Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 11

Chapter 11: Magic Hand




On top of the bed, Sylvia put her hand to around her crotch, and was relieved.

Waking up first and confirming it, she was relieved that she didn’t wet the bed.


「Good Morning, Sylvia」

「G-Good Morning, Lucio-sama!」


Sylvia panicked a little.

The way she checked her crotch, and the bed one more time was very cute.


「What’s up?」

「U〜un, it’s nothing!」

「I see」


I looked at Sylvia while smiling with a pleasant feeling.




I heard a sleepy voice from behind.

I turned aroundーーI burst out.




Nadia in her pajama look, her head has exploded with her bed-hair.

It’s a bomberhead that seemed like an afro. It might even look as art.


「What’s up……?」


It was more funnier since the person itself haven’t noticed at all.


「Wawa, Nadia-chan’s head is a mess」

「Sylvia, lend me your comb」

「Yes! I will also take water so you can damp it」


I took the comb and the cup filled with water, and fixed her bed-hair.

While doing that, I was thinking of something.

I need to think of a new trade starting today.

I will continue selling water, but now that I’m independent, I want to do something different.


To live leisurely with Sylvia and Nadia like this, I need to earn a little more.

The problem is, I don’t know what to do.

I can do almost anything with magic, so anything is good.

If there’s just a spark.


「I wonder if there’s anything good for trade」

「How about fish, Lucio-sama」

「Fish? Why fish?」


I looked at Sylvia.


「Uhm, I just associated it with water. I’m sorry」

「Yosh, then let’s go catch some fish then」




After breakfast, we went out of the town of Barza, together with Sylvia and Nadia, the three of us walked leisurely.

With my right hand to Sylvia, and left hand to Nadia, that I was holding.


「Ah, a dog」

「That’s wrong Sylvie, that’s a fox」


Just as Nadia has said, ahead of the road, *Hyokon* the fox was showing its face from the bush.

*Kyoro*, *Kyoro* after it looked around, it went back to the bushes again.



「You want to feed it?」

「Feed? We don’t have any food you know」

「We can just get it」


I looked around.

In a place that was a little far away, there was an apple tree, so I let the two wait and went to the tree.


「Wind Cutter」


I used one magic from the thousands that I’ve remembered.

The blades of wind cuts the branch of the tree.

I caught the apple that was fell, took two of them, and returned to the two.




Nadia widened her eyes, surprised.


「Does Lucio-kun, can also use that magic?」

「Lucio-sama can use more than a thousand magic you know!」

「Eeeeeeeh! Amazing!!」


Nadia was surprised a lot.


「It’s nothing special. Rather than that, here」


I gave the apple to Sylvia and Nadia.

The two took the apple, and went towards the bush where the fox was.

*Hyokon* fed the fox that showed its face again.

A brown-colored fox, and two girls. I narrowed my eyes and watched them.


The two played with the fox for a little while.

Came back to where I was, and held my hands.

And again, we started walking.


「Ne〜ne〜, why does Lucio-kun can use that much magic? Did you read a lot of Grimoires?」

「I read all of the Grimoires that Ojii-san collected」

「Isn’t Grimoire, difficult?」

「It’s interesting you know, Grimoires」

「Is it interesting?! I heard, that the Grimoires are very difficult though」

「Un, it’s very difficult」


*UnUn* Sylvia was nodding.


「Lucio-sama who could read that continuously is an amazing person you know!」


Like that, she was praising me.

Nadia started to look at me with admiring eyes.

I don’t know though, I can only read manga though.


「Ne〜, what else can you do with magic?」

「If it’s like basicallyーーDress Up」


I casted a magic to Sylvia and Nadia.

The clothes the two was wearing, changed to a different cute clothes.




She made a more and more admiring eyes to me.

On the other hand, Sylvia was a little proud.

While I was holding my hands with the two, we arrived at the lake.


「Lucio-sama, are we going to fish here?」

「Yeah, that’s what I’m planning」

「But we don’t have fishing rods you know?」

「Wait a second」


I went to a near tree, and used Wind Cutter. I checked the durability of the branch that I cut off, and wrapped a string in the tip of it.


「Magic Hand」


I used the next magic.

In the string’s end, in the place where you would usually place a needle, a white “hand” appeared.

*WashaWasha* the hand moved. Un, it can go.

I made two of that, and gave that two to Sylvia and Nadia.


「Here, use this」

「This……is it a fishing rod?」

「It has hands……」

「Think of it that you are going to move that hand」

「Uhmm……Uwa! It moved」


The “hand”, the Magic Hand moved.

The two went inside the lake while taking that.


「L-Lucio-kun! It’s pulling」

「Pull it up」



Nadia pulled the fishing rod the best she could.

What came up from the lake, was the magic hand that was grabbing a small fish.





*KyaKya* the two was letting out that while fishing. I made one more fishing rod with Magic Hand on it, and together we fished.

The result isーーthe fish took the bait as fast as I could get the hook into the water, so it was undisputed.







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