Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 10

Chapter 10: The First House


「My name is Carlos Gene who is handling land and structures. I am very thankful of being able to be called today」


In the reception room of the mansion, one merchant was bowing his head to me.


「I’m Lucio Martein. Please」


I let Carlos have a seat.


「I am very honored to be of help to the son of Martein House. Please ask me whatever you want」


He’s somehow polite. No, maybe he’s VERY polite you could say.

Thinking what would happen next, I somehow feel bad about it.


「I’m sorry, it’s not something that Martein House is going to buy, I’m going to buy it using the pocket-money I earned」


It’s an adult that I met the first time, so I talked with child-mode.


「That’s why, I want a very cheap house. I’m really sorry」

「What are you saying」


Carlos said while making a wide smile.


「Being of help to Martein-sama is very honorable. And also, I am very touched with the story right now」

「Eh?! Why?」

「Lucio-sama said that he earned his own money, we started our trade almost 30 years. A 8-year old childーーPlease excuse me, I have never heard of a 8-year old boy who tells us to buy a house with his own money. As expected of Martein-sama, I could only say」


……That’s true, it’s normally impossible for an 8-year old child to say “buy a house with my earned money”.

Carlos was praising me with exaggeration, but when I knew that there was a proper reason for that, I felt a little good.


「Well, what kind of lot are you searching for」

「My capital is 5 million Cet」


I told that first.

It’s a line I couldn’t give up.

I bought Nadia for 10 million, that’s why without the backup of Martein House, 5 million was the limit that I could give.


「I see」

「Also a room that you can put a very huge bed. Other than that, I can put up with it」

「A very huge bed?」

「Un, about this much」


I stood up, walked around inside the room, and told him the size roughly.

It’s the size of the bed that is in my room right now.

For Sylvia who wets her bed, I want to keep the bed as big as usual.


「I see」


Carlos touches his chin, and thought about it.


「Well then, how about something like this」


I was taken by Carlos, and went to see the lot in reality.



「Wah〜, So wide」


The place where Carlos took me, was to an empty house in the outskirts of the town of Barza.

It’s a long house that has only one floor, probably has years on it, and honestly it looks shabby.

There is toilet and kitchen generally fixed on it, but it was really shabby.

But as I’ve requested, there was a room that I could put that huge bed in.

Sylvia and Nadia who came together went inside the house, and looked around everywhere.

While standing in front of the entrance, Carlos asked me.


「How is it. Honestly, it’s in the a bit of the extremes, but it matches the conditions so」

「Un, it might be good. How much is this?」

「4 million Cet」

「A little bit cheaper than the capital huh」

「This one is very cheap to the extremes, you can look at the reason」


That’s probably true, if it’s this shabby, then anyone can be convinced it was this cheap.


「Other than this, those that have stories in it would increase」

「Stories in it?」

「Spirits coming out, the previous owner was……something like that」


Something like suicide huh, that’s really not good.

I’m fine with that, rather I can do anything with that using magic, but it isn’t good for Sylvia.

At worst, she might wet her bed everyday.

I looked inside the house.

Un, it might be good.

It might be good as the first lot. Starting from here, changing lots to more better ones gradually looks fun to me.

I approached the two girls, and asked.


「How is it? Sylvia, and Nadia」



「How is it? Here」

「If I am together with Lucio-sama, I don’t care where it is」

「I see. How about Nadia」

「Here, I think I can get comfortable」

「It’s decided then」


I returned to where Carlos was, and said.


「Thanks, Carlos-san. Here, I will buy it」

「It is good to be of your help. Well then, the contract will beーー」



At night, on the top of the bed that I carried as soon as I can with magic, together with Sylvia and Nadia, the three of us were laying down.


「It’s somehow silent」


Sylvia said.


「Only the three of us is on this house. The furniture is also only few, so it might feel more *Shi〜n* than usual」

「Is that so」

「Nee〜 Lucio-sama, if it becomes tomorrow let’s clean the mansion」

「Ahh, that sounds good」

「The room in there, let’s make it a book’s room. We will put a lot of Grimoires for Lucio-sama there」

「That sounds good. Then, let’s make the room beside that a costume room. A room that will be stuffed with Sylvia and Nadia’s clothes」

「M-Me too?」



I took Nadia’s hand, and said.


「Together with Sylvia, please look lovely all the time. My lovely wife」


When I said that, Nadia flushed her cheeks.

I held hands with Nadia, and also held hands with Sylvia.

We chatted to a lot of things, and slept while holding hands.

With this, I obtained my first house, and started my new life together with my wives.

Starting tomorrow, I should earn a lot more income.







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