Level Up Just By Eating – Chapter 10

“I’ll give y’all guys the woman! Do as you like!” by Main Character



I stared at the bulletin board and searched for G-Rank quests from the edge.


Removing graffiti. 200 Barse.

Cleaning the town canals. 300 Barse.

Carrying merchant’s baggage. 500 Barse.


As expected of G-Rank. They’re all safe quests.


(But, if I’m going to do one, I’d like a quest to fight monsters)


I could even raise my skills and experience points by eating monsters.

And when I’m thinking like that while looking, I actually found an interesting quest.



Collect Caterpillar Egg.






1000 Barse.



Seeking Caterpillar Eggs.

The quantity is 5.

Not to be purchased if broken.


“Hey, Laura. Do you know what’s a Caterpillar Egg?”



Laura poked her temples.

This girl who at least seems to be a Goddess of Wisdom can access the Spring of Wisdom where knowledge has accumulated.

It sounds like an exaggerated skill, but in short, it is just a dictionary.

I heard that the information would become outdated if it is not updated regularly.


「Just like its name says……it’s the egg Caterpillar」

「It’s really literally like that huh」


I looked at other quests.

However, other than that, there’s only a Goblin Subjugation quest with the other monster-type quests.

Between Caterpillar and Goblin, Caterpillar sounds better.

I took the Caterpillar Egg Collection Quest paper and went to the reception.


“This is……a G+ quest huh.”

“Is it bad?”

“There is no problem according to the rules, but if it’sーーfor the first quest, I cannot recommend it.”

“It’s alright. There’s two of us too.”

“Well, that is true……”


The receptionist Onee-san took out one card.


“Please take this card.

This is the proof that you have taken the quest.”


G-47 is written on the card.


“Thank you very much.”


I said thanks and left the guild with Laura.

It’s a cliché quest, but I felt like “Yeah, here I am ISEKAI!”.


However, behind me, an ominous shadow approached.

I felt a sinister intent.

I acted as if I did not notice and headed towards a place where there are only a few people.


“Eh! A-re?! Kehma. This path, isn’t it a little wrong?”

“Don’t mind it.”

“I’ll mind it!

On top of being narrow, there are almost no else around!

Don’t tell me, you……to me……?”


The useless goddess Laura did not notice the presence at all.


“N-N-N-N-Nooo you shouldn’t!!

I know that you want to attack me like super much, but there is, there is an order for time, place and sequence……!!”


“Whatever, just shut up.”



I pinched her cheeks and made the useless goddess shut up.


“Oi, oi, oi, oi, Oiii, oi oi!”

“You show-offs!”

“You look like you planned on doing this and that and even that, but we won’t let you!!”


The group of three skinheads came while they swaggered their shoulders.


” ” ” This Cellville, is a clean town where young men can live! ” ” “


“And what you really think is……?”


” ” ” Something like bringing a woman with you, don’t mess around!!!! ” ” “


It was a group of three that is really easy to understand.

Honestly, I do not hate them.

If it is with these three, Laura might get her happiness.

Rather, that’s what should happen; she will become happy with them.

I told the three skinheads.


“I’ll give y’all the damn woman! Do as you like!!!”


” ” ” Huaaa?!! ” ” “


The three men had their eyes popping out like a dove showered with machine gun bullets.


“H-H-H-H-Hey, what are you thinking!! Kehmaa!”

“I cannot, make you happy……”

“That is, right…… It is true that…… Kehma and I feel, we do not belong for each other……”


Laura whispered emotionally then said with a face full of mercy.


“But, I am a Goddess!!

Even if Kehma is such a bad boy, I can watch you as you grow if you really insistーー!!!”

“Why do you have such an arrogant attitude!!”




When I pinched her cheeks, the useless goddess moaned.

The skinheads who are surrounding us had an indescribable face.

They had the expression, (This guy, maybe he isn’t someone to be jealous of……).


I let out a sigh and said.


“And then…… What do you want again?”

“Although we three great guys look like this, we’re famous as the ‘Kind Group of Three’ you know.”

“We just found a rookie like you, so we wanted an errand boy……no, we wanted you to carry our baggage ya knowww!!”

“You’ll be able to see us the three great guys’ high-level battle without danger right?”


” ” ” That, we thought of saying, but…… ” ” “


The three guys looked at me with eyes of sympathy.

Like the peasant who realized the truth. 

The citizens who were dying from hunger had their resolutions and intruded a noble’s mansion.

However, there was also no money nor food inside the noble’s house.

The dwelling itself was the only luxury there.

The peasant understood that, the nobles were only victims as well……

The three men, they had that kind of faces.




I let out a sigh.

I thought of asking them to take Laura but, it was completely impossible.

I felt too bad for them.

Even if the opponent were punks, there are things that one should do and one should not.


“If it’s high-level battles, I have enough, so……”


I said that and tried to pass by the punks.



“Wait a minute!”


Of all the people, Laura stopped me.


“If it’s that high-level adventurer-san’s battle, isn’t it good to have a look?!”


The super-ultra-amazing idiot girl that is a useless goddess believed them without any trace of doubt.

If a pot named “A pot that will make you healthy” was being sold, she might say something like “A pot that will make you healthy?! How amazing!!” and buy it.


“Use it, use Identify.”



Laura used Identify on the adventurers.

Her beautiful face had narrowed eyebrows that cannot be exaggerated in the world.


Rather than anger or disappointment, the colors of confusion in her face was stronger.

She had a face like a little sister who saw her brother that she believed to be a diligent student council president, dancing cross-dressed with a sailor uniform.


(It’s low, right?)


Although I didn’t have a skill like Identify, I can tell whether they are weak or strong just by feeling it.

Laura made a small nod.


(There’s at least 60, so I think that they’re high ones, compared the adventurers inside the guild, but……)

(I have exceeded 1000 after all, right)

(That is true……)


Laura and I once again tried to leave.

And then, the three men called out with a kind voice.


“Do your best……kid.”

“Really……do your best.”

“Live……, you must live strongly……”


The Goddess Laura even changes punks into kind people.

That is the truth written correctly, but that truth was no different from a fraud.







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