Level Up Just By Eating – Chapter 6

Chapter 6 – That Chicken, Stronger than a Boar     vs Byakko



Three days have passed.

I became decently stronger.


Level: 663→843

HP: 6703/6703 (↑1407)

MP: 6481/6481 (↑1116)

Strength: 5720 (↑1225)

Vitality: 5535 (↑1400)

Agility: 5522 (↑1130)

Magic Powers: 4947 (↑1320)


After all, I would level up just by eating so my level would go up even if I don’t want it to.

I’m so troubled〜〜

It is not like, I want to get any stronger.

I’m so troubled〜〜


Although I said it myself, how annoying!


I mean, I want to leave this forest already.

It is not like the way of lifestyle right now is terrible, it’s just that I’ve gotten tired of it.

Personally, having Laura alone to talk to is somewhat, not great.



“What is it? Laura.”

“I, I want to eat chicken!!”


“Well, you can eat it right now because you used Goddess Points to take Poison Resistance LV1 after all.”


“Let’s go get some then.”

“Yeah, just like chicken!”



“Chicken, chiicken!!1


Shouting while making a fist, Laura had a smug face.



“W-W-W-W-What’s with that face!!

Why are you looking at me like how people would look at rotten worms!!

At least look at me with eyes for fermented worms!!”


“It’s alright if it’s fermented?!!”

“It’s not, but it’s better than rotting!!”


But being able to compromise with that, I thought that the fermented worm Laura is an idiot.

Well, whatever.

We went to the usual hunting ground to get chicken meat.


Passing through the fast-growing grasses for an hour.

“We’re near the hunting grounds……”, the next instant I thought of that.

ZokuーーI felt shivers down my spine.




I embraced Laura and jumped to the side.

A tremendous impact passed through the place I was standing at.

The ground was gouged with the aftermath of the impact.


〈Hmm, you dodged my charge huh, as expected of the one who defeated『Suzaku』……〉


That guy that released an ominous voice like the king of the underworld, he isーー



A chicken.



It is a regular sized chicken that has a gray cockscomb.

〈I am the strongest chicken of the Chicken Four Heavenly Kings. The Bōkohyōga2 Byakko〉


“Did you come to take revenge for your eaten brethren……?”

〈This world is no other than the survival of the fittest3. It is the law of the jungle that weak ones become meat.

Thinking of taking revenge just because they were defeated, what a foolish thought……〉


“If so, then why……?”

〈If it is the law of the jungle that weak ones become meat, then it is the law of the warrior for wanting to challenge the strong……!〉


He’s a chicken, but uselessly cool.

Byakko charged power.

A white aura was created.


The ground shook. I felt pain as if my skin was being pierced.

As if, the air itself was cracked.

Although the opponent, is just a chicken……!!


Byakko sharply jumped.

I barely dodged it.

The tree behind me was destroyed with a single blow.


This strengthーーit’s more than that of the Wild Boar Piglet!


Byakko fluttered its wings.

The second charge attacks.




I released the Flame Emission LV5.

It is a high-level flame that defeated even the Mad Wild Boar Piglet that has 8000 HP and 7000 Vitality with just one blow.





Byakko himself blew fire and canceling out the Flame Emission.




I clenched my teeth and staggered.

Byakko’s charged grazed me just a little bit.


That attack, it really only grazed me.





My body was blown away.

I flew higher than the surrounding trees while spinning vertically.

Two to three of my ribs was taken by that impact.


On top of that, Byakko did not stop attacking.

The relentless charge came towards me in the air.


“Ice Needle!!”

〈Triple Spiral!!〉


Even though I released arrows of ice, he charged while making his body a spiral.

However, he lost his speed a little.


“Charge Slash!!”


I released a flying slash using the sword I got from Laura and adding the charge power that I stole from the Wild Boar Piglet.



Byakko was cut into two.


Haa, haa, haa!


Breath came out of my mouth, and cold sweat fell from my cheeks.

How dangerous it was.

It was really, so dangerous.


It would have been the worst if I did not have a sword and it would not have been better if I did not defeat the Wild Boar Piglet beforehand.

Even if I did not take Swordsmanship using Believer Points, I would have been killed.


This is……, the Chicken Four Heavenly Kings……!!


However, it was a serious battle but too bad that the opponent is just a chicken.

Even if enemies appear in the future, it would be narrated with a chicken as a standard you know……?


He’s stronger than Byakko(Chicken).

Hmph, is that all……? Byakko(Chicken) was much stronger……!


It would be narrated just like that……?


By the way, I deliciously ate Byakko.

Unlike other chickens, he had a thick chewiness like steaks.



I also leveled up.



Level: 843→993

HP: 6703/6703 (↑2640)

MP: 6481/6481 (↑2376)

Strength: 8060 (↑2340

Vitality: 8037 (↑2502)

Agility: 7962 (↑2440)

Magic Powers: 7467 (↑2520)


Learned Skills

Bōkohyōga4 LV6 1200/3000

Drill Spiral LV4 80/500


Raised Skills

Flame Emission LV6 1500/3000 (↑2220)

Poison Constitution LV2 80/150 (↑70)



The Chicken Four Heavenly Kings’ Byakko’s unique skill.

The destructive powers of charges will be increased by Bōkohyōga’s level x 1.3 times, but the defense will be 1/10 during activation.


◆Drill Spiral

Making one’s body rotate and repel attacks.



How strong!!

1.3x per level means that it’s 8x at level 6 right.

It has difficulty when using because defense will go down but, as expected of a Four Heavenly King.

Drill Spiral is also high at level 4.


Although the extent of the level up falls below Suzaku, the usefulness of the skill supplements it.

No, I mean, really.


This world’s chickens, aren’t they too strong?







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  1. Toriniku(chicken meat) = Torini(i)ku(go get something)
  2. 暴虎馮河 – foolhardy courage/ dare-devil courage
  3. 弱肉強食Jakunikukyōshoku – also “law of the jungle”
  4. 暴虎馮河 – foolhardy courage/ dare-devil courage
  5. 暴虎馮河 – foolhardy courage/ dare-devil courage

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