Level Up Just By Eating – Chapter 8

Chapter 8 – The main character arrives in the town



“Well then, let’s go!”


Laura closed her fist and raised it high.

She started walking in high spirits.

I sent her off silently.

And after five minutes.




The useless goddess Laura returned while crying.


“I don’t know the waaaaaayy〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜

Which direction should I gooooooo〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜?”


“You were walking that confident although you didn’t know the way?!!”

“It can’t be helped right!

I’m in high spirits after all!!!”


It cannot be helped if she is in high spirits.


“Wait right there.”


I said that and kicked the ground jumping up high.

I quickly exceeded the tall trees and floated in the air.

The scenery seen from high above was extremely nice.

I could feel the wind stroking my cheeks.


As I was looking at the town at a distance, I suddenly felt something and looked towards the sky.

I saw a Sea Serpent-like creature between the clouds.


It has a rainbow-colored mane and a milky shining body.

It’s back is wide enough for seven to eight people to ride.

It’s on such a large scale that seeing it made me very moved.


(It’s a sea serpent in the sky, so maybe I should call it Sky Serpent?

I mean, this world, it’s really vast)


While thinking of that, I slowly descendedーーand landed on the ground.


“Yosh, let’s go.”

“Uu!……, un……”


Laura followed me from behind and slowly took my right hand.

Her hand was unexpectedly soft, and my heart skipped.


“Wh-What’s the matter, you’re too sudden.”

“Uhh, uhm……uhh. Thank you…………”

“Ah!……after all this time?”



With a strange air around us, the useless goddess and I began to walk to leave the forest.

It took us about two to three days, so I leveled up on the way because I ate a lot of things.



Level: 1226→1256

HP: 10844/10844 (↑244)

MP: 9996/9996 (↑210)

Strength: 9849 (↑181)

Vitality: 9781 (↑200)

Agility: 9751 (↑201)

Magic Powers: 9207 (↑240)


Learned Skills


Raised Skills




And after this and that, we finally left the forest.

We came out to a vast grassland.

After climbing a gentle slope, we found a town surrounded by walls.


I headed towards that town with Laura.

Most of the monsters in the grasslands are small.


It would either be rabbits or boars; they are in sizes that are not strange to see on Earth.

However, the rabbits have horns, and the hide of the boar is green enabling it to camouflage itself among the grasses, so it made me realize how this world was different.


Also, the fishes. They’re actually floating in the air.

Slightly large Guppy-like fishes were floating in a school.

It is really an isekai, a different world.


The monsters around here, do they have skills or something? ”

“From how it looks…………they don’t.”

“What about their status?”

“It’s like, the fish is level 2, the Horned Rabbit is level 7, and finally level 20 with the Grassland Wild Boar.”

“It means that the boars are at the same level of rookie adventurers huh.”

“It means that they’re grassland monsters nearby towns.”


I continued to walk casually.


” ” ” ○×△$■っ!!! ” ” “


The monsters sharply reacted and ran away like with their dear lives.

They’re weak but smart.



And with this and that, we went to the town.

But, however, the Guard-san in front of the gates called us to a stop.


“Hey, Nii-chan1 , show me your proof of identity if you’re going to pass.”

“Is it needed?”

“Well, yeah of course.”

“Well, that sucks……”

“Leave it to me.”


Seeing me troubled, Laura quickly stepped forward.

This confidence of hers, maybe I believe that she has something in mind?

Something like, she actually knows someone inside the town.


“Jou-chan2has one? Proof of identity.”

“Of course!”


Laura placed her hand on her huge breasts and did a strange pose.


“I am the Goddess of Wisdom, Laura Gine Amara!

The Goddess worshiped by the Amara Church!

This posture and great divinity prove my identity right?!!”


Oh that expression of hers.

I could almost hear a full orchestra playing sound effects like ‘Doyaaa……!.


Although, I could only see her as a tsunami-like idiot.

However, I have only stayed in this world for a while.

There is the possibility that it might look different from the people living in this world………….



Or not.



The Guard-san, he looked at Laura with eyes that one will use when they look at the craziest idiot in history.

And after doing that, he looked at me and said as he places a hand on my shoulder.


“Do your best alright……”


He’s a good person.


“Anyways……if you do not have any proof of identity, go enter the town first and register at the Adventurer’s Guild.”

“Is that alright?”

“I’ll only be making more trouble if you become thieves or bandits after I chase you off here.”


The Guard-san took out a vial.

A pink-colored liquid like strawberry milk is inside.


“What’s this?! Looks delicious!!!”


Laura stole the vial from me and started drinking it.


“That thing, what was it?”

“It’s milk mixed with Poison Strawberry.”

BUFUOHO!!!” ←Laura


Laura shouts with teary eyes after spitting it out.


“Eh! Hey! Poison??? What?! You mean poison poison?!!”

“After you drink it, after a while, you’ll have an upset stomach, and die after a night.”

“Going to dieeee?!! I’m going to dieeee?!!”


“That is quite some dangerous thing you let her drink.”

“People look dangerous just by having unknown identities.”

“I see.”

“Whyyy are you so caaaalm!!! Kehma you idioooott!!! Oniiii3!!!”


I completely ignored Laura and asked Guard-san.


“But you’ll give us the antidote after we finish registering at the Adventurer’s Guild, right?”


Guard-san widened his eyes in surprise.


“Kid, you’re quite sharp.”

“After all, if you’re planning on killing someone using slow-acting poison, you won’t say that its poison.”


In that sense, it is even doubtful whether people would really die from it.

It’s like the old ladies from Osaka saying “Here’s your change of 3 million yen” as a joke.


“Even so, to be able to remain calm even though your comrade drank a poison that’s fatal, that’s admirable.

After all, people who strive to become good adventurers must always stay calm.”

“Anyways, if there’s a need to drink it, please give me mine.”



I received the vial and drank it.

Its taste is just exactly that of a strawberry juice.

It is mellow, sweet and refreshing through the throat.



I leveled up.

I feel like I gained a new skill.


(This feeling, I understand it after leveling up so much)


I asked Laura to take a look.



Level: 1266→1276

HP: 10924/10924 (↑80)

MP: 10066/10066 (↑70)

Strength: 9920 (↑71)

Vitality: 9846 (↑65)

Agility: 9825 (↑74)

Magic Powers: 9275(↑68)


Learned Skills

Mellow LV1 2/50←←←←←←←←←←←←


Raised Skills

Poison Constitution LV2 83/150 (↑3)



Mellow is a skill?!!

I mean, what the hell would happen if I become mellow?!!

I shouted that inwardly, but there was no way an answer would return.



I became mellow.








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  1. 兄ちゃん – Sonny, lad, or brother used to call a guy in a friendly way, at least, in this context.
  2. 嬢ちゃん – girl version of Nii-chan, calling a (little) girl in a casual/friendly way.
  3. 鬼 – demons in japanese hell

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