Level Up Just By Eating – Chapter 1

Chapter 1 – The first level up.





When I returned to the cave, the Useless Goddess ran to me.


“Thank goodnesssss. Thank goodness that you’re alive………”

“It looks like you, cried a lot huh……”


I got a little surprised and moved.

I was summoned to another world, but I was relatively composed.

If you ask why, it’s because my lifestyle on Earth was not that good.

Especially with my Mother like “that“, it’s hard for me to stay at home.

I’ll skip the details, but I can say that she’s a mother who would not care about how the community thinks even if I suicide.

I do not have grudges for my father, but because he would not divorce my mother who is like that, I could still not like him.


And having such circumstances, Laura who I have just met worries about me this much.

It cannot be helped, that I would feel moved.

And when I was thinking like thatーー.


“If you die, who would feed me〜〜〜〜〜!!!!”


“You meant it like that huh!!”


Give me back my moved feelings and seriousness!

But, however, being told this straight makes it refreshing instead.

I handed a part of my loots to the Useless Goddess.



“Is it okay……?”

“Just treat it as payment for the information.”



The Useless Goddess hugged me and showed her deep emotion.

And there, I noticed.


(This girl’s chest……it’s huge.)


I could not look at her calmly when I was just summoned, but getting so close to her, I understood.

She has huge breasts that are not only E or F.

Those breasts, it touches me in close contact and changed its shape like MunyuMunyuMunyu*.

However, the Useless Goddess is an idiot girl, so she doesn’t notice.

She shouted while showing tears.


“Thank you!! Thank youuuu〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜〜!!!”


“I got it already so get off.”



I peeled of Laura from me and wiped my loot with the hem of my clothes.

That fruit that has the shape of a persimmon shined brightly.

My anxiety disappeared, and my appetite came out.


“Well then……”

“Well, well……”

” ” Itadakimasu!! ” “


We ate together.

The flesh of the fruit softly received my teeth and the sweetness like a well-ripened persimmon spread throughout my mouth.

Adding to that, the more that I bite the flesh of the fruit inside my mouth, the more that it released its juices.


“So good!!”

“I am living for this thing!!”


Laura and I cheerfully ate like innocent kids.

It was at that time.




The level up sound echoed.

You might not understand what I’m saying, but it really echoes so it can’t be helped.


“Ah! A-re! Kehma?”


“Your level……did it go up?”

“It was really like that huh.”



The Useless God Laura touched my neck.

The status window opened and appeared in front of me.


Name: Kosakai Kehma

Race: Human


Level: 2→7

HP: 56/56 (↑40)

MP: 28/28 (↑20)

Strength: 52 (↑39)

Vitality: 48 (↑36)

Agility: 58 (↑42)

Magic Powers: 44 (↑32)


“I can see something like this huh.”

“It’s because, thanks to Kehma, my God Points accumulated!

Right now, I can use the Identify and Sense Sharing skills!!”


“When did that happen?”

“Didn’t you give me a fruit!”

“Didn’t it accumulate with sincerity and worship?”


“Sincerity, it’s not feelings but things!”


“Don’t say it so badly!”

“But, it’s the truth! Even if someone is thankful to me, it’s not like I would get full with it!!”


Well, that is true though.


“But, I wonder why my level went up.”

“That’s probably, this’ powers.”


Laura said.


“Skill Window!”


The skill window appeared



Breaking Eggs with One Hand  LV6 80/3000

Egg Cooking  LV2 130/150


Extra Skill



◆ Skill Explanation・Makyūshū

A skill that only a very few people who teleported or transmigrated and monsters could acquire with a low probability.

One will be able to absorb the skill that the one eats.

In the case where there is no skill, it would become just experience points.


I understood while reading the explanation. It’s a cheat-spec skill.


“What’s the side of the level? Is it proficiency?”

“That’s right. If it reaches the maximum, it would level up.”

“I see……


Staring at the two skills, I whispered with emotions.


“The skill of breaking an egg with one hand, it was such a mislead huh……”

“Isn’t that natural?! Of course right?! A trash skill like that shouldn’t even be mentioned!!

I mean, level 6? How much did you train for that?!!!”


“Is it that amazing?”

“Level 1 is a beginner, 2 is intermediate. If it’s level 3, you can make a living with that path and become a master with level 4 and 5!

And above that, it only shows how inhuman you are!

It means, the way you break eggs, it already reached the artistic level of inhumanity!!

I mean, seriously, how did you train it this much!

It’s such a trash skill too!!”


“What’s trash about it! How long do you think it took me, to be able to break eggs with one hand!”

“How long……did it take?”

“With a rough estimate, about 8 years.”


“Are you an idiot?!!”


