Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 292

Chapter 292 – It is Shining



I got off the bed and wore my clothes.




Caroline called out to me from the bed.

She sat up while naked, but she didn’t even have the intent to hide her body.


Probably because of her upbringing, she seems to have even less sense of shame compared to “queens” or “princesses”.


「You should just rest there. You must be tired, no need to push yourself」

「Un. But God」


「You haven’t had enough?」


Although she asked that as a question, she sounded pretty sure.

She asked me in that kind of tone.


「You can tell?」

「Un, God’s light, it changed when we were doing it, but it’s still like that right now」

『Kukuku, she has completely seen through you, finding out that you’re still aroused』


I flicked Eleanor with a finger.

It’s not that I’m “still” aroused, I am “being” aroused.


I answered to Caroline’s question.


「Yeah, I’m going to Nana’s place right now. I told her I’d come tonight after all」


「You don’t remember her? She’s the strongestーーor rather」


I recalled Caroline’s words.


「She’s the woman as bright as the sun during the day」

「I remember her」

「I’m going to where she is right now」

「You’re going, and do “that” to her?」

「You’re right」



Caroline got silent.

She looked down, dropping her gaze to her legs. She seems to be thinking about something.


It was only a few tens of seconds that Caroline raised her head once again.


「Can I, watch?」


She asked, asking for something that would normally be an absurd request.



Inside my mansion, in a different bedroom.

Nana who was guided there by Miu was waiting.

She’s not wearing her armor as usual. Instead, she’s wearing long undergarments similar to hadajuban.


According to Nana, she’s waiting for me wearing a “I’ve cleansed my body” attire.


I explained to her Caroline’s request.

After listening to what I said until the end, Nana did not show any hesitation nor displeasure. She had an expression that seemed unaffected by that.




She answered.


「Are you sure? You’re going to be watched」

「There is nothing to be ashamed in the act of receiving Aruji’s affection. I do not have anything to be ashamed of being seen」

「I see」

「And also……」


Nana looked at Caroline.


「Frankly speakingーーboth of us are Aruji’s women, that is more of a reason to not refuse」

「You can tell?」

「The air around her is different from what it was earlier in the afternoon」

「Her air, huh」


Nana doesn’t have eyes with special abilities like Carolineーーalthough I’ve given her the lottery cheat additional attack, she doesn’t have something that could be called a special ability.


Nana Kanou is only an “ordinarily amazing sword master”.


That’s why I understood her saying “the air around her is different”.


「Yosh, let’s start」


「I’ve also said this to Nikki and the others. When we’re doing this, it’s better if you relax a bit more」



Nana slightly blushed and placed her forefingers together in front of her chest.

Seeing the strongest woman instantly become cute, I pushed her on the bed.


While feeling Caroline’s gaze, I gently yet strongly made love with Nana matching it with her.



After about roughly six hours of battling with Nana, I left her exhausted on the bed and faced Caroline.


She was still in her same position when I brought her into this room, she was watching us just like that.


「How was it? Did you find out anything?」

「The light got stronger」

「Nana’s did?」


Caroline nodded.


「The blinding shine became even more blinding. Is it because of God?」

「I wonder. I don’t know too」


I’m not doing it in that intention after all.

I only adored how a good woman Nana is.

I didn’t do anything like making her become brighter just like what Caroline said.


「……will I, become even brighter after doing it with God?」

「I don’t know about that, with two reasons」

「What about the other people?」

「You want to try?」

「Un, I want to」


Caroline nodded, so after giving it a thought, I decided to accept her request.



In the town of Ainon, in Solon’s church.

I was waiting inside Caroline’s room, until she brought a girl with her.


It’s a girl that looked like a town’s girl.


「Sorry to keep you waiting……is God here?」


As she entered, Caroline looked around searching for me.

I’m enveloped by my camouflage aura, so they can’t see me.


「Yeah, I’m here」

「Please, this girl」

「Uhm……is there really God’s message?」

「Un, with yourself, you should receive God’s……uhm?」



I used a word that probably sounds like it and told Caroline.


「You are going to receive God’s grace. You don’t want to?」

「It’s not that I don’t, I just……can’t believe it」


The girl brought by Caroline started fidgeting.

I approached the girl while enveloped by my aura and kissed her.


She looked surprised by the sudden action. However, she probably interpreted “invisible = work of God”, so she immediately relaxed and leaned her body to mine.


I made love with the girl while Caroline was watching.



After we finished the deed, I let the girl sleep on the bed, and appeared in front of Caroline after removing my aura.


「How was it?」

「She started to shine」

「That means, she wasn’t shining before?」

「Un, I brought someone like that」

『Hou, she’s unexpectedly smart』


Eleanor was impressed.



「What happened?」

「The light……it disappeared」

「It disappeared ?」

「Un, she stopped shining like earlier」


Caroline looked at the girl on the bed with a troubled expression.


「But she was shining……why?」

「You want to take a look at Nana?」



I took out my Warp Feather and warped to the bedroom where Nana is.


She’s still lying on the bed, breathing silently and rhythmically.


「How is it?」

「The light is still as strong」

「It hasn’t gotten dimmer huh」

「Un, what does this mean……?」


Caroline looked even more troubled. She even started to look like she’s about to cry.



「Did you find out anything, Eleanor?」

『This is only a hypothesis』

「Tell me」

『When looking at a person, you know that there are different ways to describe them depending on the person right?』

「Un? Ahh, Caroline calls it light and Nana calls it air. Is that what you’re talking about?」

『Umu. In your case, it’s whether it’s a good woman or not』

「I see, it’s how good a woman they are, huh」

『That’s right. Soon after sleeping with you, they would get better as a woman, howeverーーyou should be able to guess what’s next, right?』

「Yeah, I do」


I could really relate to that.


It’s because all of the “good women” around me is like that.

Although the words we describe it might be different, all of them has a clear awareness of “becoming a good woman”.

They would be strongly aware of that, and as they do things, they would make themselves grow.


All of my women are ones who have the awareness of becoming stronger themselves in their own way. Not just waiting for something given by others.

That’s why their light doesn’t disappear.


Based on that, I looked at Caroline.

She still has an expression that’s about to cry.

She’s probably worried that her “light” might disappear.


The way she looked, it was somewhat similar to my other women.


「Don’t worry, Caroline」


I placed an arm around her waist and pulled her to me, then gave her a short kiss.


「You are shining」


「Yeah, I guarantee it」


When I said that to her, Caroline looked like a lost child finding her parent.

Her expression changed to that of mixed relief and happiness.







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