Level Up Just By Eating – Chapter 13

Chapter 13 – Let’s stay in an inn



On our way back after finishing our quest.

Laura said something when we were heading to the guild.


“Our quest, it ended huh〜, Kehma!”

“I guess so.”

“What are we buying?! What are we buyingg?!”


“After all, I’m a goddess right〜?

Something like a ring, or an earring, I think that having pretty clothes are good too〜”


Laura placed a hand on her cheek and started twisting her body.


“Like eating in an elegant restaurant, going to resorts is good too!

So great and famous!”


This girl, what the heck is she dreaming with just a G-Rank quest.


“Of course, Kehma could also buy swords and shields if you find ones that you like!!”


Really, what the heck are you planning on buying with just a G-Rank quest’s reward?


“It’s so exciting〜〜〜. Ehehehe〜〜〜〜〜〜”


However, that smile, although I do not want to admit it, it’s cute.

This girl, really, all that’s good about her is her face and her breasts.



We arrived at the guild.

I took out the signed card and gave it to the receptionist Onee-san.




Onee-san who checked it received the card.


(It’s so exciting! So exciting!)


The useless goddess Laura said in a small voice.

I’m also looking forward to it.

It’s the first reward from the first job in this world.


“Well then, this will be the reward.”



A small change is on top of a small tray.

There are two silver colored coins like a 100 yen coin.




Laura widened her eyes stunned.


“Eh……?! Eh……?!”


She looked at Onee-san and the small change alternately.

I asked.


“Is one silver coin, 500 Barse each?”

“Yes, that is correct.”


Then, just like it’s written in the quest paper, two silver coins is 1000 Barse.


“Why the way, where’s the cheapest inn around here?”

“If it is an opened guild officially recognized store, it will be Asha’s Crescent Moon Inn.

If it is for two, it will be 1000 Barse for one stay.”


So expensive!

All of the earnings would be taken just staying one night!!


“It is a little expensive for an inn, but there will be breakfast and dinner, and lunch box for lunch.”


I see.

If so, it would be cheap instead.

After all, a dango is 100 Barse.


I think that the dango is expensive instead, but it just probably means that it is just such a special product.

Even in Japan, there is also coffee for 1500 yen that is picky with its ingredients.


“Fuee, fueeeen……”


However, although I was calmly thinking all about that.

The useless goddess, she placed her face and hands on the counter and started to sob.


“Let’s go Damegami.”



I received the two silver coins and walked dragging the goddess that is useless.



“Fueeen. Fueeen……”

“Until when are you going to fueen?”

“But, but〜……”

“I mean, please stop it. If you fue at me inside the town, I’ll get troubled from standing out.”


“Kehma……will be troubled?”

“Didn’t I just say that.”

“Then……, I’ll stop……”

“You’re weirdly obedient sometimes.”

“Kehma has, taken care of me, a lot, so……”


It is good if she’s behaving herself.

I took Laura and went to the inn.


“This is the best desuwa!!”


When we entered the inn, a blonde hair Ojou-sama shouted.

Strictly speaking, that might not be the correct assumption.

But seeing a blond hair with curled locks, I would associate it with an Ojou-sama.


The Ojou-sama, she drank the liquid that seems to be beer inside a jug.

And in front of her was a muscular man that has a beard that almost connected with his sideburns.


The Ojou-sama drank what inside that jug with an ecstatic face.

Gogyuu. Gogyuu. Gogyuu.

Every time the liquid decreased, her white neck moved and gulped.

Her sweat spreads on her white skin.




The girl, she made the most refreshing smile she could make.

On the other hand, the man collapsed with a pale face.

The Ojou-sama said with some loneliness.


“It is, my win again……”


The surrounding men brought the collapsed man to the corner of the room.


“There’s still guys who don’t know their places, huh, challenging Asha to a drinking battle.”

“Are you the one to say that? Are you?”

“It’ll be over if you say that.”

” ” ” Gahahahahahaha!!! ” ” “


I don’t really know, but it is a lively atmosphere.

