Level Up Just By Eating – Chapter 4

Chapter 4 – One week has passed.



One week has passed.

Being able to level up just by eating, I became like this.



Name: Kosakai Kehma

Race: Human


Level: 13→558

HP: 4426/4426 (↑4315)

MP: 4710/4710 (↑3240)

Strength: 3744 (↑3648)

Vitality: 3402 (↑3314)

Agility: 3620 (↑3516)

Magic Powers: 3076 (↑2997)


Learned Skills

Purification Magic LV1 10/50

Flame Emission LV5 780/1500


Raised Skills

Ice Needle LV 2 2/50 Poison Constitution LV2 10/50

Poison Resistance LV2 0/150 Egg Cooking LV2 132/150


Extra Skill

Makyūshū1 LV3 10/300



A lot of skills were raised, and some were learned, but the one that should be noticed is the Level 5 Flame Emission.

Thinking that level 3 is veteran, and level 4 is master-class, you should get how amazing level 5 is.


By the way, I only excerpted skills that are immediately useful.

Although I did not mention them, I also learned skills that are only a waste of space.

For example, things like these.


Breaking Raw Egg with Right Hand LV6 81/3000

Breaking Raw Egg with Left Hand LV1 3/50

Pretending Like A Tree LV4 300/500


The reason why the Pretending Like A Tree is level four is because I ate the tree-type monster’sーーthe Treant’s tree bark.

The level is quite high.

You might ask『you might be able to use a mimicry ability like the Treant?』.

In fact, I  thought so.


And so, I actually tried it.

I went to the gathering of low-leveled Cliones and tested it.



Pretend Like A Tree!!! ∠(・ω・)/



“…………” ← Clione

“…………” ← Clione

“…………” ← Me

Kishaaー!!” ← Clione


DoshunDoshunDoshun!!!! ← Ice Needle



“UOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!” ← Me running away desperately



It was like that.

The only one who can use the special skill Pretend Like A Tree is Treant-san who has tree body!

Even if a human does it, they’re just human!


However, that was just the start.

I learned a more hateful skill.

That isーー.



Kick Enemies with Foot with Poo LV8 250/9999




It’s the number one skill that makes me want to scream like that.


When I went out to catch chickens, I saw the Worst of the Four Heavenly Kings, Suzaku sleeping there.

When I launched a surprise attack, the guy died easily.


I brought him homeーーate him.

And when I ate him, I learned something like that.

Just like it’s name『Kick Enemies with Foot with Poo』, it has high destructive powers and is even level 8.


Skills, with some exception, could be learned through hard work.

And having level 3 is a veteran. Level 4-5 are masters.

After that, it’s the area of monsters2.

It means, if a person with Identify sees me, they would think.


“This guy, he kicked his enemies with a foot with poo until it’s level 8……”


I hate that.

I so fucking hate that.


However, thanks to eating Suzaku, other than my Flame Emission raising to level 5, my base level also increased by 300.

My Poison Constitution was also raised to level 2.


The Believer Points that are important to acquire Goddess Skills also accumulated 500.

If I say that it is equal to 100 Cliones, you should understand how much it is.

It has enough, it has enough value.


But, I acquired『Kick Enemies with Foot with Poo』.



There was that kind of ‘accident’ but days itself went on smoothly.

And right now, I am thinking very deeply.



Believer Number 001 Kosakai Kehma

Believer Points 1505

Total Points 1570


Believer Level 3 (Common Believer)



I used it to take Purification Magic and raise the Poison Resistance to level 2, but I haven’t used it other than that.

I have a tendency to be frugal.

I have the confidence of not drinking water when I go to the desert because it is wasteful and collapse due to dehydration.


The enemies around here are not strong.

There are strong ones, but there is no problem as long as I choose the places.

However, I want to use it now.

But, I wonder what I should use it for?


If it’s about simple admiration, it is Swordsmanship and Magic.

Especially the Swordsmanship. I think that it is very convenient to have.


On the other hand, the ones that I think is better to have are Support Magic and Healing Magic.

