Level Up Just By Eating – Chapter 5

Chapter 5 – Trying the skills and level     vs Mad Wild Boar Piglet



After finishing preparing my sword and skills, I asked Laura.


“What are the strongest opponents that I can defeat right now?”

“If it’s the great you right now…………Mad Wild Boar Piglet might be good.”

“Mad Wild Boar Piglet?”


That’s quite a fancy name.


“Its official name is Mad Wild Boar, but it’s like the piglet becoming like an adult with its body just as it is.”

“Is it something like wooper looper1?”

“Woop…………what’s that?”


“It’s a famous creature on Earth. It’s called neoteny, creatures that retain their juvenile features and become an adult exists.”

“There is something like that……”

“Anyways, guide me there.”

“I got it.”


I followed Laura from behind.


“From here on, it is the territory of the Wild Boar Piglet.”

“I can’t see them though.”

“Their territory itself is vast after all.”



I looked around after nodding.

There is a chocolate tree.

It’s a tree that has branches and trunk that has the same color as chocolate.

Its taste and flavor are also similar to that of chocolate.


And its branches are in quite a high place.

I reached out my hand and broke one.

I bit it with my front teeth. It made a crisp sound then melted into my mouth.


It’s delicious.

My level also increased by one.


“Ah! Th-That’s unfair!!!”

“If you want some, then go get some?”

Unsho! Unsho! Unshooo2!!!”


The useless goddess Laura did her best jumping.

However, she is short.

She could not reach the branch.



“What a hopeless goddess.”



When I refreshingly said that the useless goddess opened her mouth.


She ate the chocolate with a face full of smiles.


“Is it good?”



If she were just acting properly, she would have been very cute though……

She has huge breasts too.



“Why are you sighing?!! I, I didn’t do anything bad right now right?!!”

“You, maybe your existence itself is a mistake after all……”

“Isn’t that horrible?!!”

“Who was it again who sneezed in front of the lion and in front of Cliones?”

“That’s……I’m sorry…………”


She’s such a shitty useless goddess but she is decent enough that she can apologize

I patted her head.


“Don’t treat me like a kid〜!”


The useless goddess raised her hands and got angry.

And while we were doing such an idiotic conversation, the atmosphere became tense.

It’s the Wild Boar Piglet.




Its lovely round eyes and round form look very adorable but its size is big and ferocious.

It is as large as a bull and was pawing the ground.

There is no doubt that the instant I get into its range, it will start charging.



(Uu! Un)


Laura touched my hand.

Its status appears.



Name: None

Race: Mad Wild Boar Piglet


Level: 828

HP: 8452/8452

MP: 0/0

Strength: 6805

Vitality: 7058

Agility: 5620

Magic Powers: 0



It’s strong.

Although it has no Magic Powers and MP, other than that, it has a higher status parameter than me.

I mean, why the heck are monsters in the wild this strong?

This forest, is it some kind of a dangerous forest?


“Its status is high, but it doesn’t have special skills.

If you fully use your skills, you shouldn’t be defeated although you might have a hard fight.”


I see.

I stepped forward with a sword in one hand.

The Wild Boar Piglet kicked the ground and charged.




I released the Flame Emission LV5 that I got from the Chicken Four Heavenly Kings, Suzaku.




The Wild Boar Piglet started to burn.

It dashed towards me while burning.


However, it died before it reached me.




I stared at my right hand.

The flames that came out right now were unexpectedly strong.

Well, after all, Level 4-5, they say that it’s in the level of masters……

Suzaku, one the Chicken Four Heavenly Kings. It means that he was not a simple guy.

Although, I still won against him with one blow when I launched a surprise attack when he was sleeping.


Anyways, its time to eat.

I stabbed its vitals, drained its blood, and peel off the burned skin.


A pink colored meat appeared.

When I stabbed my sword in that meat with beautiful color, the fresh meat bursts open.

How soft it is.


I pulled out the meat with a circular shape.

I placed it on top of my sword.


I made a bonfire and slowly grilled it.

Steam came out of the meat that is being cooked.

The pink colored meat started to have a brown grilled color.

The delicious smell drifted in the air.

The fat that accumulated on the meat started popping.


I ate it.

It had the wild umami taste like a lean pork meat.



I leveled up.


Level: 563→663

HP: 5296/5296 (↑830)

MP: 5365/5365 (↑620)

Strength: 4491 (↑710)

Vitality: 4135 (↑700)

Agility: 4392 (↑730)

Magic Powers: 3627 (↑620)


Learned Skills

High Charge LV1 30/50


◆The attack power of tackles becomes 1.5x, Passive Skill3




It’s amazing that my level increased by a hundred at once, but the skill I learned is also amazing.

It looks plain but it seems quite strong.

I should think that it is a strong individual even within the Wild Boar Piglets.






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  1. Axotoltl / Mexican salamander
  2. Sound made by someone who is exerting physical effort.
  3. Literally translated: Always triggered type skill

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