Level Up Just By Eating – Chapter 3

Chapter 3 – The Goddess’s Revenge     vs Chicken



Kokke〜kekekekeke! Kokke!!!

Kokke! Kokke, kokee!!

Doodododo, Kokkee!!!


Inside the usual bushes.

We are looking at the chickens from a distance.


“That is the chicken.”

“It’s true, they’re chickens, but……”


Those chickens, compared to the creatures we’ve met up until now, they look the most normal.

However, they are living in a strange place.

They made nests on tree branches and flies around like “kokekoke“.

Are they doing something like a territorial fight, they are kicking each other.


“They are currently fighting for their territories, so the Four Heavenly Kings are not around.

If you’re looking for an opportunity, now’s the chance.”

“Four Heavenly Kings?”


“The God Beast of Godly Speed that has the nickname of Storm, Byakko.

The Sage Beast that is told to have a gray cockscomb, Genbu.

The flutter of its wings is said to be able to reach clouds, the Charging Seiryū.

Each of them is frightening monsters.”


“But, they’re just chickens, right……?”


I whispered silently, but Laura’s spirits would not stop.

She muttered with a serious face.


“And within those Four Heavenly Kings, the one called as the most frightening is……”



“The chicken that kicks with its feet that stepped on poo, Suzaku!”


How fearsome!!


“Anyways, as long as we do not meet the Four Heavenly Kings, they’re opponents that can easily be dealt with.”


Laura, she touched my neck.

The chickens’ statuses appeared.

As I’ve thought, they are differences between each of them, but the one in the middle looks like this.



Name: None

Race: Chicken


Level: 5

HP: 30/30

MP: 0/0

Strength: 20

Vitality: 18

Agility: 15

Magic Powers: 0



Well, they’re weak.

Leaving aside the fact that they have poison, they’re just normal mobs.

Their Agility stat is lower than the Clione so running away should be no problem.

I said to Laura in a small voice.


(Yosh, you go back)


(When you’re around, I really feel that it would become very troublesome.

You finished guiding me here and explaining their characteristics to me so go spend some leisure time in the cave)


(This, isn’t this too much?!

What in the world did I do for you to say that?!!)


(Didn’t you sneeze? Two fucking times even!!)

(But, isn’t that a more of a reason that you should give me a chance?!

If I keep dragging on the memories of failure, I’ll become a deflated goddess you know?!!)

(With just that point that you’re saying that you’re already bloated!!)


“Anyways, I will show you my greatness!!!”


The idiot shouted and jumped out of the bush.


“God’s Aura!!”


She casted a spell and started explaining.


“God Aura, it is the magic that overwhelms the opponent with the Goddess’s amazing Aura!

The opponent shall bow down!!”


“……” ← Chicken A

“………” ← Chicken B

“…………” ← Chicken C




Looking on the side, I thought in my head.


Insufficient God Points!!


” ” ” Kokkeeeーーーーーーーーーーー!!!!! ” ” “



The useless goddess Laura started to get attacked.


“Help me〜〜!! Kehmaaa!! Help meeee〜!!!”


What should I do?

Right now, I REALLY want to just leave her alone.


For the first time and the second time, I saved her without thinking.

But right now, I just kind of want to, well, leave her alone from the bottom of my heart.


Well, although I said that, I wouldn’t be able to learn new goddess skills if she really dies.

Leaving aside the situation where I would also die, I thought should help her as long as I won’t be in trouble.

I raised my hand towards the useless goddess Laura and the chickens.


“Ice Needle!”






One chicken was confused, another dodged, and another got hit.

However, most of the chickens went off Laura.

I ran towards Laura.


“Hurry up and stand up! Damegami1!!”

“R-R-Right! Right now!! It grazed meee. My cheek, it grazed my cheeek〜〜”

“Give it me a break, it’s good as long as it didn’t hit you right!”




The chickens started to threaten me who appeared suddenly.

