Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Light Novel Bonus Story

Light Novel Volume I – Bonus Story:  The Maid’s Work


I could hear sound coming from the entrance, it looks like somebody came home desu.


I went towards the entrance, and Helene-san was there.


I was always mesmerized of how Helene-san looked. Helene san is very beautiful, graceful, she was “The Princess” desu.


「Welcome back, Helene-san. Are you only by yourself today?」


「Yes. Kakeru-sama is?」


「He is not home right now. I think that he would come back by the evening」


「Is that so? Then, can I use the bath until Kakeru-sama comes back」


「I understand, I will prepare it immediately」


I prepared the bath very quickly.


I guided Helene-san to the dressing room, and took off her clothes.




「What is it?」


「N-No! It’s nothing」


*Chokon*, Helene-san was tilting her head while smiling pleasantly.


Helene-san is a real princess desu, she did not mind at all even if I took off her clothes.


She did not mind maids like me seeing her body at all, as expected of a princess desu.


I helped that Helene-san take a bath, and took care of her after.


I escorted Helene-san to her room in the mansion, made her hair fall straight, and dried it delicately.




「Kusu〜, what is it this time?」


「Eh! Ah! I’m sorry! Helene-san’s hair was so beautiful, so」




「Yes! It’s golden-colored and long, it’s so pretty!」


「Thank you」


「I know, Helene-san, this is something that I heard from other maids, but there’s a hairstyle that was popular with the ladies of the high statures recently」


「Popular, desu ka」


「Yes! They said it was a hairstyle that was popular to men desu! I thought of trying it myself, but it was a hairstyle that can’t be done if the hair’s not long enough」


「Popular to men……I wonder if Kakeru-sama would like it」


「I’m sure that he would like it!」


「Next time, can you do it to me if Kakeru-sama is around」




After I dried her hair, Helene-san took out the documents that she took with her, and started to work.


Her face from the side looks serious.


Her face was beautiful from the start, but she got prettier and prettier.


「I know」


I made tea for Helene-san.


This was the way that I heard from other maids, it was a tea that relieves stress when the mind and eyes are tired.


After that, a magic spice.


It was a spice that increases the pheromones of women desu.


I do not really know exactly what is pheromones, but I thought that if Helene-san had more pheromones, Master would be happy, so I put a little.


When I returned to the room, Helene-san was still working seriously, so I left the tea to her side, and left the room silently.


When I returned to the Lobby, this time, Delfina-san was there.


The merchant, Delfina-san. She was wearing sexy clothes today as usual.


She was tall, and lean, a person who was very sexy.


「Welcome back, Delfina-san. Are you by yourself today?」


「Yes, I came nearby. Kakeru-sama is?」


「He is not here right now. He said that he would come back in the evening」


「Is that so, then I should hurry up and go back huh」


Delfina-san said that.


This person has a wonderful promise with Master.


It was the promise that when Delfina wanted, Master would pick her up and bring her to the mansion.


If I was asked if I was envy that, it is a little complicated desu.


Because, I am a maid. Working in Master’s mansion is my number one happiness desu.


To feel the happiness of being picked up, the happiness of working for Master is needed to be sacrificed.


It is complicated desu.


While I was thinking of that, Delfina-san was staring at me intently all the time.


「What is it?」


「By the way, I have something to ask you ever since」


「Ask me?」


I wonder what it was? Does Delfina-san have something to ask someone like me.


「You, can you work in my place?」




「In short, I’m scouting you. What do you think?」


「S-S-S-S-S-Scout desu ka?」


「Why are you panicking that much?」


「B-Because scouting someone like me」


「I have a motto, that I would not do business that has a loss」


「But, I have work in this mansion……」


「I will send ten maids to the mansion instead. With that at least that, they would be able to cover up your job」




I wonder why it was ten. Does it mean something.


「I’m sorry」


I apologized. It was a very grateful deal, but I cannot accept it.


「I am Master’s slave maid after all」


「Is that so. That’s too bad. Well, I wasn’t thinking that I can steal someone from him……I’m also like that myself though」


Delfina-san mumbled something in the end. I could not hear it properly, but her lips were smiling, so it was probably a happy thing desu.


「Sorry for intruding. I’ll come by the evening again」


「Yes! Please take care」


I made a bow, and sent off Delfina-san.


I became alone, counted the work left with my fingers.


I was done cleaning, I was done washing clothes.


I already finished ordering food ingredients to Lucas-san, work other than that is…….


I know, I should chop the firewood. I prepared the bath for Helene-san, so the remaining left is only a few.


I went to the garden, and chopped firewood.


To make sure that it would be okay anytime, I chopped the firewood so it can be used anytime.

After chopping firewood, it was already evening.


The day’s end was getting closer.


「It was about time that Master would come back」


I returned to my room in a hurry.


The most important job is remaining right now.


I took the brush that Master gave me, and groomed my fur.


Carefully, and combing them delicately, I arranged its texture.


I combed it delicately, mixed air in.


I used the magic powder that I bought from the pay that Master gave me, and made my fur *FuwaFuwa*.


I made my whole body clean, and made it *FuwaFuwa*.


With this, it is alright for Master to come back anytime.


「I’m back〜」




Instance, my heart throbbed, it was a familiar voice.


I stood up quickly, and took a deep breath.


Calm down, calm down, me.


After taking a deep breath, I went towards the entrance.


Master was there.


「Welcome home, Master」


「I’m back, Miu」


Master said that, and spread both of his hands.


*Dokin* .


My heart throbbed quickly again. It was faster than earlier.


Just as usual, I approached Master who was making a gesture “Come here, come here”


「I’m back, Miu」


Master said that again, hugged and *MofuMofu*-d me.


*MofuMofu*, *MofuMofu*.


It’s the Welcome Back *MofuMofu* desu.


Looks like Master who *MofuMofu*-d me got satisfied.


Able to do the most important work, I was, enveloped by pure happiness.











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