Level Up Just By Eating – Chapter 7

Chapter 7 – The resolve to leave the familiar forest



Another week has passed again, and my status is like this.



Level: 993→1226

HP: 10600/10600 (↑1864)

MP: 9786/9786 (↑1605)

Strength: 9668 (↑1608)

Vitality: 9581 (↑1544)

Agility: 9550 (↑1588)

Magic Powers: 8767 (↑1300)


Learned Skills

Optical Camouflage1 LV2 1/150

Mud Shot LV1 22/50



I got the Optical Camouflage LV2 from eating a big white chameleon called White Chameleon.


I got the Mud Shot from a chunk of mud monster called Doromeba.

It’s a muddy shaped monster which is a gathering of myxomycetes(things like amoeba) that taken in mud.


If you ask me, “how the heck did you eat that?!!”, the answer is, I made soup with it.

After boiling once, I used a cloth to filter the mud and drank the remaining soup.

It’s like a miso soup made with freshwater clams, so it was quite delicious.


Laura had an upset stomach, but I was fine.

The Poison Resistance that Laura has is LV1, but I have LV2.

I think that difference was significant.

While holding her stomach, Laura shouted with teary eyes.


『Goddesses don’t go to toilets!!! They dooon’t〜〜〜!!』


There is also a type of skill that is useless.

It’s this.



PuruPuru2 LV4



It is the skill that I acquired together with the Mud Shot after eating the Doromeba.

If you want to know what effects it hasーー


◆PuruPuru LV1



◆PuruPuru LV2

Decently Purupuru.


◆PuruPuru LV3

Amazingly Purupuru.


◆PuruPuru LV4

VERY Purupuru.



What the heck does that mean!!

Skill?! This is a skill?!!


On top of that, why is the LV4 in English?!!

What the heck does that mean for god’s sake!!


That kind of thing happened, but my level is progressing very well.

About my current skills, I also made it Swordsmanship LV4.

That is after using all the points that I gained from the Mad Wild Boar Piglet and Byakko.


I found out that even increasing the level even once is very significant.

Especially when I raised the Swordsmanship from level 3 to level 4. I became able to release sword pressure just by swinging the sword.


It is impossible to destroy boulders, but trees were cut off with a clean slice.

I could slice them into two if it is only 3 meter and only leave a gash if it is 5 meters.

I could cut thin branches even at a 7-meter distance.


And 7 meter is quite a distance.

On top of that, it is cool.

I am very satisfied.


And like that, the days were very fulfilling, butーー.




Laura got an upset stomach again.

She is holding her stomach with a pale face.

Laura has acquired Poison Resistance LV1, but LV1 is not enough in this forest.


She has an adorable face with twin tails hair and huge breasts, so all of that was ruined.


“Kehma! Kehma! Kehmaaa!!”


“I want to leave this forest already!!!

If this continues, my self-image will be destroyed!!!”


“Not mentioning getting destroyed, it’s like it’s getting stronger with each day?”

“Eh! I-Is that so?

My self-image is great and famous so much that it won’t get destroyed by just an upset stomach?”


Laura seemed very happy.


“By the wayyy, how is it specificallyyy, what kind of image is theree?

Like Aroma, the goddess of beautyyy?

Or like Deety who has many glorifying due to strengthh?”


“With a few wordsーー.

“Un! Un!”



“Like Beelzebub who’s not a king.”



“That, isn’t that just a fly!!!

You, what the heck do you think I am?!!”

“Like Beelzebub who’s not a king.”

“I’m not asking about thaaaaat!!”


Laura shouted with a (>△<)○ face.


“That’s weird right?!! I’m a Goddess you know?! I am Megami?!

It is true that I was careless sometimes, but I am still a Goddess?! In other words, MEGAMI?!!

All of it should be covered by my overflowing elegance right?!!!”


“No, well, I thought that Beelzebub is too much too……”

“I know right?! Right?!! It is not too late; I’ll forgive you if you take back your words!!!”



“I don’t know other famous gods who have erotic topics after all……”


“Why are you taking erotic topics3as example??!!?!?!?!?”



The useless goddess Laura has tears in her eyes.

This is, well, I feel bad for her just a little.

However, real sympathy is also an insult.

Laura also felt that and started to fling her arms after turning over.


“No, no, no, no! I don’t want this anymore!! I want to get celebrateddd!

