Level Up Just By Eating – Prologue




“T-The summoning, it’s successful…………”


A girl with a beautiful black hair tied with twin tails said.

You might not understand what she is saying.


But do not fret.

I don’t as well.


It was when I was in the mood for a walk and started to think of going home because I’m starting to get hungry.

Suddenly, I picked up a 10 yen coin and found a decrepit shrine.

Being decrepit made it look rather mysterious and made me feel that it has something.


That 10 yen coin was dirty too so I threw it into the offertory box.

I said a prayer.


“I wish I would go to different world.”


And then suddenly, the shrine released a white light and I was summoned.


I looked around.

It looks like I’m inside a dim cave.


I am standing on top of a magic circle that is releasing a white light.

My age is the same just the same before I was summoned, around early 20’s.

The black twin tail girl who seem to be the one who summoned me said.


“My name is Laura Gine Amara! I am the Famous Great Goddess of Wisdom who summoned you to this world!”


“Well, nice to meet you?”

“And you who are summoned to this world should have a Famous Great Skill1!!”


“Is that so?”

“After all, people who are summoned should gain something after passing through the gate!”


It seems to be that way.


“Show that skill to the great me!”

“A skill that I have…………”



I don’t have any clue at all.





Just like that, I shouted inwardly but the status window would not come out.

Ahh, but, there was that huh.


“However, to show my skill, I need a raw egg.”


“Yeah, an egg.”


“If you have that, you will show it to the great me right?!”

“That’s right.”

“Wai……just wait for a while!!”


After 30 minutes.


“I’m baaack!”


Laura returned.

Her hair became messy and her beautiful face is dirty with mud.


Kokee! Kekkekkekkekke, kokkee!!!”


Furthermore, she received kicks from the chicken that seemed to be a wild one.


“H-Hey, ow, ouch! Ouch!!

“You……you brought it from a birds nest huh.”

“Wasn’t it you, who told me to get it…………ow, ow, ow ouch!! Ouch〜〜〜!!”



The self-proclaimed Great Existence-san is crying and losing to the chicken.



However, using this egg would be quite reckless.

If I take the egg carelessly, I might become the next target.


It can’t be helped.

I went outside the cave.


I lightly dug into the ground.

I found a worm.

I caught it and reached it out to the chicken.


“How about exchanging it for this?”



The chicken stopped attacking.

It landed on the ground and caught the worm with its beak.

I left the worm on the ground one by one, leading the chicken out of the cave.


The chicken who ate that much seemed satisfied, or maybe just literally a bird-head.

It flew away with spread wings.

I looked towards Laura.


Higgu! Guu……”


Laura, the self-proclaimed god, was weeping.

It was only an hour since we have met, but I already had this thought.


(I want to go home……)


I want to return to my original world.

I thought of going to another world, but I did not wish for such a useless goddess2.

Judging from what I heard from her, I can’t imagine that this girl would give me some kind of incredible powers.


“Thi……this time, it’s your turn!”


However, just when I was about to leave, the Useless Goddess Laura shouted.


“It’s your turn to show your greatness3 with the egg that this Goddess of Wisdom fought with her life to get!”

“You bet your life to get it?!!”


“The remaining Goddess Points that support my life is only 20! And because of what happened earlier, there is only 4 remaining! Honestly speaking, it’s just barely enough you know!!”


It’s an unknown unit of measure, but I understood that there’s only a few left.

I mean, almost dying to get an egg. Really, how cheap is your life?

You can even buy 10 eggs in for just 150 yen in supermarkets.


Well, whatever.

Since she brought it for me, I should show my skill.


“Bring me some kind of container.”



Laura brought a cup.

ーーKatsun, Katsun, Katsun.

I tapped the egg three times on the cup.


When there was a decent crack madeーーpakari4 with one hand.

The egg safely entered the cup.


“That’s all, this is the special skill that I have.”

“What do you mean…………?



“I can crack eggs with one hand.”





Laura’s scream echoed.


“What in the world, are you saying?!!”

“That’s literally what I mean. As far as I know, this is the only thing that I have.”


“What about amazing magic or monstrous strengths?!!”

“If I have them, I would’ve shown it.”



The scream for the second time today echoed.


