Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 13

Chapter 13: Dragon Knight


「Hello, is this Lucio Martein’s house」


In front of the entrance, a girl was standing.

Her age was about that of a high-school student, and a kawaii-type of girl.

It was a visitor that came to my house.


「Un, that’s right〜」


I replied with the usual C○nan-child-mode.


「Onee-san, who are you?」

「My name is Ignes. Uhm……is Lucio-san in the house?」

「I’m that Lucio you know?」



Ignes was very surprised, surprised so much she backs off half of her body.


「Y-You……how old are you this year?」

「I’m 8 you know」

「No way……to think that it would be a child like this……」


This time, she was disappointed. She was a girl who is very emotional.


「U〜n, is it okay with a child like this. It’s a child, so it might’ve been just be a Oya-baka, no, a Ojii-san-baka. But I have no other clues, so I should just tell him anyways」


She somehow started mumbling. I can hear it all though.


「You know!」


「Lucio-saーーI was introduced by Lucio-kun’s Ojii-san」

「By Ojii-san?」

「Right, Lucio-kun, was very good at reading Grimoires he said」


It’s true that I’m very good at reading manga.


「Un, I’m very good」

「Really? According to Lucio-kun’s Ojiisan, you can read it with a day, but that’s really exaggerated right」

「Un, he said it exaggeratedly」

「As I’ve thought……」


Ignes became disappointed.


「It wouldn’t take a day you know. Depending on its contents, I could read it within 10 minutes」



Ignes was petrified.

With a surprised expression, she stared at me.


「I-It’s a joke right」

「U〜un, it’s true」

「T-Then……this Grimoire, can you read it for me?」


Ignes took out one Grimoire.

I don’t know what she wants to do, but a Grimoireーーif she wants to give me a new magic then there’s no reason to refuse.


「It’s okay〜. It’s hard reading while standing, so can I read it inside the house?」



Together with Ignes, I went inside the house.

Entered the room I decided to be living room, and took a seat.

I opened the Grimoire, and started reading.

Sylvia enters the room.


「It’s tea, please」

「T-Thank you very much. You are?」

「I’m Lucio-sama’s wife」

「Eeeeeeeehh?! Is Lucio-kun, already married」

「Yes. Ah! Lucio-sama have one other wife, but she had things to do and is not here today」

「Two?! Although he’s still 8?」




Ignes looked at me intently.

It’s somehow uncomfortable being stared at while reading.


「Uhm, why did you want this Grimoire to be read?」


Sylvia talked to her again. Ignes looked at Sylvia’s way.

Nice job, Sylvia.


「That, is my grandmother’s Grimoire. It’s the only magic that Obaa-chan learned, and when I was still a child, she took care of me using that magic」

「Was it like that」

「It’s a magic from my memories, so I wanted somebody to use it one more time. So I consulted Lucio-kun’s Ojii-san who was Obaa-chan’s acquaintance. Because Ojii-san is a famous person that can read a lot of Grimoires」


With Ignes and Sylvia’s conversation, I grasped the situation.

At the same time, I had finished reading the Grimoire.


「I’m finished」

「Eh? No way! 30 minutes still haven’t passed you know?」

「Un, it was a Grimoire easy to read」

「Did you really read it?」

「I’m not lying if I can read the Grimoire or not. Because I can’t use the magic if I couldn’t read it」

「Ah! I see」


Ignes was convinced.

That’s right, you are going to be able to use the Grimoire’s magic if you read the Grimoire, so there’s no way to lie about that.


「Should I could the magic?」

「U-Un! Please」

「Then, let’s go outside」


We went outside. Sylvia talked to me.


「Lucio-sama, why are we going outside?」

「You will know it soon」


I said that, and took a distance from Sylvia. Because that was needed.


「Transform: Dragon」


I used the magic. My body changes.

Gradually, I became a huge dragon.

Standing on two feet, with wings from my back, a dragon that’s about 5-meters.

That’s right, Ignes’s Obaa-chan’s Grimoire, had a magic to transform into a dragon.




Ignes looked up to me, seemingly moved.

She is probably remembering her Obaa-chan while looking at me.


「Onee-san, how do Onee-san’s Obaa-chan do it?」

「Ah! She let me ride on her back, and fly to the sky」

「I see」


I grabbed Ignes with my claws, and made her ride my back.


「Then, let’s go. Sylvia, I’ll leave the rest to you」

「Yes, please take care, Lucio-sama」


Being seen off by my lovely wife, I fluttered my wings, and flew up to the sky.




With Ignes in my back, we flew around the vast sky.




「The same scenery at that time……」

「Did Onee-san’s Obaa-chan often did this?」

「Un, she always let me ride in her back. If I begged her, always」

「I see」

「Thank you, Lucio-kun」

「U〜un, I’m happy if I was of help」

「Really, Thank you」


Ignes tells her gratitude one more time.

With that Ignes on my back, we flew around the sky for a while.

She was really thankful, and letting a cute girl ride my back while I flew around the sky, is a very precious experience that I’ve had.










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