Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Cat and Big Brother


I brought home a cat.

She was treated badly on the circus, her clothes were somehow tattered, and her body was also dirty.

That’s why, I let Sylvia let her enter the bath first.




Sylvia’s scream, and *Pasha*, there was a splash sound.

What happened, I thought, and when I went to the corridor, I saw a girl with cat ears running.

With thin clothes that worn before entering the bath.


「I’m sorry Lucio-sama, please catch her」



I lightly dodged the girl with cat ears who was running towards me, and caught her by her neck.

As soon as I did that, she became suddenly behaved.

She started at me with eyes of despise.


「Here, go back, let her wash your body properly」


「No, you say……」

「I don’t want to be washed by that person」

「Un? Is the person the problem. Nadiaー」


I let out a voice, and tried to call Nadia.


「That person, no」

「No, you say, although you haven’t met Nadia yet?」

「Anyways, no」


I was somehow told selfishly.


「Then, you want to wash yourself?」


When I asked, the girl with cat ears pointed at me.

She pointed at me directly, and started to stare at me.




「No, but I’m a man, there’s a lot of things wrong with that right」


When I was hesitating, Sylvia caught up.

Because of the splashes earlier, she was drenched.


「Sylvia, can you stand there for a minute」




I reached out my hand, and casted magic on Sylvia.

The light of the magic enveloped Sylvia, and changed her appearance.

When the light dissipates, Sylvia’s looked the same as me.

When we are standing beside each other, you can almost see us as twins, she looked like me that much.


「How’s this? With this, you can let Sylvia wash you right?」


I asked the girl with cat ears, but she answered promptly, and instantly shook her head.


「This one’s good」


Like that, she pointed at me again.



Inside the bathroom, I washed the naked girl with cat ears.

I looked away for some reason.

Her nude, her breasts were amazing.

A beauty’s large breasts, that was it if said with a few words.

I was so shy so I looked away because I couldn’t look at her directly, and made a trivial small talk.


「Your name is?」



Surprisingly, she answered honestly.


「I am Mami. The other one is CoCo」

「The other one, you mean the girl with dog ears」


「Your names are different huh, in the first place, are you different persons?」

「Un, different person. Coco and I are different persons」



It’s not like they were only changing appearance huh.

Changing bodies after splashed with water, and personalities also changes, huh.

The name of the girl with dog ears is Coco, and the name of the girl with cat ears is Mami.


「You’ll change to each other when splashed by water right. Why is it like that?」

「I don’t know. It was like that since I remember」

「Is only water is needed to be splashed? How about hot water?」

「Water only」

「Then, even if I wash it, it’s okay」


For the meantime, I washed the soap on her back.

This time, I washed her arm.

While I was washing her, and even when we made a small chat to get distracted, I looked away from Mami.






Mami looked at me, and moved her body.

She moved her body to the place where I was looking, and stared at me from there.

Naked of courseーーbecause I could see her breasts, I looked away.

And then, Mami moves again.

Moved, and I looked away.

I looked away, and she moves.


We repeated that.

After that, for some reason, Mami started to smile gradually.

It was a fun smile.

She was originally a beauty, and she smiled. I couldn’t look at her directly more and more, so I looked away.

It looks like this is really bad, it’s bad to repeat this vicious cycle.


I made up my mind to washed her, and looked straight at her instead, and asked.


「Is there any other place you want to be washed?」


The plan succeeded. Mami who was stared at, looks away.

Thought for a second, and answered.




And, pointed at the base of her tail.


「Un? Ahh, that place should really be washed properly.」


The base of the tail, the boundary of her butt and her tail was quite dirty.

Things like soil and dust, those had become a clump and had clotted.


「I got it, turn your hips here」



Mami became on fours, and thrust her hips to me.

I washed her butt, the base of her tail.

I coated soap to my hand, and made a lot of bubbles with it, and washed it softly.


*GoshiGoshi* *GoshiGoshi*


The base of the tail on her butt which was rough on the start, had gradually become *SubeSube*.


「I’ll wash it once」



I washed out the bubbles with bath water.

It became quite clean, but there are some part that still had dirt on it.

I once more made bubbles with soap, *GoshiGoshi* and washed it.




Somehow, a cat-like voice was let out.


「Did I put too much power? Does it hurt?」

「N-Not at all……」

「? Then I can continue right」


*Gokuri* Mami nodded.

I continued the washing. *GoshiGoshi*, after that, I washed down with bath water.


「U〜n, it’s still a little dirty. I’m going to wash it again okay?」

「U-Un. Please do……」


Because I was asked for it, I washed her butt.

Slowly, and carefully, I washed it.



After washing, Mami got exhausted for some reason, so I let her wear her clothes, and let her rest in an open room.

I returned to my own room.

It was the first time that I washed a big breasted beauty, so I was exhausted too.

After taking a breath, I want to have a drink, when I was thinking of that.


「Uwaaaaa, w-who are you!!」


I heard screams from outside of the house. It was a familiar voice.




The scream was from my elder brother, Isaac, I heard it from him.

It was a voice that sounds pathetic when in panic, I’m sure that its him.

Did he had something needed? I thought of that, and when I wanted to go outside.

The room’s door opened. The one who entered was, Mami who was supposed to be exhausted just earlier.

She was dragging something. When I looked at that properly, it was Isaac who was tied up.



「Oi, damn it Lucio, what is the meaning of this」

「Uhm……even if you ask me what it is」


I was really troubled.

I looked at Mami. Mami dragged the tied up Isaac and went towards here.

*Poi* she threw that in front of me, and said.


「A suspicious person, it’s because he’s walking around the house」

「……were you walking around the house? Nii-san」

「u! T-That’s not true at all」


Is it.


「Listen, rather than that, remove this!」


Well, I guess so.

I removed the ropes tied to Isaac.


「And, what did you come for, Nii-san」


When I asked, I was glared at.


「This is enough! I have nothing to talk to you!」


「Stuupid〜 Stuupid〜」


Isaac left saying that, and went away.

What are you saying……in your age “Stuupid〜 Stuupid〜” isn’t something, right.

I was a little taken aback.

Well, that doesn’t matter, I looked at Mami.

*KiraKira* Mami’s eyes were shining, and looked at me.


It was a face expecting something. *PikuPiku* her cat ears were moving.

This, maybe……she wants to be praised?

She took tied-up Isaac(prey), so she wanted to be praised?

I tried and reached out my hand, and patted her head.




Mami’s face melted. It was a face feeling good however you looked at it.

She pushes with her head, pet me more, as if she was saying that, she pushes with her head.

I also started to get fun, and when I tried and stroked the base of her ear, she was mesmerized further.

For a while, I continuously caressed Mami.


Suddenly, *Bikun* Mami’s body moved.

She raised her head, and stared at the wall.


「What is it?」


When I asked, she didn’t answer. Mami jumped out of the room just like that.

What happened, when I was thinking of that.


「Uwaaaaaaaa!! You again!」


I heard Isaac’s voice. After a while, Mami dragged the tied-up Isaac to me again.


「Damn it Lucio! Remove this!」

「No, what do you want to do really. Didn’t you went home」


I was so taken back, I answered in my original tone.


「T-That has nothing to do with you right?」



He couldn’t be talked to, so I left him alone and continued to caress Mami.

Mami looks like she feels good, and she completely opened her heart to me.

She’s a cat, so I want to have her, is what I thought.


By the way, If I let Isaac by himself, he might become tied-up in ropes the third time, so while he was tied-up, I took him to our family house.


After that, he was scolded very hard by Ojii-san.








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