Level Up Just By Eating – Chapter 9

Chapter 9 – Arrival at the guild



“Kehmaaa, hurry hurry hurryyy. I’ll die. I’ll dieee!!”


The useless goddess Laura pulls the hem of my clothes while crying out loud.


“It’s alright. You’re a goddess right?”

“What will you do if by chance it isn’t alriiiiight〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜”


I went to the Guild taken by Laura while she cried out loud.





The useless goddess Laura shouted with a crumpled face.




“When we told at the entrance that we didn’t have proof of identities, they made us drink Poison Strawberry.”

“Ah〜, ah〜, ah〜”


The Onee-san at the reception nodded in understanding.

She placed two white pills at the reception counter.

Two of them.




Laura took the pill and passed me the other one.


“Kehma drink it!! Kehma drink it tooooooooooo!!!



How can I say this, she became like this monster after being so confused.


“Calm down first.”



I also took the pill after I tried to make the useless goddess calm down by pressing down on her nose and mouth.


I leveled up just as usual.


Level: 1276→1279

HP: 10948/10948 (↑24)

MP: 10086/10086 (↑20)

Strength: 9940 (↑20)

Vitality: 9864 (↑18)

Agility: 9846 (↑21)

Magic Powers: 9294 (↑19)


Learned Skills

Detoxification Constitution LV1 1/50

Raised Skills



When I thought that my Poison Resistance would go up, I actually got a different skill.

From how its name sounds, is it about healing faster from a poisoned state?

When I thought of that, an explanation appeared.


◆Detoxification Constitution.

Reduces the time of healing from a poisoned state.


It was exactly like the effects that I thought.

It might be easier to say that the Poison Resistance will make someone unable to get drunk from alcohol.

The Detoxification Constitution will make someone sober up quickly.


I mean, since it can be cured with a level 1 proficiency 1 antidote, I feel like dying from that poison was a lie after all.

Though, it was true that it is a poison so people really might get an upset stomach from it.


“Even so, what a rough threat.”

“Before, people were just reminded to hurry up to a particular guild, but the people who leave it for later have increased, so……”


I see.

Well, whatever.


“Anyways, it’s like that so it will be nice if you can register us.”

“The registration fee will be 30 thousand Barse……”


“It is a card that proves one’s identity after all……”

“I do not have that much though……”


“If so, please sign in this borrowing certificate.”

“You are lending huh.”

“Chasing away people who do not have money will create unnecessary  costs instead.”


Onee-san said the same thing with Guard-san.

It might already be a common way of seeing this kind of thing.

That is very convenient for us though.

I signed on the borrowing certificate.


“Getting in debt, it’s not something that a goddess should do right……?”

“Just sign it.”



Laura was complaining, but she signed after I pinched her cheek.

And after that, we received an explanation.


“First, the Guild has the ranks from A to G.

The quests that you can take would be those that are in the same or a level below your ranks.”


“Until F-Rank, it is possible to raise your rank just by clearing five quests of the same rank.”

“Is it different from E-Rank?”

“Commonly, someone of the E-Rank and above would need to clear five quests of the same rank and pass the Rank-up Exam.”


“Since you’re saying commonly, is there an exception?”

“Adventurers B-Rank and above can recommend those of the F-Rank or G-Rank and immediately raise them to D-Rank.”

“I see.”


“However, in the case where the recommended adventurer was found ineligible, there would be a penalty for the adventurer who recommended them.”

“Well, if there’s no penalty, there might be guys who would recommend weird guys after accepting money.”

“It is helpful that you quickly understand.”


We received an explanation like that, but there was no particular thing that sounds like it’s going to be a problem.


“When taking quests, please take the quest form on the bulletin board you can to the right, and bring it here.”

“The colors of the bulletin board are different though?”


“The green board is from G-Rank to F-Rank.

The blue board is from E-Rank to C-Rank.

The red board has quests for ranks higher than that.”


“It is very reasonable huh.”

“Thank you very much.”


And lastly, we received our card.

It is an excellent thing that, just by pushing your finger against the edge of the card and make it get used to your magic powers, it would immediately turn into a card exclusive for yourself.

The way it shone with a silver color made me excited.


“How beautiful〜……”


It was the same with Laura.

She raised the silver card to the sun and stared at it with a bright shining face.


(If she would only act in a proper way, she would’ve been really cute……)


It was that picturesque that I even thought like that.


“Since we got a card, let’s go do some quest.”

“It is strange for me, the great and famous Goddess of Wisdom, to be at G-Rank after all!!”


Aren’t you a Goddess of Shame instead?

I wanted to say it that, but it is actually good that she is eager.

I decided not to say it out loud and headed towards the green colored bulletin board.




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