I want to get recognizedd! I want to get more and more worshippeddd!!”


Not only her abilities bad but she is a useless goddess as well when it comes to her personality.

However, the useless goddess who was flinging out is too unguarded.


Described with some words, she has an appearance that one would like to step on her.

It is like that, soーー


I stepped on her.




I only lightly stepped on her but a voice that a goddess shouldn’t make was made.


“Stepping on a crying girl, are you a brute?!!

I mean, I’m a goddess you know?!!

If you’re a believer, you won’t even step on my picture right?!

But attacking me directly, that’s too much even if you don’t revere me?!!”


“The common sense also says that, but I just thought, it might be fine since it’s just you……”

“Kehma you idiooooooooooooooooooootttt!!!!”


Laura ran with a dash.

She stepped on the Treant’s leaf that I am drying inside the cave.

It would be a decent tea when soaked in hot water.




I let out a sigh after a leisure 30 minutes.


“Kehmaaa! Kehma, Kehma, Kehmaaaaaaaa〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜”


The useless goddess returned.


“Help me! Helppp mee!! Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelp〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜!!!”


Behind her, a flock of chickens.




I used Flame Emission level 6 and cleaned up the flock of chickens.

I understood after using it many times but, level 6 is frighteningly strong.

After all, I am able to release Sword Pressure with just a level 4 Swordsmanship.

The level 6, it overwhelms those two.


Chicken Four Heavenly Kings.

It is a name that sounds like a fool, but their skills are real.

However, a ray of light pierced through that flame towards me.




I instinctively blocked it with my sword.

I blocked it with the skills of a master that can release a slash of Sword Pressure, but my hand still got numb.


The identity of the light that made my hand numb is a very thin needle.

Countless needles flew towards me.




I released random slashes and blocked all of that.


〈As expected……of the man who defeated……Suzaku and Byakko……〉


A shadow appeared from the forest.

He isーー.



A chicken.



He is an arrogant chicken that has a dark gray cockscomb.


〈My name is……Genbu The wisest chicken of the……Chicken Four Heavenly Kings……〉


His voice is strictly solemn but his appearance, no matter how you look at him, is a chicken, so it is ruined.


〈The reason I came today, is to say my greetings〉


〈I want to have a deciding fight……between you and me〉


Genbu who said that somehow seemed like he had a fearless smile.


“……if I refuse?”



〈Then every night, in front of this cave, the call of “Kokkekokkkoo” shall come……〉



What a plain harassment.

However, it is very effective having calm destructive power.


〈Well then……I shall wait for you…… Kokekeke, kokeekkekeke!!〉


The wisest chicken of the Four Heavenly Kings flew away while having an arrogant laugh.

I used Healing Magic on Laura who was left alone.


“Are you alright? Laura.”

“I wanna leave this forest. I wanna leave this foreeeeeest〜〜〜”


The useless goddess Laura wept clinging onto me.

It cannot be helped.


“Let’s leave it then. This forest.”


“This forest isn’t that bad, but I want to sleep on soft and fluffy beds too.”

“What about the duel……?”


I said.


“I’ll skip it!”



“Since he went on his way to call me means, he had some considerable preparations, right?

The experience points and skills of the Four Heavenly Kings are attractive, but the risk is too high.”


Laura was astonished for a whileーー


“A genius……?”


She muttered.


“Amazing, amazing, amazing, Kehma’s amazing!!

Duels, I thought that one must absolutely come when you receive a challenge!!

And to skip that, Kehma’s amazing! Genius!! Prodigy!!!”


Laura praised me with shining eyes.

Becoming a genius with just this, I really have doubts about this girl’s intelligence.


However, Laura is an idiot girl.

She took my silence with a different meaning.


“Ah! Are?! Prodigy, it isn’t a praise?

The person who was summoned to this world in the past, he used that in that kind of meaning though.”

“It’s a praise alright……”

“I know right! There’s no way that there would be a mistake with what I say after all, right!”


This goddess, why doesn’t she lose her confidence?!

She might continue to tap dance even during an eight magnitude earthquake!



It is decided that Laura and I will leave the forest that we became familiar with.






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  1. 光学迷彩 – Kōgaku meisai
  2. ぷるぷる – light shaking or vibrating
  3. 下ネタshimoneta – means dirty jokes, indecent topics as well

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