“Impossible! This is impossible!!” I am a Great Goddess of Wisdom, but I am also a Great Goddess Cliff-Edge you know?!! I planned on recovering from a hopeless situation using the Random Familiar Summoning Ticket that I begged to obtain, I even threw away my pride doing a dogeza you know?!!! And that, it turned into a trash skill, what the heck is this?!! What the heck is this really?!!!”


Great Goddess Cliff-Edge? What kind of vocabulary is that?

It might be something like a genius idiot, adding a negative to a positive making it negative.

I mean, this girl is the Goddess of Wisdom? I’m the one who wants to ask what the heck is going on.


“I can’t understand with that, so explain it to me from the start.”

“We Goddesses, we have the role of raising and leading humans!”


“And for us to live, we need God Points that would accumulate receiving sincerity or worship from humans!”

“It makes you unable to skip on your work with that huh.”


“However, I skipped on my work! After I accumulated so much, I stayed aaaaaaaaall the time in my house (palace) not doing anything! Because of that, the God Points dropped sharply! On top of being chased away from my house, I was sent away to the remote areas, and my life is in danger!”


What a well-deserved punishment.


“That’s why I asked the Goddess Assembly, I said that I’ll be a proper Goddess from now on! I begged for a Familiar Summoning Ticket that could let me summon a familiar from a different world!”


“And the result, it’s me who could only crack eggs with one hand……huh.”

“That’s exactly it……!!”

“By the way, if I help you, would there be anything good for me?”


Laura who was feeling down suddenly said cheerfully while putting a hand on her chest.


“I will be thankful!”



Towards me who was dumbfounded, Laura continued with high spirits.


“I am a God! And I am Great!! And me saying thanks, is Grand God Thanks! Don’t you think that it is a too much of a blessing that a normal human would receive?!!!”


“I don’t!!!”


This Goddess, I want to release her to a river immediately!

I want to release her to a river and say “Don’t come anymore”!!

No Catch! And Release!


“You, were you thinking of a rude thing right now?!!”

“I did not, do such thing?”


Rather than being rude, I’m just being true to my feelings!


“Then, it’s fine……”


Laura easily brushed it off.

And when we were have such an idiotic conversation, my stomach growled.

Come to think of it, I was just thinking of going home because I started to get hungry.


“Hey, Laura.”


“You, can you bring out food or something?”


“I am a Goddess you know! I am someone who would get food with tributes, not create them myself!”


“What about money……?”

“I am a Goddess you know! I am someone who would get money from tributes, not create them myself!”



How uselesssssssss!!!!



Astonished, I decided to stop relying on Laura.


“If so, can you at least tell me where the nearest town is?”

“I don’t know!”



“After all, it was only a month since I was sent here!”


Even though Level 1 Villagers know the nearest town?!

A Great God inferior to a Level 1 Villager, what kind of existence is that?!!


I mean.

Wait a second.


This situation, isn’t it quite serious?


There’s no cheat and the supporter is a useless goddess, and it is a forest after leaving the cave.

We also don’t know where the nearest village or town.


This, isn’t this already game over?!


When I thought of that, anxiety came out of somewhere.

However, even if I worry about that, the situation would not get better by itself.


I told myself, “Hey, you. Keep yourself together yo!”, and tried to remove my anxiety.

If I remove it, I would not feel worried.

That’s perfect, bro.


“I understood that you are useless. That’s why, I’ll leave that just like that, so tell me a place where I could get food and water.”


“Do you really……need them……?”

“Isn’t that natural?!”



The Useless Goddess Laura went outside crest-fallen.


“As far as I know, the highest probability in this area, is that Toma Fruit growing in that tree.”


Laura showed her face from the bushes and pointed at a tree on a hill.


“I see……”


I nodded, at least.

The fruit that is growing from the tree has a persimmon-like shape.

It looks like you can get hydrated with it too.




(What the heck is that guy sleeping next to the tree?”)

(Can’t you tell just by looking at it? It’s a Chimera Lion. It’s a monster that has the characteristics of having a lion’s head and body, and also a snake tail.)

(I’m asking because I know!!)


I shouted in a small voice.


(I-I-It can’t be helped right! If it’s a way that you can get proper food, as far as I know, it’s only from that tree!)


