Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 299

Chapter 299 – Agnes is a Girl



One day, early in the afternoon.

I left the bedroom with an arm placed around Caroline’s shoulder.


After staying for the night, she suddenly told me that she wants to go home with her own efforts.


「Are you sure? It will only be an instant if I take you back」

「It’s okay. I want to see many kinds of people while I return」

「I see」


Observing people have really become Caroline’s hobby.

She’s a whole lot different, compared to when she could only see god=me, and didn’t even have an interest in others.


「Since that’s the case, I’ll give you a piece of advice 」


「You should take a good look at angry people. People would usually show their true nature when they are angry」


「Yeah. Although those who are drunk also show their true selves, it would be somewhat an exaggerated version. If one were to choose, it’s better to look at angry people」

「Un. Thank you God」


After staring at me with a grateful gaze, she turned around and walked away.


『She hasn’t changed at all even after becoming the Pope』

「After all, she doesn’t seem to be interested in authority at all. Though that also leads to her popularity」

『The most important thing is only her god’s words, she’s treating the rest with a stoic attitude. She is almost perfect as a devotee of a religion. That is also why it is dangerous for her』


『Leaving aside that lass, most of the head priests around her are worldly-minded. There is no guaranteeing that she might not be involved with something dangerous』

「If that happens, I’ll just solve the problem」

『Hmph, I guess so』

「Rather than that」


「I didn’t get a lottery ticket after Caroline got chosen as the Pope」

『……now that you’ve mentioned it, there was none』

「There should be something that would happen involving her soon. Although I already have my guesses」

『Umu, I guess so』


Eleanor nodded, seeming as if she deliberately didn’t say anything.

Ever since I was teleported into this world, I have a rough guess with how the events are being resolved.


Every time a huge event was cleared, there would always be a special lottery ticket that would drop.

In this case, it was not about Caroline becoming the Pope.


So it’s only natural to think that there would be something else.


The evil beings.


Those devil-like existences that got involved with all five great kingdoms.

From them, I have heard the name Solon.


But right now, it has yet to appear. And there isn’t a lottery ticket that dropped during the event with Caroline.


So it’s natural that I would think there’s something remaining.


Nonetheless, there’s no sign of anything happening, so when I was thinking what should I do for the day.





From the corner where Caroline disappeared, two girls showed themselves.


One of them is carrying a huge sword while wearing a bikini armor, the female warrior, Agnes.

The other is clad with clerical clothes and has an air of a faithful believer, the priest that has a graceful air around her, Julia.


As soon as they saw me, they had dispirited expressions in their own style.


「Why are you here」


Agnes said.


「This is my mansion though. I should ask youーーwell, I probably don’t need to」

「Yes. We have come to pick up Onee-sama. We are planning to go on a subjugation quest today」

「I see. Io is in her own room」


I said and tried to let the two of them pass by.

However, they didn’t move, they only looked at me, maybe slightly glaring.


「What’s the matter?」

「That girl right now, who in the world is she」

「Hm? The girl right now?」

「It is the person we passed by a moment ago」

「Tch, a new woman」

「Ahh, Caroline huh. Don’t you know her? She’s the Solon Church’s new Pope」


「No way……」


Agnes and Julia were surprised.

Agnes busily closed and opened her mouth and Julia was alternating her gaze at me and the direction where they passed Caroline by.


「O-Oi. Don’t tell me……although I don’t believe this……since she was here, means……」

「Hm? What’s the matter」

「W-Was that girl, y-y-yourーー」

「Ahh, that’s what you meant. Yeah, she’s my woman」


When I answered her casually, Agnes busily closed and opened her mouth again.


「……you’re the worst」


On the other hand, Julia looked at me as if she was looking at something disgusting.


Agnes and Julia. The two of them were like since we’ve met.

On the other handーー


「Huh? Agnes, Julia too」




The two of them instantly turned into a different person.

As soon as their idol Io appeared from the back of the mansion, the two girls ran up to her with faces full of smiles.


Io, Agnes, and Julia.

These three are usually in a party and Agnes and Julia admiresーーworships Io.


