Level Up Just By Eating – Chapter 16

Chapter 16 – Being favored by a female merchant.



“Excuse me.”

“Welcome, Kehma-kun.”


The Guild’s Onee-san showed a smile.


“It was too much after all right? Carrying a vault with just the two of you.”


Onee-san’s smile was full of kindness.



“We finished it?”



She had her eyes widened when I said that casually.


“I also asked for the sign properly.”



She took the card while being surprised and looked at the sign.

She compared the signature on the card to the request form that the Guild had beforehand.


“It is true; it is Miss Lilina’s sign……”

“I told you right? I’m confident with my strength.”

“It looks it is only a matter of time before you become C-Rank or D-rank……”

“And so, there, can I ask a question?”


“It is frequent for merchants to try and have connections with promising adventurers?”

“Did you had such offer from Miss Lilina?”

“I was given 20000 Barse.”

“But, Kehma, he refused it you know!!”

“I came from the country, and I just came here. I just thought of being careful.”

“That is something frequent.”


The Onee-san said.


“There is something called Designated Quest in the Guild.

As its name says, it is a quest that is requested for a particular person.

However, most of the famous adventurers are very busy.

There are also cases where it is refused even before they check what kind of quest it is.”


“I see.”

“On the other hand, there is also a case where a special contract is made, and the adventurers are hired as a live-in exclusive bodyguard.”

“Anyways, it means that it is a common thing.”

“If it is ‘promising’ adventurers, then it is.”


I see.


“But if you are still worried, there is this kind of document.”


The Onee-san gave me one piece of paper.


“It is a Donation Declaration Document.”

“Donation Declaration Document?”

“As its name says, it is a document that proves that the given money is given as a donation.

If you have this, even if you are forced to do something because of the given money, it will be nullified.

Although, there is a need to pay a fee and make a Guild employee come with you, or the donator come here……”


“Can you wait for a while? I will go and confirm with Lilina-san.”


“You’re doing so it so complicatedly huh……”

“It hasn’t been long since I came to this world after all. I need to be careful in advancing things.”

“I understand, the logic though……”

“If you don’t want to come, you can stay in the inn?”

“I hate that more!!”


Laura clung to my arm for some reason.

I felt my face get hot to the reaction that I did not expect. I think that it is getting red.

Both Laura and I became red that we were almost the same.




I don’t understand her words, but she whimpered with a face that understood her verbal slip and got off of me.

She looked to the side and said.


“I-I-I-I don’t really know, but I hate it!! I hate being away from Kehma!!”

“Is that so……”

“That is so…………”


The useless goddess was somewhat fidgety.


“W-Well, since you say so, then follow me……”



When I reached out my hand, the useless goddess took it.

She’s so sly. She shows cuteness from time to time although she’s normally a bad and an idiot girl.

However, it is really frustrating because I don’t know whether she likes me or she’s just feeling lonely.

This damn Useless Goddess.



We arrived at Lilina’s house.

I knocked on the door.


“Who is it?”

“It’s me.”

“You huh.”


Lilina came out.


“From what I heard from the Guild, I found out that it is very common for excellent merchants to support promising adventurers.”

“You went on your way to check that?”


“You do not think, I can be trusted?”

“You are a stranger that I had just met after all.”

“Do I look like……a bad person?”


Lilina glared with a sharp gaze.

However, I smiled and casually said.


“If you are a good person, you should understand the feeling of people who thinks『it is scary to trust a person you just met』.”

“Hahahahaha. I see, I see.”


Lilina laughed with delight.


“Composed while careful, however, not just a coward or just suspicious by nature.

Can get one’s head around too, so although cannot be trusted, someone that can be relied on.”

“That is probably true.”


This time, I grinned.


“Eh?! Hey! What does it mean???”

“Someone who can get around their head means that they are sensitive for profits.

“And being sensitive for profits means that they are not an idiot.”

“Isn’t it good that they’re not an idiot?! What’s bad about it?!

Hey, explain it more easily so I can understand!!”


I explained to her.


“Not an idiot means that you don’t know what they’re thinking on the back of their mind.

It means that they are excellent when it comes to requesting something because of their ability, but it is dangerous to trust them from the bottom of your heart because you might get stabbed from behind.”

“By the way, I am also reputed by such so often.”


Lilina made a smile again.

And then, Laura said with sadness.


“Then it means, Kehma, you don’t trust me……?”

” ” Ha…………? ” “


My voice and Lilina’s voice came out at the same time.


“Has high skills and can get around their head……doesn’t that mean, it’s me?!!

Rather, aren’t those personalities that you mentioned from my characteristics?!!

It means, Kehma, thinks of me as……”



I launched the Water Magic into Laura’s eyes.




The useless goddess leaned back and covered her eyes.


“My eyessss!! My eyessss! It seriously hurts!! It seriously hurtssss!!!”

“Well, sorry for that.”


I used Heal on Laura.

Laura released a liquid with mixed water and tears and shouted.


“Kehma you idiooot!!! You’re really an idiooot!!!!

Just this time, you’re really an idiot that the word idiot isn’t enough, you idioooot!!! Idiooooooot!!!”

“Well, it was my fault, that just now.”


“I’ll treat you one dish you like so, forgive me.”



Laura became cheerful in an instant.

The twin tails on the side of her head bounced.


“Just one dish okay.”

“Kehmaaa〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜♥♥ Ehehehe〜, ehee〜〜〜♥♥♥”


Laura hugs my arm very happily.

On top of being very stupid, she is fatally simple and easy to handle.

She’s a useless goddess that I’ll be worried if I’m not with her.


By the way, I got 50000 Barse for support.

It is really extraordinary, but it only means that she expects on me that much.

In reality, those were some discerning eyes.









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