Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 296

Chapter 296 – Divinification



On this day as well, Caroline is watching the believers pray.

Enveloped with my camouflage aura, I watched over her invisible.


The believers offer their prayers, and as they did, Caroline would show them “the light of their soul”.

Most of the people who saw the light of their souls were convinced.


Firstly, they have the preconception that “it is their own selves”.

Following that, there is the influence of it being shown to them by the “Child of God”.

And furthermore, the light gets stronger after their prayersーーit seems that this part depends on how strong the faith and prayer of the person in question.


The news about that was spread everywhere by those who would repeatedly come, leading to the gathering of the believers from all over the continent around Caroline.


On the other hand, Caroline herself was staring at the one praying.

Learning how to enjoy looking at people, she would observe those who have come to visit her.




Suddenly, Caroline raised her voice.

The Child of God who was dealing with them with a practical and flowing way showed a different reaction than usual.


The surroundings were stirred. The girl who was Caroline was observing looked confused.


「Uhm……did I do anything wrong?」

「Not at all, you are shining brightly. You have the brightest light for today」




Caroline showed the others the light of the girl.

It’s true that it was one of the brightest among the believers who came to visit Caroline.


「I would wish God would make you even brighter」

「Is that possible?」

「It is, with God」


Caroline answered instantly.


I mean, God=me, and since she’s telling me to make her brighter, she meansーー


『Sleep with her. That’s what she means』


It’s probably that.

I gave the girl another look.


Her age is about that of a high school student, and she seems to be a lady from a wealthy family.

Though she’s not the type that is sheltered and frail, she’s the type of a lady brought up well in a proper family.


In Caroline’s standards, she has the “brightest light for today”, and in my standard……let me see.

Probably someone who would become a good woman.


Since that’s the case, there’s no need for me to hold back.





I called out to her while enveloped with my camouflage aura. Even in this state, Caroline is still able to hear my voice.

The surroundings made a commotion because she said “God!” loudly.


「I’ll make her light stronger. Tell her to close her eyes and accept everything」

「I got it!」

「Just continue to let everyone else see her light」



Caroline told the girl my words.

The lady-like girl was surprised for an instant but nodded with a delightful expression in the next.


「I understood!」


After saying that, she slowly closed her eyes.

I enveloped her with my camouflage aura.


「S-She disappeared」

「But, but she was there a moment ago……」

「Was she summoned by God?!」


The surroundings were stirred.

The instant I enveloped her with my camouflage aura, no one can see her anymore, so they were surprised by that.


I reached out my hand and touched the girl’s cheek.

The girl flinched.


「Accept everything」


That’s all that I said.


「ーー! Yes!」


The nodded made a huge nod and relaxed her body while closing her eyes.


I gave the girl her “grace”.



「The light, the light is becoming stronger!」

「We must be witnessing God’s miracle!」


The girl who was in the church a moment ago was summoned by god and the light of her soul became a level stronger.


Everyone in that place, everyone other than Caroline.

They kneeled, praised god=me, and offered their prayers.



「What is it, God」

「I’ll leave the selection to you. Just tell me if there are those who you want their lights to become stronger」

「I got it. I’ll pray to God if I find someone whose light is better to be stronger」



Although they could only hear half of the conversation because they could only hear Caroline, even so, the believers were agitated.

Caroline’s position of being the “Child of God” became even sturdier.







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