Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 15

Chapter 15: The 20 Man, and the 1000 Man


Winter, I became 9-years old.

My first memory of after being reincarnated and the first morning of being 9-years old, I added a year to my age in the new years, and started to read my age with a year count.

That repeated three times, the winter of 9-years old.

This day, I promised Sylvia to go out together.

I was waiting for her, but Sylvia appeared with a dark expression.




*MojiMoji* she was taking a hard time to say something.


「What is it」

「Today’s plan, can I be sorry with it?」



I asked, but Sylvia doesn’t answer.

She was *MojiMoji*-ing a lot more.

After waiting for a while, Sylvia gave up and told me.


「My bangs……I failed at cutting them」

「Bangs? Ahh, you cut it a little huh」


Being told, I remembered that her hair had really something different since yesterday. She cut it huh.


「Isn’t it good with that」

「It is not, it is strange. With this, it is so embarrassing I cannot go out walking with Lucio-sama」


The way I look at it, it looks good to me, and it rather looked cute.

But it seems that it doesn’t look good to Sylvia.  


「Wait a minute」


I searched my memories.

I searched from the Grimoire manga I read until now, something that can be of use.

There’s something, that was fit for that.

That had a very sad title. It’s a manga with a title『They are, talking about my hair again』.




I chanted the magic that I had learned.

*NyokiNyoki* Sylvia’s hair grew.

Her bangs and the back of her hair grew, and became as long as her height in an instant.


「Wawa! T-This is?」

「It’s a magic that makes hair grow. A magic just for that」


「We can go out with this right」




I went out together with Sylvia who cut her hair.

Sylvia who returned to her usual hairstyle was wearing lovely clothes.

On top of her one piece dress, she was wearing a fluffy coat. Under her skirt was knee-socks.

I, like knee-socks with volume, but the 9-year old Sylvia’s thin legs knee-socks also looked very cute, I thought.

With that lovely Sylvia, we walk around the town, just like a date.


「Are you sure here’s fine?」

「Yes. It is very fun」

「Really? Aren’t we just walking? If you want, I could change to a dragon and we can fly around the sky」


I suggested the flight with the dragon’s appearance that Nadia liked a lot, but Sylvia didn’t feel like it.


「It’s okay. It’s fun just walking together with Lucio-sama like this」


Timidly, but she said it clearly.

If she’s fine with it, then it’s also fine for me.

And after that, we walked around the town for a while.

Sylvia looked around here and there, just like what she said, she was having fun but I wanted to do something for her.

While I was thinking like that, I saw something like a crowd.


「I wonder, what’s that」

「People are gathering huh」

「You want to go there」



I walked towards where the people was gathering together with Sylvia.

In Barza’s plaza there was one young man, and girls that surround him.

The young man was around 20-year old, *KyaKya* the girls looking at him raised joyful cheers.


「The last is this, 『Diamond Dust』」


The man used magic.

Crystals of ice appeared.

It was large crystals, and it was shining while it reflected sunlight.


「Amazing! He really could use 20 kinds of magic」

「As expected of Adriano-sama」

「Ne〜ne〜, can you show that once again?」


The girls were very excited. I wonder what it was.

I saw a middle-aged man who was crossing his arms while looking at it with an unhappy expression nearby,


「Ne〜ne〜Oji-san, what is that?」


I approached, and asked with child-mode.


「Un? That’s the Royal Magician-sama」


「Right, the town of Barza’s most successful man. With his ability to read 20 books of Grimoire in his age, he was selected as the Kingdom’s Royal Magician. When he came back after a while in his hometown, so the girls was making noises, that’s what it means」

「It was like that」

「Ke! I couldn’t watch that」


The Occhan said that, and left the place.

I mean, Royal Magician huh.

He should be amazing, and he is probably wealthy.

If he’s like that at 20-years old, he sure is on a ride to the elite successful course.

When I was thinking like that, I noticed that Sylvia seemed strange.

She somehow had an annoyed face looking at Adriano.


「Sylvia? What is it?」

「I am not convinced」

「Not convinced, to what」

「That, that person is being cheered by everyone like that. Being able to use “only” 20 kinds of magic, that isn’t much」


Ah〜Well, that’s right.

Sylvia who knows about me might probably think like that.

Because I am not 20 only, four-digits……I can use more than a thousand magic.

If I was Sylvia I would think that is a lot higher than Adriano.

Sylvia was still annoyed.

Even if the girls that swarmed to Adriano left, she was looking at their back with an annoyed face.


「Sylvia, stop that face. Your lovely face is ruined」


「……Wait a minute」


I wanted to make Sylvia smile.




I chanted magic. Big and small bubbles appear.

It’s a magic only used to create bubbles, but I used a combination.


「Diamond Dust」


The same magic that Adriano was using earlier, it was a magic that I learned the second day after reincarnating.

The crystals of ice stuck with the bubbles, and freezes them.

The bubbles stuck to the crystals of ice.

How it looked, was like a laminated super ball and it was very pretty.

It became what I’ve imagined.

I took that softly, and placed it in Sylvia’s palm.





Sylvia made a little smile.


「Thank you, Sylvia. For thinking of me as better than that person. This is the thanks for that」

「Lucio-sama is really more amazing than that person!」

「Thank you. Yosh, then I will show you a more amazing one」

「Is it amazing?」


I used a different magic.

I first summoned an eggplant and pumpkin, made that larger, changed its shape, and gave it artificial life.

It was a combination of four kinds of magic, with this, an eggplant horse and pumpkin carriage are served and ready.



「Please, my princess」



Sylvia was confused.


「Oh no, I am not a princess」

「I disagree, Sylvia is a very lovely princess. A very, very lovely princess of mine」


「My magic, is only for that princess」


Sylvia was startled. It looks like she got what I’ve wanted to say.

Rather than being cheered *KyaKya* like those girls, Sylvia……and she’s not here, but also Nadia, is much more important.

I just, made that clear into words.


「My greatness, is only Sylvia and Nadia」

「ーーYes! Lucio-sama!」


Sylvia nodded with a wide smile.

The two of us rode the carriage, and took a drive outside the town.

The fairytale-like pumpkin carriage looked so well with the lovely Sylvia, and it became a very fun date.

When we returned home, Sylvia finally lost her anger, but instead, started to think about the girls that swarmed to that man with pity.









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