Level Up Just By Eating – Chapter 2

Chapter 2 – Securing water and Monster      vs Clione



(If it’s the water from this forest, the safest way is to get it from this river)


Laura hid in the bushes and said quietly.


(I got that, but……)


I also hid in the bush and asked Laura.


(What’s that……?)

(Can’t you tell just by looking?)

(I won’t be asking if I could)


(They’re called Clione)




I could not say anything.

It is true, that is a clione.


It’s white transparent body that is like a veil, and its slightly red head and organs.

Having those flapping on both side of its body just like an angel’s wings is exactly like a clione.



They’re huge and even floating.


Its basketball-size head and body that matches it are huge.

And it is just drifting over the river.

That group that was like fireflies, they were floating around.


And one among them jumped into the river.

It caught a jellyfish-like creature and swallowed it whole.


(I want to see their status if that’s possible……)



Laura places her hand on my neck.

With the power of the Sense Sharing, windows appeared on top of their heads.

Each is subtly different, but the one in the center is like this.



Name: None

Race: Clione


Level: 10

HP: 44/44

MP: 22/22

Strength: 32

Vitality: 88

Agility: 30

Magic Powers: 20



By the way, I’m like this.



Level: 7

HP: 56/56

MP: 28/28

Strength: 52

Vitality: 48

Agility: 58

Magic Powers: 44



Although I have an overall higher status, there is a significant difference in vitality.


(Can’t I see its skills?)

(It’s not part of my familia, so it’s impossible)

(I see)


I saw the Clione’s status once again.

As expected of relatives of clams, their defense powers are high.

They’re lower than me other than Vitality, so I won’t lose in a 1v1 fight.


However, the problem is their numbers.

As far as I can see, there are about 20-30 of them.

Since they have MP, it’s better to think that they could use magic.


Well, what should I do then?

But when I was thinking like that, a sound came out from Laura’s direction.






It’s the fucking Useless Goddess’s second sneeze.





The cliones noticed us.

The part around its chest split open, and ice needles were shot!!




I pushed Laura down and avoided the ice needles.

The cold, big, and thick thing grazed my back.


“You damn Useless Goddess!!!!”

“I’m sooooooorrrrryyyyy〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜 !”


“Anyways, you go get those needles sticking on the ground and run!

I’ll buy you some time!!!”



The damn useless idiot goddess Laura held the ice needle and ran away.

I picked up a fallen tree club.

It’s some weapon that is 70cm long.


The cliones’ heads suddenly split open.

Their split heads turned into tentacles and rushed towards me!!



The fierce fight finally ended.

The cliones’ attacks were decent, but they are not as fast as the lion.

As long as I do not get hit by their ice needles, it is very easy to take distance.

Though I think that I might have died if I did not level up, I did level up.


I defeated the two who had advanced and escaped from the battle area.

The cliones did not chase deeply.




The useless goddess Laura welcomed me with a warm smile.




I dropped a fist on the useless goddess’s head who jumped to me.




The useless goddess Laura moaned while holding her head.


“Why, what did I do〜…………”

“You sneezed! YOU sneezed!!!”

“It can’t be helped! My nose got great and got itchy!!”

“You idiot girl!!!”



I made her shut up by pinching her cheeks.




I then said while letting out a sigh.


“What happened to the ice needle that you picked up?”

“It became like this!”


The useless goddess, she took out a bucket with a smile.

There was a lot of water inside.

It looks great.


“Looks like there’s plenty of them.”

“Seems so!”

“By the way, can these guys be eaten?”


I grabbed the bodies of the two cliones and reached it out to Laura.


“The red parts is fishy, but I heard the transparent parts is quite good.”

“Do you have something like a knife?”

“It will cost, Goddess Points……”

“Just bring it out.”



After nodding, Laura reached out her hands to the sky.


“World! Follow my command and create a miracle!

My name is, Laura Gine Amara!”


