Manga wo Yomeru Ore ga Sekai Saikyou – Chapter 1

Chapter 1 : When I woke up, I was in a place I had no Idea.


It seems that I was sleeping on a bed, but the place I was sleeping at was a place that I have no idea of.

It wasn’t the cheap apartment with a moldy smell that I was living alone, or my room at the family house that had become a storage room.

Wide and the ceiling is high, a room that a very wide bed is placed inside.

Why am I sleeping here?

I traced my memory, the memory that I have before I slept.

If I was correct, I went to the bookstore to buy a manga, and been hit by a truck that plunged on my way homeーーbeen hit?!!

I confirmed my body in a hurry. I raised my body and touched my whole body.

There were no particular injuries, there were none, but.


My body is strange.

Skin that has firmness, *Puni* short soft limbs.

Like that of a child, and also felt like that of a child entering a kindergarten.

I moved my hand. It moved.

I flopped my feet *PataPata*, it flops *PataPata*.

Guwashi!!  I couldn’t do it because my fingers are too short.


For the mean time, I could move my body as I want.

That means, is this me in my kid appearance?

What does this mean?

My last memory was a traffic accident, when I woke up I was in a child’s body.

Is this……Reincarnation in another world?


「Good morning, Obo-chama」



I looked at the direction of the voice. I saw a maid.

Long skirt and apron, it wasn’t the moe-type but a proper maid.

The maid approached towards me, bows her head, and said.


「Good Morning」

「G-Good morning?」

「Please excuse me」


The maid tried to take off my clothes.



「What has happened?」

「What has happened you say……What are you doing」

「What, you say, I am helping Obo-chama change as usual though. Was there anything bad. Ah! Maybe you wet your ーー」

「I did not do that!」


I was almost been accused of something bad, I widened the sheets that were covered.


「Well, there is no problem then」



While I don’t know about anything, I made the maid help me change my clothes.

My hair was combed, my pajama taken off and let me change to other clothes.

It’s a noble-like clothes.


「Please excuse me」


Saying the same thing, the maid left the room.

As I’ve guessed, I didn’t understand anything.

To understand the situation better, I left the room.


Walking around the corridor, *KyoroKyoro* I looked at this and that.

The place I was, was on the building’s second floor, so I went down one floor from the staircase.

I walked around the first floor. It seems to be some kind of a mansion.

I saw one Ojii-san. I met my eyes with the grandpa.


「You properly woke up huh Lucio, that’s good that’s good」


The Ojii-san patted my head.

Lucio……is that my name?




「What is it, are you still sleepy?」

「That’s not it……Who is Lucio?」


「Did you forget your own name, Lucio. It seems that you are still sleepy」


It looks like it was really my name.

The Ojii-san was laughing pleasantly.


「Ne〜Ne〜, who is Ojii-san?」


I asked the Ojii-san. I imagined the child-mode of C*nan.


「Did you forget your Jii-chan’s face, Hm?」


The Ojii-san, as I’ve thought, said that happily, and patted my head furthermore.

This Ojii-san is really Lucio’s grandfather huh.


「It seems that you are still really sleepy. After you eat breakfast go and sleep the second time. Jii-chan will be reading books on the archive, so let’s play around noon」


「Do you like books?」


Ojii-san asked, but I didn’t know what to answer.

Because, although I wrote “reading” in my profile’s hobby list, all I read was mangas.

I love mangas, but in a place like an “archive”, there wouldn’t be mangas, right.


「Yosh, Jii-chan will guide you to the archive」


Jii-san held me up, and started walking.

And entered a room.




Inside the room were only booklets, and the books are stuffed.

Ojii-san let me down.


「How is it, isn’t it amazing. They are Grimoire that Ojii-chan collected in his lifetime. There are only a few that can collect this much as an individual you know」




It was a word I was not familiar.


「Umu, it is about the book that has records of magic or skills. It’s a magic book that you can learn magic if you finish reading it, in both meanings. Just with the value of the books in this room, you can buy a few mansions like our’s」

「I see〜」


I still couldn’t understand it completely , but this grimoire thing is very expensive, and if you can read them you will be able to use skills or magic huh.


「That’s amazing」


「Ojii-chan will continue reading the book he was reading, so Lucio should take the book that you are interested and you can read it」


After saying that, Ojii-san took a book inside the room, and sat at the rocking-chair that is placed in the middle of the room.

And opens it, then *UnUn* started groaning.

It probably was so difficult, and the page was not turning up at all.

Being curious of what kind of book the thing called Grimoire was, I approached, climbed the chair and looked at it.


「Eh? Manga?」


The book that Ojii-san was groaning like*U〜n* *U〜n* while reading it, was a normal manga.








-> Chapter 2

Translator Notes:

Guwashi!!( グワシッ!) = search with the character. a posture that is hard to make?
Ojii-san/Ojii-chan = grandfather
Grimoire(魔導書) = Ma(魔)dou(導)sho(書) = Magic Book = Grimoire
There’s a lot of *onomatopoeias* in this chapter/novel.

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