Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 14

Chapter 14: Date in the Skies with Wife


I became a dragon, let Nadia ride my back, and flew up to the sky.

I flew so high that you can only see humans as beans.

The blue sky, and the end of the horizon. It was a splendid scenery that makes someone’s heart light, and the wind that flows through my body felt very pleasant.


「Amazing……flying up to the sky felt this good!」

「Is it the first time you flew up to the sky?」

「Of course! Flying up to the skies cannot be done normally!!」


Nadia excitedly said.


「I see. By the way, is Nadia fine with high places」


I think that she is fine because she was until now, but I asked to be sure.


「Un, I’m fine」

「There’s a more fun thing, you want to try it」

「What kind?」

「Wait a minuteーーMagnetics」


I used extra magic.


「Ah! I’m stuck to Lucio-kun’s back」

「It’s the magic for magnetism. I think it would be fine, but hold on to be sure」


「Then, let’s go」


I said that, and started to fall vertically.

I was flying like *YuruYuru* until now, but right now I swept and soared just like a jet coaster.


「Kyaaaaaaaa, Ahahahahahaha, What’s This, It’s Amazing!!!」


I heard a joyful scream, looks like she liked it.

I heard that there’s a lot of girls who like scream rides, but it looks like Nadia was also that type.


「Yosh, I’ll raise the gears. Here, single-turn!!」


「With additional curves!!」


「Emergency break! ーーand then vertical fall!!」



Nadia was horsed around on my back. It was the same tension of girls riding a roller coaster.

I was also happy that she was glad, so I did a lot of things. She liked everything, and she enjoyed it very much.


「Lucio-kun is amazing, you can do a lot of things」

「Well yeah」

「Ne〜ne〜, you should also let Sylvie ride later, I’m sure she would be glad」

「I wonder if she would. Aren’t there girls that aren’t good with this?」

「It’s okay, I’m sure that Sylvie would love it」

「Then I’ll ask her first, then if she like it I’ll let her ride」



Relaxed and Leisurely, we flew through the sky.

I saw a tower from far away.

A tattered tower that was about 20-meters tall.

With Nadia on my back, I landed on the top floor.


「The wind feels good」

「The scenery is also nice」


Nadia is still riding on my back.

I have already removed the magic of magnetism, Nadia was holding on to me with her own strength.

The warmth from her hands feels good.





Nadia moved.

Like playing with a jungle gym or athletics, she climbed my back, and came to my head.

And, she kissed my face.

*Chu* it was a kiss with a sound.


「Thank you, Lucio-kun」

「It’s nothing much」

「U〜un, it’s amazing. Lucio-kun who can fly through the skies, was very cool」


Cool, huh.

I am not used to being called “cool”.

The person who said that was my 8-year old wife, but it felt good.

I should let her see more and more of my cool side.


「Dress Up」


I casted magic on Nadia.

Changing appearance, a magic that changes clothes.

From her casual look, she changed to an armored look.

Girl Warrior, or Girl Knight, that kind of look.


「Uwah, amazing」

「Return to my back」



Nadia, as she was told, returned to my back.

In my dragon form rides Nadia who was in her armor look.

She’s looked young, but she looked cool with a glance.


「Kishi-sama, where should we go next」


I said it with a theatrical tone.

Nadia became more excited.


「Let’s fly to the sky!」

「As you wish」


I said that, and again, I flew up to the wide sky.




I used the magic of lightning.

Around where I flew by lightning fell one next to the other.




Nadia, who was only saying the same things since earlier. Her eyes were shining.

We flew like a roller coaster ride before, but now with a complete fantasy atmosphere, we flew like it was cosplay.

She wasn’t showing her excitement look as loud as before, but Nadia was excited silently.

I thought that it’s good that I did it.


「Ne〜, Lucio-kun, look at that」


「Look, there, isn’t someone being attacked there?」


I focused my eyes.

As Nadia have said, on the ground, it looks like a person who was wearing traveler-like clothes was being attacked by a tiger-like something.


「We should save him!」

「I got it. Magnetics」


I casted magic, and descended with a swoop.

In an instant, we reached the place where someone was being attacked, and I landed.

Because of the fast landing, *Do〜n* the ground shook.





I howled with dragon’s voice.

It was a huge sound that shook the atmosphere.

With only that, the tiger ran away.

Between dragons and tigers, it was a usual scene.


「Are you alright?」


Nadia asked the traveler.


「I-I’m alright, thank you very much」


The traveler was very grateful.


「Uhm, you are……」


I looked behind and looked at Nadia, I winked at her.

Nadia understood with only that.

Like she was playing tricks, she said to the traveler.


「I’m Dragon Knight Nadia, you know」


Like that, she named with something like it.

And while being thanked by the traveler, we once again flew up to the wide sky.

The sun was gradually setting.


「It was fun. Thanks, Lucio-kun」

「Let’s do it again huh」

「Next time, together with Sylvie」



In the sky with the setting sun, I flew towards the town of Barza.

A funーーIt was a very fun day.

That aside, it looks like Dragon Knight Nadia was on rumors for a while after that.








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