Level Up Just By Eating – Chapter 14

Chapter 14 – Alcohol drinking challenge


Asha bit off the almost-chicken meat and said.


“By the way, Kehma-sama, can you drink?”

“I haven’t tried, so……”

“Leaving aside when you cannot drink, is it not absurd not drinking?!”

“It’s safe when you can’t drink huh.”


“Unable to drink is because of one’s constitution, but not drinking is because of one’s will desuwa!

Admitting that is against God’s will!!!”


“It’s that serious?!”

“Of course!!!”


Asha strongly declared.

Pachiri, she snapped her finger.

The cat-eared girl that seemed to be a part-timer brought alcohol on a tray.

Seven one liter size bottles were placed next to each other.


“It’s a match! Kehma-sama!”

“A match……?”

“There will be no penalty even if Kehma-sama loses!

However, if by chance you won, then……”



“You can……do what you want with me!”



I took a good look at Asha.

Beautiful face and wavy blonde hair.

And that attention-grabbing jugs.


That……, I could do whatever I want……?

Gokuri, I swallowed.


“I was born in a high-status family, but I am 26 this year.

It has been 11 years since a fortune teller told me that『If it is not a person stronger than you when it comes to alcohol, I believe that you will not be married』.

But I really want a partner now…………!”


“Were you drinking alcohol, since then……?”

“Of course……!”


Yoyoyo〜, Asha lamented and poured alcohol on the jug.


“Was the one who hired that fortune teller, your father or your mother?”

“Of course desuwa……!”


Kyuu, Asha drank the alcohol.

I thought.


(Isn’t that just, your father and mother wishing you to stop drinking……?)


“I am a third daughter.

Its role is to give birth to a child in the case where Onee-sama who would succeed the House but did not give birth to one.

I cannot pass through our House’s gates if I do not marry a husband and give birth to a child……!”


And while we were talking like that, Asha continued to drink alone.

Gokyu, Gokyu, Gokyu



Gokyu, Gokyu, Gokyu



“Alcohol, izz da bestoo〜〜〜〜!!!”

“However, although you were born in such House, you are managing such an inn huh.”

“Is it not natural since it is a Guild affiliated store?”



I could not help but ruminate, but the other adventurers looked at me with a surprised expression.

It is true that if it is a Guild affiliated store, it is bad to affiliate with weird people.

If so, wanting to appoint people who have a clear pedigree or heritage is natural.


“I am sorry, I’m from the countryside, so.”

“That will, really be the case if you didn’t even know that……”


Asha muttered with widened eyes.


“Anyways, it’s like that!

I will have Kehma-sama have a match with me!”


Asha quickly poured alcohol.

It is a lemon-colored, delicious-looking alcohol.


“While its price being reasonable, it is an alcohol with the best quality!”


Koku! Koku! Koku!

What first came was the feeling of soda.

At the same time, its coldness stimulated inside my mouth, and the lemon’s sourness and the fruit’s sweetness spread all throughout my mouth.


And then, a thick and heavy bitterness.

I gulped.

The supreme coldness passed through my throat and cooled my esophagus. I can tell the shape of my stomach.



“I know right!!”


Asha bent forward eagerly.

Her beautiful face, cherry lips, and plump chest approached.


If I win.

I can do what I want with those breasts……!

I gripped the jug and drank at once.


“I shall accept your challenge!”

“Good reply!”

“You’re accepting it?! Kehma!”

“Didn’t I say that?”



“Do you have any problem with that?”

“I don’t…………but.”

“If you don’t then don’t say anything.”



Laura nodded obediently.


“Is there any rules?”

“Whoever drinks more wins!”

“It’s simple huh.”

“It is simple!”


Topo Topo Topo

Topo Topo Topo

The maid girl poured alcohol in both Asha and my jug.


“Well then, ready go!”


The instant she said that, Asha started drinking.

Gokyu! Gokyu! Gokyu

She drank it all at once andーー.


“It is the best!!”


With a face full of smiles.

Smiles are really good.

The more it is if it is from a beauty.


I also drank alcohol.

It’s good.


I have Poison Resistance.

After eating various things, it raised up to level 3.

Although it is inferior to the level 4 that is a master class, I should be able to compete decently.

I mean, before the match started, she had drunk quite a lot. This girl.


Gokyu! Gokyu! Gokyu!


“It is the best!!”


Gokyu! Gokyu! Gokyu!


“It is the best!!”


Asha shouted every time she drank.

New alcohol and new food were brought.

It is a Chinese-style stir-fried shredded meat with green peppers or simply Pepper Steak.

I think that it is called differently in this world, but it looks almost equally.


“It’s here!!”


Asha puts her hands together and took a pose as if to ask something.

I used a fork and put it into her mouth.


“The crunchy green peppers and the Mad Buffalo’s beef’s thick richness.

And adding to that this fruit wine……”


Gokyu! Gokyu! Gokyu!


“IT IS THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


Asha felt deliciously with a (><) face.

And in fact, it is delicious.

Both food and alcohol progressed together.


“However, although you said it is a match, it doesn’t feel like one huh.”

“Drinking without enjoying? That is a blasphemy to the alcohol!!”


Really, what a charming person.

And an hour and a half of drinking.





Asha and I laughed at the same time.



“We drink…… more than this…………”

“The alcohol cannot be……”




The two of us fell together.

It is a draw.




Only the useless goddess’ voice was the thing that I heard from my losing consciousness.



Chun……, ChunChun

In the morning where a sparrow-like bird chirped.

I woke up with a headache.

There is a wet towel on my forehead.




In my vision, the useless goddess with teary eyes.

She is probably holding my hand. There is a soft feeling from my right hand.




When she noticed that I woke up, she raised a loud voice.


“You idiot, you idiot, you idiot!! You idiot, you idiot, you idiooot!!

Kehma, you idiot!! Idiot!! Idiooot!!”


The useless goddess jumped to my chest and started pounding my chest.


“I was, I was really worried you know!!

I was……I was really worried!!”

“Was that, so……”


My heart got warm.

This girl is an idiot useless goddess, but that is why, she does not lie.

At times when she is worried are times when she really is worried.


This girl, maybe I must treat her more importantly.

Her breasts are large too.

I thought like that and tried to embrace Laura.



“I was really worried you know!

I was worrying that if Kehma dies, who’s going to take care of me!!”


I pinched Laura’s cheeks.




I’ll take back all my words at God Speed.

It is not an exaggeration that that speed of turning back is a high-speed drill.

It’s Plasma Drill Hurricane.


“But, thank goodness……ehehe.”


The useless goddess wiped off the tears in the corner of her eyes using her pointing finger.

I thought of really, turning back again.

But, it’s embarrassing, so I could only treat her indifferently as always.


“We’re going to work. Damegami.”



The useless goddess followed with a face full of smile.

By the way, my level became like this thanks to the alcohol.



Level: 1285→1335

HP: 11390/11390(↑400)

MP: 10497/10497(↑366)

Strength: 10200(↑224)

Vitality: 10233(↑228)

Agility: 10150(↑267)

Magic Powers: 9657(↑320)


Learned Skills


Raised Skills

Detoxification Constitution LV1 2/50(↑1)

Poison Resistance LV3 1/500(↑1)

Poison Constitution LV2 116/150(↑33)



I think that the reason why the increase of the Detoxification Constitution and Poison Resistance is small is because it is not from eating but training.

I drank up until I collapsed but it only increased by 1 or 2.

I could understand how difficult it is to raise the skill efficiency without cheat.


On the other hand, the Poison Resistance is because I drank alcohol.

As I’ve thought, alcohol is treated as poison.






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