“At first, it was only for fun, but it felt really good when started I break it properly……”

“You’re an idiot right?!”

“I don’t want to hear that from you!”


I pinched the Useless Goddess’ cheeks.




The Useless Goddess who moaned enough shouted while holding her cheeks with teary eyes.


“What are you doing!! You bully!

I even thought of giving you God Thanks!!”


“God Thanks? What’s that……”

“It’s this!”


When I was rolling my eyes at her, Laura opened a window with high spirits.


Believer Number 001   Kosakai Kehma

Believer Points   5

Total Points   5


Believer Level 1 (Beginner Believer)


“If you use this Believer Points, you can acquire Believer Skills.”


“I-I-I-It’s, not strange or anything right?!

I mean, I explained it to you in the beginning right?!”

“In the beginning……?”


I remembered the time when Laura and I just met.

If I’m correct, this girl said something.

When I asked her whether there would be anything good for me, she said it clearly.


『I will be thankful!!!』


But, however.

But, nevertheless.


“There’s no way that I can understand with just that!!”



When I stretched her cheeks using both of my hands, the Useless Goddess moaned.

Well, whatever.

Since she’s saying that I will get a skill, that is good and all.


“But, what specifically can I get?”

“Catalog Window!”


Laura opened a new one.

In there, it was lined up like this.


Battle Skills that Level 1 Believer can acquire


Swordsmanship LV1 (Consumption 20)    Taijutsu LV1 (Consumption 20) Spearmanship LV1 (Consumption 20)

Archery LV1 (Consumption 20)    Stick Techniques LV1 (Consumption 20)    Axe LV1 Techniques (Consumption 5)



“Why is only the axe cheaper?!!”

“It’s axe after all……”


How unreasonable.


“And so, what would you do?

If it’s Axe Techniques, you can get it right with only 5 points right now though?”

“Well…………nah, I’ll pass.”


It’s axe after all.


While dissing the axe as if it was natural, I continued looking at the catalog.

The level 1 for weapons are all 20 other than the axe, but when it comes to magic, it needs 300 for level 1.

It looks like magic is amazing in this world too.


“Other than for battle, what other skills are there?”

“Something like this.”


Skills that Level 1 Believer can acquire

Darkness Resistance LV1 (Consumption 5)    Paralysis Resistance LV1 (Consumption 5) Confusion Resistance LV 1 (Consumption 5)

Poison Resistance LV1 (Consumption 5)    Fear Resistance LV1 (Consumption 5) Instant Death Resistance LV1 (Consumption 50)

Purification Magic LV1 (Consumption 20)



“The Instant Death Resistance is very expensive huh.”

“It’s the end if you die after all.”

“I see.”


I nodded and asked Laura.


“The Purification Magic, is it something like a magic that would clean our body?”

“That’s right.”

“With level 1, how much could it do?”

“It’s like, you can clean your body or the clothes you’re wearing, but can’t do anything about a dirty room or another person’s body.”


That’s enough.

It’s “that” since I only have 5 points right now, but I want it someday.

But, right now……


“Can I get Poison Resistance LV1?”


“Is it really surprising?”

“It’s Level 1 you know?

It can only neutralize the weakest poisons that would only give you an upset stomach you know?”

“That’s good enough, that’s good enough.”



It looks like Laura has yet to understand.

I told her more specifically.


“Around here, they exist right?

Chickens that have poison, but a weak one that could only cause an upset stomach.”



The Goddess, she finally realized.


“Kehma……you’re a genius……?!!”

“If I become a genius with just this, isn’t that too much?!”

“Eh! But! Isn’t that amazing?!

Such idea, even I could not think of it you know?!!”


As expected of the Useless Goddess. She’s an idiot.


“Before the chicken, we should find water.

And to drink the water from out here, it’s better to have a sturdier stomach.

Although we would cook the chicken, there’s no guarantee that all of its poison would disappear.”


“You, were you not called as a Hero of Wisdom or Sage in your original world?!!”

“How bad is your head really?!”

Wawawa! It’s not bad!

Even though I’m like this, I was once called as Goddess of Wisdom by people you know!!

Goddesses who can access the Spring of Wisdom, they’re very rare you know!!”


It’s true that she knew a lot about the lion’s ecology.

In that meaning, she’s probably something like a dictionary.

She knows about many things, but completely clueless about something she doesn’t.

And, she has a lot of knowledge but has no wisdom at all.


She’s probably such an unbalanced and pity creature.

Well, whatever.


“Anyways, since it’s like that, guide me to a place with water.”

“Ah……I got it!”




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  1. 魔 吸収 – (absorbing 魔) which can be translated as absorbing magic/demon/devil/evil spirit, but probably 魔 from monsters(魔物) or 魔 from magic(魔法)

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