A white ball of light emerged, and a knife appeared from it.

My heart could not help but beat quickly by its mystical appearance.

I asked with excitement.


“This knife, how strong is it?”

“It’s just as strong as knives that can be bought in general stores.”

“I see……”


My excited feelings popped like a balloon.

Hyurururu, they were carried away by the cold wind.


“I-I-I-It! can’t be helped!

I have no spare points after all!!!”

“If you have some spare, you can make something stronger?”


“If it’s something stronger than the weapons found in the market……a special condition must be met.”

“Special condition?”

“If you’re thinking of making a Flame Sword, flame ores or salamander’s scales would be needed.”

“I see〜.”


“Anyways, anyways, you should use it thankfully!

I made it from my small amount of points after all!”



I immediately processed the clione.

I took out the red parts and placed it on the side, and cut the transparent parts.

I put the sliced parts on top of a bamboo leaf-like leaves and arranged it beautifully.


The sashimi is complete.




The useless goddess Laura raised a voice of amazement.


“It looks……amazing.

It’s shining, and looks good…………!!”


“In fact, I do think that it’s done quite well.”


I picked up the sashimi using the chopstick that I made out of a tree branch.

The transparent sashimi has a sparkle, and it is shining beautifully under the sun.


Churu, I ate it as if to suck it up.

Tsurun, the sashimi danced inside my mouth.

Nyuru, it is soft when I bit it, and a slightly sweet taste spread inside my mouth.


“Kehma! Kehma! Kehmaaa!”


The useless goddess Laura pulled the hem of my clothes and opened her mouth like “a〜n”.

It cannot be helped.

I don’t want to do this that much, but I won’t gain points if I don’t give her.

I need to return the favor with the knife too.


I picked up the sashimi using the chopsticks and placed it on Laura’s mouth.


Laura tasted it silently.




Laura made a fist and shouted in emotion.


“The glossy texture moved inside my mouth and is slightly sweet!

It was as if I was in a tentacle play with a veil of happiness!!!”

“Is that a positive comment?!!”


I could not help but point that out, but it did not reach Laura’s ears.

“Delicioooooooooouuuusss〜〜〜〜〜!!”, she ate.



And my level went up.

I looked at the details using Laura’s powers.



Name: Kosakai Kehma

Race: Human


Level: 7→10

HP: 65/80 (↑24)

MP: 46/46 (↑18)

Strength: 75 (↑23)

Vitality: 70 (↑22)

Agility: 82 (↑24)

Magic Powers: 60 (↑16)


Learned Skills

Ice Needle  LV1 8/50

Raised Skills




The level increase is below the fruit, but I gained a new skill.


“Ice Needle!”


When I used it, the arrow of ice pierced into the tree’s trunk.

I pulled it out and bit it, but it seemed like normal water.

It is very plain, but it looks like I would not have problems with water with this.

Seeing the parameter, I thought of something.


I processed the second clione and placed it into my mouth.

Mogumogumogu, gokun!

I ate a few slices.



I confirmed the level up and looked at my status using Laura’s powers.



Level: 10→13

HP: 85/105 (↑25)

MP: 62/68 (↑22)

Strength: 107 (↑22)

Vitality: 93 (↑23)

Agility: 106 (↑24)

Magic Powers: 80 (↑20)


Learned Skills


Raised Skills

Ice Needle  LV1 15/50(↑7)



It’s just like I’ve thought!

The Ice Needle raised!


When I first learned it, it is level 1 with 8.

Having 8 although it was just learned is a bit high.

And after eating the second one, the level is unchanged, but it raised by 7.


The first individual has Ice Needle  LV 1 8/50, and the second one has LV1   7/50.

I ate two of them, so it became level 1   15/50.


This probably means, it’s like that.

I did not do any hard work, but I will level up just by eating.

That itself is amazing enough, but I could also get skills.


This is the best!


Well then, next is the chicken.




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