Level Up Just By Eating – Chapter 15

Chapter 15 – It is an instant if it is physical work.



I left the room and went down the stairs.

Asha is shouting in the table.


“Kehma-sama was not my destined person toooooo!!”


In her right hand, alcohol.

GokyuGokyu, she drank and raised her voice.


“But even so alcohol is the best!!!”


That person, isn’t she too strong?

Please, somebody, just take her.



And with this and that, we arrived at the guild.

I stood up in front of the green bulletin board where quests for G-Rank are posted.


“Which quest should we take……”

“The one that earns a lot of money!!!”

“We’ll yeah, after all, we’ll be troubled if the earnings for the day all disappears to the expenses just to take an inn.”

“I know right?! I know right?! 99% of happiness can be dealt with money right?!”

“If it’s 99%, it might be so.”

“Today’s Kehma. He’s so understanding〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜♡♡♡”


The goddess clung to my arm and rubbed her face.


“If you cling to me like that, I can feel your boobs……”

“K-K-K-Kehma, you pervert!”


The useless goddess got off me with a red face.

It’s troubling that there’s this me who thinks that this useless goddess so cute since the morning.

Well, leaving that on the side.


“If it’s the one that we should take, it’s probably this.”




Baggage Carrying.






300 Barse.



I wish to place the vault that is no longer needed into the warehouse.

It is very heavy, so it is preferred that three or more people accept the quest.



“What’s that?!”

“Baggage carrying. They said that they wanted to place the unneeded vault into the warehouse.”

“How about the reward?! Is it 2 times of the Egg Collection?! 10 times?! 50 times?!”

“It’s a third of it.”

“Haaaaa?!!! What’s that! I don’t get it!!

Are you an idiot?! Is Kehma and idiot?!!”


I flicked Laura with a finger.




I mean, really, this girl doesn’t learn at all.


“There are many low rewards for lower ranks.

One must raise their ranks to earn more.

But, there is a need to do many jobs to raise one’s rank.

If I say this much, you should understand what to do right?”


The teary-eyed Laura muttered while she placed both hands on her forehead.




“What the heck’s with that answer?! That’s gibberish?!!

I feel like someone who asked about the weather and the one who answered to him said『Nobunaga1 is the Demon King of the Sixth Heaven2』!!!”


“N-N-N-No! I didn’t mean that!

I just thought, ‘since we don’t have money, maybe Kehma should sell his body……?’!!

But, it would be difficult if stay like that, so I thought you should crossdress first!!”


You meant it like that?!

I understood it logically, but logically, it’s a fallacy!!


“I mean, if there’s someone who should sell their body, sell your own!!

If it’s you, you’ll be sold at a fairly high price right?!!”

“I don’t want that!! I’m a Goddess you know?!!

I mean, even if it is going to be at a high price…………oh, eh?! eh?!”


For some reason, the goddess blushed her cheeks happily.


“Kehma, you think that I will be sold at a high price huh……”


“I see〜. Ehehe. I see〜〜〜”


Laura, the idiot, smiled to her ears happily.


“Oh really〜〜〜〜. You’re not so honest huh〜, Kehma〜〜〜.

If you are thinking of me as a Great Goddess of Beauty, you should just say so you know〜〜〜〜”


I got so pissed off.

I pinched her cheeks just as usual.




I took the quest to the window counter.


“This please.”

“Carrying baggage, huh……”


“It is written in this paper, more than three though……”

“I am confident with my strength so it’s alright.”

“In the case where you repeatedly fail quests, there would be regulations and restrictions, so please be careful.


“Well then, please take this card.

This will be the proof that you took this quest.”


I received the G-22 card and went to where the client is.



The house we went to is a decently big, three-floored house.

I knocked on the door.

A voice sounded from the back of the door.


『Who are you?』

“I am the one who accepted the quest in the guild.”


The door opened.

A beautiful Onee-san with impressive long and glossy hair came out.


“I am Lilina Crocket. You are the adventurer who accepted this time’s quest?”

“Yes, that is right.”

“In the quest form that I asked, I think I put『More than three』though?”

“I can do a job for more than three people just by myself.”

“Are you, a B-Rank or C-rank or something?”

“I am G-Rank, but I have that much strength.”


