Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 290

Chapter 290 – The Color of the Soul, Many Others.



To confirm Caroline’s new ability, to see check her eyes.

Using my Warp Feather, I returned to the mansion with Caroline.


「Ah! Master」


When I warped to my bedroom, we encountered Miu who was making the bed.


「Nana-san was searching for Master」

「I also have business with Nana. Tell her to come here」



Although Miu nodded, she did not take any other action and only continued to make the bed.


It’s not like she ignored my order.

I’ve given Miu the lottery skill “Puppet Master”.


She probably used an idle puppet or one that is near Nana to call her.


Suddenly, I noticed Caroline’s eyes.

She was staring at Miu.


「What’s the matter」

「There’s nothing」


「I can’t see anything……why?」

「You can’t see anything……? You are talking about Miu, that girl right?」


Caroline nodded.

I can see a clear color of confusion from her expression.


『Isn’t it because it’s a puppet』

「Ahh, I see」


I realized after hearing Eleanor.

The one here isn’t the original Miu. It’s only a puppet made to look similar to her.


It’s a soulless but well-made puppet.


「Well, naturally you can’t see anything huh」


I was convinced, but Caroline was still confused.

I was about to comfort her by explaining it to her……but I stopped.


I want to test her eyes, so it’s too early to comfort her.

It will be for the best if we proceed like this without giving her any preconception.  

I thought of that and waited for a while after deciding not to say anything.




The bedroom’s door was knocked and Nana entered.


「I have come to answer your summons. Aruji, I heard that you have business with me」

「Before that, let’s start with yours. You also wanted something from me right?」

「Ha! I wanted to report that there are suspicious figures around the mansion for the past few days」

「Suspicious figures? Are they strong?」

「No. They are only at the level where the platoon leaders are able to defeat」

「I see. I’ll leave dealing with them to you then. If you think it’s not neededーーno」


I stopped halfway and changed my words.


「Report to me after it’s over. Bring with you those who have particular achievements」


I implied that I’ll be giving them rewards.

Hearing that, Nana nodded with a more dignified expression than usual.


「What business did Aruji call me for?」

「Just stand right thereーーCaroline」


I made Nana stand by and looked at Caroline.


「How does she look?」

「She’s so blinding」

「Blinding, huh」

「Un. Her light is amazing, it’s as if I’m looking at the sky during the day」

「As strong as the sun huh」


I was convinced and became happy at the same time.

I became very happy hearing that the evaluation of Nana’s soul was even better than I expected.


「Aruji……? What does that mean?」

「Don’t mind it. It’s over now」


「Come to my bedroom tonight. Make sure you’re alone」

「ーー! Yes!」


Nana was surprised for an instant, but soon after, she made an unusually happy smile.

If Caroline’s eyes are correct, it means that Nana’s soul is shining like the sun.


It makes me happyーーit makes me want her.


And to execute my order, Nana left the mansion to take care of the matter of the suspicious figures.


I saw her off and when I was thinking who I should let Caroline take a look at.





The door was slammed open and Hikari and Chibi Dragon entered the room.

The lovely girl and the small dragon ran towards me and clung to me at the same time.


「Otou-san〜, welcome back!」

「Yeah, I’m back. Were you playing with Olivia?」

「Un! I was playing with O-chan and everyone!」

「I see, I see. Are you tired? Want to eat some snack?」





Miu nodded and trotted out of the room, probably towards the kitchen.


Hikari hugged me, she’s still the world’s cutest girl as usual.


「Ne〜, ne〜, Otou-san. Hikari wants to go to the hotsprings〜」

「Hotsprings huh」

「Un! I want my hair washed like an adult, just like what Otou-san taught me〜」

「I see, I see」


The adult way of washing hair that Hikari said was one that doesn’t use a shampoo hat, the one that washes the shampoo without looking down.

I told Hikari about that before, and since then, it looks like she started to like it.


「Yosh〜yosh. Let’s go next time」


「Myu〜, myuu〜!」

「O-chan said she wants to go too」

「Ahh, of course」

『Really, there’s a limit on doting over her』


I ignored Eleanor’s voice and patted the world’s cutest Hikari’s head.



「What’s the matter, Hikari」

「Onee-chan……what’s the matter?」


Hikari looked at Caroline curiously.

I followed her gaze……and noticed as well.


Caroline was frightened for some reason.


「What happened, Caroline」

「I’m scared……」



I looked at the direction Caroline was looking at when she said she was scared.

And then……it was Hikari.





Caroline looked very frightened. She hid on my back and held my clothes tightly. She clung to me.


「Is Hikari, scary?」

「No, that’s not true at all. Hikari is the cutest in the world」

「But, Onee-chan……」

「Even so, that’s not true at all〜〜」

『Enough already, you doting idiot』


Eleanor scolded me with a slightly strong tone while rolling her eyes.


「What’s going on?」

『You should be glad Hikari』

「Hohe〜? What do you mean, Okaa-san」

『It seems that that girl can see the one’s soul at its bare state』

「The soul?」

『Umu. It can also be described as one’s true nature. What is Hikari’s identity?』

「Hikari’s a Demon Sword you know? I’m Okaa-san’s daughter after all」


Hikari answered promptly.

She did not have any doubts about that, reacting as if it was something obvious.


『Umu. Hikari is a Demon Sword. A Demon Sword only second to this Eleanor in this world. Looking at your true nature, it is only natural that she is frightened』

「I see〜!」

「……it’s like that huh」


I understand what Eleanor is saying. I also got a better understanding of Caroline’s eyes.

But it felt complicated.


I couldn’t be convinced that Hikari, this lovely and the world’s cutest girl would be a cause of fear.


「Ehehe〜……Hikari became another step closer to Okaa-san again〜」

『Umu. Continue to do your best』



But Hikari seems to like it and Eleanor and Hikari’s conversation was the same as before.

Hikari became more of a Demon Sword……and that was proven.


I probably should be happy about it just like how Hikari does.


『You heard her』



Hikari hugged Chibi Dragon and spun around.

She’s so cute after all. However, Caroline as still scared of her despite how cute she looks.


It was somewhat of a surreal scene.


Suddenly, I became curious.


I turned around, subtly hiding Hikari’s appearance, and asked Caroline.


「By the way, how do I look from you?」


「Yeah, me」


Will she be afraid after all?

I’m the “Demon Sword Wielder” or Eleanor and Hikari after all. I’m even using the dark aura in daily life.

I thought that I’d be on the side that would frighten her, so I asked.


『If I can corrupt you with just that, I’ve already possessed you a long time ago』


Eleanor said while rolling her eyes.

Ahh, I see.


My resistance against the Demon Sword is 777x too after all.

And just like what Eleanor said.


「God is God」


「You are very……God……-ly? God is God, different from everyone else」


Caroline continued to call me god while her eyes became even more fervent.





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