.

It was also surreal, but the unbelievable stupid story development was interesting.

I read it until the end, and raised my head.

Ojii-san was looking at me the whole time.


「Did you read it」


「Let’s go」


I came to the courtyard again with Ojii-san.

He pointed at the tree that became half after burning.


「Shoot that, this time with Fire Laser」

「F-Fire Laser」


I pointed it with my index finger, and chanted the magic.

A red laser was released, and passed through the tree.

I could use the magic again.




Ojii-san let out an amazed voice.

And then, patted my head.


「It looks like you really can read Grimoires. As expected of my grand child」


While saying that, the corner of his eyes was dropping.

Rather than that, maybe.

The thing called Grimoire, are they all manga?








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Translator’s Notes:

「Okaa-san(お母さん)」 = 「Mother(-san?)」
「Manga(漫画)」 = 「I don’t know what cave your living at if you don’t know this」=「Japanese Comics」

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