But the most important thing which is to attack, they weren’t doing anything particular.


(I guess we should pick up those who were hit by the ice needle and retreat……?)


However, as soon as I thought of that.

A red light started to charge in the mouths of the five chickens that were aligned.


“T-T-T-The chickens that has fully grown up has the characteristics of spitting fire……”

“Say that earlierーーーーーーーーーーーーーーーー!!!!”


I shouted, but it was too late.

The chickens spat out flames.


I wouldn’t make it.

I wouldn’t make it even if I dodge.


It can’t be helped!

I grabbed Laura by her nape.


“God’s Barrierーーー!!!”


God’s Barrier is the hidden technique where the useless goddess will be used as a shield and make me survive alone!

The goddess will die!!!




The goddess’s screams echoed, but I was completely unscathed.

I picked up the chicken that died with the ice needle and left the chicken’s nest.




It huuuuuuuuuuurtssssssss〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜.

My face and head, it’s stinging〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜.



In front of the cave.

The goddess is weeping.

The barrier that I created was not a completed technique.

Thanks to that, the goddess did not die and just started to cry.


On the other hand, I did not care at all about the goddess.

“She should be alright if she’s able to cry this much,” that was all what I could think.

After preparing to create fire, I took a bite on a raw chicken’s meat.


……it’s disgusting.

Of course, it is, it’s uncooked raw meat.





My level went up thanks to eating eat.

From how the plan goes, I should be able to use Flame Emission now.




The flames, it came out of my palm.

I got relieved that it did not come out of my mouth or butt.


And with that, I cooked the chicken.

The chicken with its feathers removed already looks delicious.


And when that was placed into the fire, it started to grill and released a good smell.

Its fat rolled down and fell.

It fell into the fire and made a “Juu” sound.


I started to drool just by looking.

I held the leg part.


I stared intently at the smoke and meat, and opened the feet.

The meat that has grilled part was torn apart showing its white meat.

I got hungry just by looking at it.


I took a bite


The taste of chicken, it was there.


It was as if the hard work up until now was paid off; it was very delicious.

Feeling of wanting to share this happiness, I said to the useless goddess.


“You want to eat too?”



The useless goddess Laura placed the chicken in her mouth.


“Tastes good?”



Laura chewed it and swallowed.


“So delicious……!!”


One second, two seconds, three seconds, she appreciated its taste.


“The grilled chicken skill was tasty and chicken’s unique good smell.

The salt that was added to that, it is so great and amazing……!!


Mogumogumogu2 Kokun3

The goddess continued to eat in silence, andーー.


She shouted.



“W-W-W-What happened?!!”

“Why are you eating as if it’s normal!!

Why are you letting me eat as if it’s normal!!!!”


“Eh? Eh? ……………ahh!!”

“This chicken, it has poison you know?!!

And that, you made me eat it as if it’s normal!!!!!”


“It was so delicious, so…………”

“Ah! Ah! AH! My stomach, it hurts! It hurts! IT HURTS〜〜〜〜〜〜!!!!


It looks like it’s already effective.

Laura started to press her stomach.


“Is there a toilet here?”


“Kehma you idiot!! You idiot!! You idioooot〜〜!!

Please, please go awaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜!!!”

“Ah! Ahh!!”


I left obediently.

By the way, my level is like this.



Name: Kosakai Kehma

Race: Human


Level: 13→16

HP: 85/136 (↑25)

MP: 62/90 (↑22)

Strength: 117 (↑22)

Vitality: 111 (↑23)

Agility: 129 (↑23)

Magic Power: 100 (↑20)


Learned Skills

Flame Emission LV1 2/50

Poison Constitution LV1 1/50


Raised Skills




Leaving aside Flame Emission, is the Poison Constitution alright?

I feel like, it’s a type of skill that a person who stopped being human would learn.

But, the chicken is delicious.

Thinking of that…………



It doesn’t matter, right?







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