However, the Support Magic is as expensive as 500, and the Healing Magic even costs 1000.

If I acquire them, most of the points that I have will disappear.


I could only hesitate.

I would think, “maybe it’s not too late just getting it when I get injured……”.

I also thought, “I should acquire other than Healing Magic and reduce the possibility of getting injured……”.


Other than that, I really can’t leave off Instant Death Resistance.

As long as it would be the end when I die, I need to raise this as much as I can.


I think that there are only a few bunch who have something like an Instant Death skill.

However, it will be the end the instant I meet someone who has it.

That is troubling.

It would be for the best to find out using the useless goddess’s Identify butーー.


Concealment LV1 (Consumption 50)

Disguise LV1 (Consumption 100)


When I became a level 3 Believer, I found out that such skills exist.

Concealment is a skill that conceals even if Identify was used on them and Disguise is a skill that disguises.


People who have Concealment, I could be wary of them because they are concealing something.

Guys who are like『Job・Secret』, as suspicious as perverts who hide their faces with panties.


However, if it’s the Disguise skill, it is difficult since it is a disguise.

They can do something like “my identity is an Assassin, but it shows Villager!”.

And it is scary if guys like that have Instant Death-type skills.


However, I will also be troubled if I lose to those who do not have Instant Death because of being wary of Instant Death.

I peeled the Toma Fruit while thinking and placed it in my mouth.


I leveled up.


Level: 558→563

HP: 4466/4466 (↑40)

MP: 4745/4745 (↑35)

Strength: 3781 (↑37)

Vitality: 3435 (↑33)

Agility: 3662 (↑42)

Magic Powers: 3107 (↑31)


It already feels like it’s insignificant, but many a little makes a mickle3.

I also let the useless goddess Laura eat and acquire Believer points.


The points I also used it all at once.

The power of magic was engraved to my cells and genes.


And I asked Laura to take out a sword with her points.

It’s a high-quality item made of white silver.


“W-Well〜, I have been in your care a lot after all.”


That’s what she said.

In the end, I was like this.



Level: 563

HP: 4466/4466

MP: 4745/4745

Strength: 3781

Vitality: 3435

Agility: 3662

Magic Powers: 3107



Ice Needle LV2 20/150 Poison Constitution LV2 10/150

Poison Resistance LV2 0/150 Purification Magic LV1 10/50

Egg Cooking LV2 132/150 Flame Emission LV5 780/1500

Breaking Raw Egg with Right Hand LV6 81/3000

Breaking Raw Egg with Left Hand LV1 3/50


New Skills

Swordsmanship LV2 0/150 Taijutsu LV2 0/150

Healing Magic LV1 0/300 Instant Death Resistance LV1 0/50

Detect Presence LV1 0/50


Extra Skill

Makyūshū4 LV3 10/300



When I swung the sword, I swung it with a pleasant feeling.

I understood things like how to use my limbs and how to judge distance with my instincts.


I tried to cut a tree and I cut it cleanly.

The sharpness of the swords adds to that, but it is also because it’s level 2.


Even the Taijutsu, I feel like I understand how to use my waist.

I punched the tree.

The tree creaked with my second punch and broke when I kicked.

From how I feel it, my strength5 is like 1.5x without the Taijutsu.

My skin got peeled a bit but it got healed in an instant when I used Heal.


I am very satisfied.

However, looking at my skill bar, there is a certain two that remains.



Pretend Like A Tree LV4 300/500

Kick Enemies with Foot with Poo LV8 250/9999



I really don’t need these twooooo!!!







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  1. 魔 吸収 – (absorbing 魔) which can be translated as absorbing magic/demon/devil/evil spirit, but probably 魔 from monsters(魔物) or 魔 from magic(魔法).
  2. monster as abnormal or freaks, not mob monster
  3. Literal translation is “even specks of dust makes a mountain when piled up”
  4. 魔 吸収 – (absorbing 魔) which can be translated as absorbing magic/demon/devil/evil spirit, but probably 魔 from monsters(魔物) or 魔 from magic(魔法).
  5. Not the strength stat but power

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