In a sense, their relationships are similar to me and Caroline who just left.




On the other hand, Io is my woman.

Even after she started living in my mansion, every time she sees me like now, she would run up to me with a smiling face.


「Good morning, Kakeru-san」

「Yeah, are you out for a quest today?」

「Yes. It was reported that Demon Fish appeared in a certain lake, so we received a request to subjugate them」

「Are you alright?」

「I’ll do my best!」


Io made a small guts pose while holding her favorite magic staff.

Her trademark, being full of energy, and that pose of hers was cute too.


I placed a hand to her chin then gave her a short kiss.





Agnes and Julia who were behind Io raised their voices, but I ignored them.




It’s because Io made a happy expression.


「Go do your best」

「Un! I will!」


Io made another energetic pose. She looked so cute again that it made me a bit agitatedーーbut next instant, Agnes and Julia held Io’s arms from behind, taking her away like a prisoner.


「W-Wait. We should take some timeーー」

「Let’s hurry up and go, Ane-san」

「Yes, that person who requested the subjugation of the Demon Fishes must be troubled even in this instant」


The two girls said convincing words and disappeared from the corner along with Io.


Well then, what should I do now, really.

I saw the three off from the window as they left the mansion, and while I did that, I was thinking of whose place to go.


It was at that time.


With roars that made the atmosphere tremble and the sound of metals echoing, Nana and Olivia appeared.


The two of them fought, heading in this direction from the training grounds of the slave soldiers.


They’re fighting quite seriously.

I don’t feel any killing intent, so they’re probably having a practice match while assuming it as a real battle.

Both Nana and Olivia are serious. The scale and fierceness of their battle were somewhat similar to when I fought Olivia as a Red Dragon before.


The two of them exchanged blows in mid-air. Olivia breathed out flames but Nana parried it with a cleave of her sword.


The gigantic ball of flame was shot away, but it then separated into small flames that scattered around.


And some of them flew towards Io and the two girls.



「I know」


I jumped out, breaking through the window glass.

Those flames are dangerous.

They are concentrated enough to see even from a distance, its attacking strength should be powerful.

And multiple flames were headed towards Io and the two girls’ direction.  


I unsheathed Eleanor and leaped as I increased my speed.


Io blocked the flames that headed towards her.

Although it was done on the spur of the moment, she released Eleanor’s dark lightning and it clashed with the flames.

Both were just equally strong, so the lightning and flames dissipated.


But another of those flames that Io barely guarded herself against flew heading towards Agnes.


Agnes’s body looked like it turned stiff. It’s obvious that she couldn’t react that well.


「I’m going to throw you!」



After that short exchange, I threw Eleanor.

Eleanor flew while tearing through the air and broke through those flames.


The flames scattered when she broke through themーーbut, its speed decreased.

Since it became slower, I was able to make it in time.

I protected Agnes embracing her within my arms, and released my cloak auraーーno, something like an aura barrier to protect Agnes and Julie.


All of the scattered flames were blocked by the aura barrier.


「Nana! Olivia!」


「What is it, Human」

「Don’t come here, do it in the training grounds」


「Huh〜? When did we leave? You’re pretty good, human warrior」


Nana and Olivia moved at the same time. They returned to the training grounds with fast speed and continued their fight as soon as they arrived.


It looked like a fight that would make the world tremble, it also looked like the hero challenging the last boss dragon.


Well, leaving that aside.

I asked Io first.


「Are you alright?」

「Yes, I’m okay」

「What about you?」


After Io, I looked at Agnes.




Agnes looked at me with blank eyes.

She didn’t answer, she only looked spaced out.


「Hm? Are you okay? Did you get hurt somewhere?」



「……so cool」



“What are you saying,” I asked back. But hearing that, Agnes quickly regained herself.


「It’s nothing!」


And she strongly pushed me away.


「Are you okay, Agnes. Your face looks red」

「I-I’m fine! Let’s go, Ane-san!」


Agnes said and walked ahead with huge strides.

Io and Julia chased after her in a hurry.




While walking ahead, I saw Agnes steal a glance at me.

Her face was bright red, making her look like a young girl.







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