Lilina made a kind smile.


“I do not hate, young men who boast such words.”


However, soon after that, she narrowed her eyes sharply and said.


“Though it’s in the prerequisite that they have enough skills.”


I grinned and answered.


“I’m the opposite of that though.”


“I’m not good at boasting at all.”


Lilina made a frank laugh.


“If it comes to this, I can only ask you to show me your skills then.”

“If it is carrying the vault, I can show it to you all you want.”


I was guided inside the house.

We passed the living room and taken to a dimly lit study.

The vault is at the back of that room.


“As you can see, the place where you put the key is broken. It is very unreliable as a vault.”


Lilina placed a hand on her beautifully shaped chin.


“However, the metal that is used on it is a special metal called Graviterias Heavy Alloy.

It is very heavy but fairly expensive.

It can be used as materials for weapons and armors as well.”


“That’s why you want to place this vault to the warehouse in the yard and buy a new vault.”

“It’s good that you understand quickly.”


I approached the vault. I lightly lifted it.


“Wait for a second. The Sealing Formation is, still……”


Lilina said something, but it was too late.

Gowa! I raised it up high.



“Was there a problem?”

“There is a sealing formation, on both the bottom of the vault and the floor, so that the vault cannot be easily lifted up.

Its weight, it should be at least multiplied by five times, its original weight……”

“That’s why I told you right? I’m not boasting or bragging at all.”

“Ehehehehe, isn’t he amazing! He’s my Kehma you know!”

“Who’s yours? Who is it?”



Laura who had her feet stepped on by me shouted with teary eyes.


“You stepped on me strongly! You stepped on me strongly that it hurtssss!!”

“Do you want a bigger and harder one?”


I tilted the vault.


Fueeeeeeeeeeen! Noooooooooooooooooooo!!

I’ll apologize!! I’ll apologize so please stoooooooooooopp!!!

If such a big thing comes, I’ll dieeeeeeeeeeee!!!”

“Well, good then.”


I stopped tilting the vault.


“Are you, really G-Rank……?”

“Did I not say it? I at least have the strength of B-Rank or C-Rank.”

“It means that it was not boasting, huh……”


I carried the vault like that and went to the warehouse in the yard.

I placed it in the designated space.


“Is the quest finished with this?”


“Well then, please sign on this card.”


Lilina obediently signed it.


“Certainly, I have received it.”

“By the way, are you lacking in money or something?”


“I meant it literally. You can just answer whether you are lacking or not.”


What in the world does she mean? I didn’t understand the intention of her question.

My purpose is not to guess the other party’s intention.

My purpose is to set my mind unmoving, by thinking of many things beforehand.




“We are!!!”



The idiot girl answered instantly.


“It’s 1000 Barse just to stay in our current inn, but the job for one day is just that much too!!

On top of that, we have a debt too!! I, I…………”

“Why the heck are you telling someone you just met everything about your lifestyle!!!”



However, if she said that much, it is impossible to hide it anymore.

I hugged Laura from behind and covered her mouth with a hand.


“It is mostly like that.

However, the debt isn’t that much, so it is alright.”

“How much do you mean, by not much?”

“It’s only 30000 Barse that was charged when we registered to the Guild.”

“It is true that with your skills, its money that can be taken care of with time.”


Lilina placed a hand on her pocket.

She took out a palm-sized leather bag.


“Take it.”


I received it and looked inside.

It is full of silver coins and gold coins.


“All in all, it is probably 20000 Barse.”


“I am, a merchant after all.

Having connections with promising adventurers early on would bring me profits later on.”

“I see……”


I understand the pretext.

However, this person’s words is not limited to the truth.

I returned the money to Lilina.


“Can you wait for a while? I want to check something.”

“It is fine.”

“Eh?! Hey! You’re returning it?!”




Laura got dispirited blatantly.

However, there is no way that I should take that money at this stage.

I took Laura with me and went to the Guild.






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  1. Oda Nobunaga – Daimyō of Japan in the late 16th century who attempted to unify Japan during the late Sengoku period. Also, portrayed in many anime or games as a villain.
  2. 大六天魔王(Dairokuten Maou) – it is said that Oda Nobunaga(織田信長) proclaimed himself as such. It is probably Buddhism stuff

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