(Even though there were chickens?!)

(Those guys, they have poison you know……)

(Is that so……)

(It’s almost the weakest as a kind of poison, but you’d generally get an upset stomach from it…………)


“You get an upset stomach with the weakest poison even though you’re a Goddess……?” I thought, but I did not say it out.

There’s nothing good expecting anything from this girl who’s inferior to a Level 1 Villager.


(But, that lion, he looks quite strong.)

(In fact, speaking of status, it’s Level 2869 and has about 35000 HP.)



(A rookie adventurer is level 20. A decent soldier is 30. A veteran would be around 80, and you’d be a master if you have 200.)

(2869 you say, isn’t that a monster?!!)


But, wait a second.

I am also someone who came from another world.

As clichés go……


(I am actually strong, or something……?)

(I think that you’re around Level 2 or 3.)


What the fuck!


(I mean, my status figures, it’s just a guess huh.)

(If my God Point accumulates, I can see it, but……)


(If those points accumulate, you would be able to create miracles or use skills huh.)

(Of course! I am Megami. In other words, God!!)


I think that both Megami and God means the same thing, but I did not pursue it.


(And so……there’s such a strong lion there, so how will we get the fruit?)

(It’s that.)


Laura pointed at its tail.


(That guy’s tail, it’s moving like *Piko……*, *Piko……*, right?)


(That guy is feeling the atmosphere with its tail just like that. It looks like it’s sleeping, but it’s actually awake.)


(When people got careless thinking that it’s sleeping, they’d get swallowed……huh.)

(That’s right.)


Laura nodded silently.


(If we aim for opportunities when it’s eating its unwary prey or if it goes away to catch some, we can get the fruit.)

(Hearing that, that sounds easy.)

(Even for it, if it kills all of its preys too much, no one would approach anymore.)

(I see.)

(That’s why, that’s what we’re aiming for.)


Laura who spoke had a serious face.

I could not feel the traits of the Useless Goddess from her just earlier.

I began to see her in a new light.  







She fucking sneezed loudly.





The Lion-san too, it slightly opened its eyes.

This Useless Goddessーーーーーーーーーーーーーー!!!


(Aahhhh, ahhhh…………!!)


The Useless Goddess Laura groaned with tears in her eyes.

But, however, the awakened level of Lion-san is only “slight”.

If we hold our breaths here, the chances of letting it pass are high.




“Wha-Wha-Wha! What should we doooo〜. Kehma, Kehma, what should we doooo〜〜〜!!!”


The Useless Goddess panicked.

She grabbed me by the collar and “shouted” while crying.



The Lion-san completely opened its eyes.



“Just go run! I’ll buy you some time!!”

“Uu! Uuu…………!”

“Hurry up!!”

“Don’t push yourself okay〜〜〜〜〜〜!!!!”


Laura ran away with a dash.

I let out a sigh.


Although it is fast, the opponent is just a beast.

I think that its movements are straightforward.


I mean, my chances to escape only depends on that.

That’s why I concluded that it’s just a beast, and bet everything on that.

From the speed it charges, I calculated the speed that the lion would chargeーー



And jumped to the side!!



I barely dodged the lion’s first attack.

The huge shadow, it passed above me.

At the same time, I grabbed some soil.


“Take this!!!”


I threw the soil to make it flinch.

While I did that, I picked up the fallen fruits and ran in a straight line.


This lion has its territory around the tree.

And wild animals rarely leave their territories.

It is because it is full of danger outside their territories where they do not know when they would receive a surprise attack.


I’m not sure if the living things in this world are similar.

However, this lion made its territory around the tree.

It was said that it launches a surprise attack while acting asleep.

And doesn’t that only mean like this?


This lion, it is lazy.


As long as I dodge its first attack, there is enough possibility to escape!!

It is completely a gamble, but I won that gamble.

I was able to safely escape and got the Toma Fruit as well.

On top of that, there is two of them.





Level Up Just By EatingChapter 1

  1. Laura-chan likes the words Famous/Distinguished(国士無双-kokushimusou) and great (偉大-idai)
  2. Damegami (駄女神)
  3. 国士無双 Kokushimusou
  4. Cracked open

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