It’s difficult for a rookie to join it.



“The person there! Are you a new rookie?!”

E〜to……yes. I was introduced here, by the guild……”

“I am Asha! I am the one who is in charge of taking care of this inn desuwa!”

“Please take care of me. I’m Kehma.”


“What about alcohol?! Do you like it?! Do you love it?!

Love or like?

I, of course, love and like it, piercing through the heavens desuwa!!”


“It is not like I like it, things like that……”



The Ojou-sama shouted.


“Adventurers who do not drink alcohol are like caterpillars that do not undergo metamorphosis you know?!

It is a midori caterpillar you know?!

Why in the world are you living then?!!”


“Even so, the world is vast, there must be things better than alcohol……”

“They do not exist!!!”


She instantly replied.


“Of course, when it comes to micro, it is not nothing!

However, in front of the great alcohol, it is like a tick bragging about being bigger than a flea!!!”




“If you cannot understand it with alcohol, I do not mind even if it is meat or fruits!

Being able to eat your favorite food at your favorite time.

That is what you call happiness desuwa!!”

“Ah! You meant it like that.”

“That is right!”


Asha nodded strongly.


“Well then, first should be a meal alright!!”


Asha went to the back of the store.

About ten minutes of waiting.

A huge amount of food came out.


Fried chicken-like leg and green leaf. And there is white bread.

Asha took the chicken-like leg and ate it heartily.

And then, she covered the meat with the leaf and changed it into a sandwich.


“Biting it off like this after preparing is the manner!

The point is not biting but biting it off!!”


Asha held the sandwich with both hands.

She bites it off as she declared.

The white meat flew like saliva, and the umami-full fat scattered.


Gabu, Gabu, Gabu, Kokun

Asha gulped after tasting it.


“Do you understand?!”



I copied Asha.

I removed that chicken-like thing with my mouth and enveloped it with the green leaf.

I sandwiched it between the bread and bit it off heartily.


The bread full of the spicy chicken-like taste and the chicken taste.

And the contrast of that with the vegetable was really amazing.



I even leveled up.


Level: 1280→1285

HP: 10990/10990(↑35)

MP: 10131/10131(↑37)

Strength: 9976(↑30)

Vitality: 9905(↑34)

Agility: 9883(↑31)

Magic Powers: 9337(↑36)


Learned Skill

High Jump LV1 3/50

Raised Skill



◆ High Jump

Adds bonus to jumping strength.

The multiplying factor is # of level x 1.1

It’s 1.1x when level 1. It is 2.2x when level 2.



It looks like a useful skill.

It’s almost useless at level 1 but seems useful at level 2.


“Kehma! Kehma! Kehmaa!!”


And the useless goddess Laura started stomping just as usual.

Just like a chick asking for food, “A〜n, she opened her mouth.


I let her eat the sandwich.

MoguMoguMogu, Gokyun

Just as usual, Laura tasted the food then gulped.




She made the usual (><) face and trembled with deep emotion.


“Delicious! Amazing! Delicious!

The meat and fat that mixed with the bread are like very moist, but thanks to the bread it’s super juicy!! Beautiful!

The model-san wearing a swimsuit is also great and famous eating naked! Amazing!!”


Just as usual, it’s a mysterious language sense.

But, keeping the second part aside, I understand about it being moist.

The instant the bread that is wet by the meat entered my mouth, it spread throughout my mouth.


“Ahhh〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜really〜〜〜! My heart’s like pyonpyon!!

It’s pyon pyon pyon〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜!!!!”


But although she said that, the useless goddess didn’t jump up but rolled around.


“By the way, what meat is it?”

“It’s the Swamp Frog!!”

“Swamp Frog.”



That means…………




Laura who was praising it so much just a second ago started trembling with a pale face.



“Isn’t it delicious?!”

“It was delicious, but……. But〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜.



The usual goddess fell on the ground sitting like a girl and started weeping just as usual.






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