Kujibiki Tokushou: Musou Hāremu ken – Chapter 289

Chapter 289 – Caroline’s Awakening




「Ara, I heard that the Child of God doesn’t speak much, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Or am I just lucky enough?」


Eudora giggled a laugh.

From the side, she looks like a noblewoman showing an elegant smile. Proving that were several believersーーespecially men getting stunned by her look.


She has a friendly smile and an elegant demeanor.

But still, Caroline furrowed her brows.


It was unknown whether Eudora noticed it or not.

She continued while smiling.


「It is very convenient if we can have a talk. Caroline-sama, I have something to ask from you」




Before Eudora finished, Caroline refused without consideration.

The believers inside the church were stirred and Eudora’s expression turned stiff for an instant.


「That……why is it?」

「It doesn’t matter」

「That is troubling. Can you please at least listen to what I say」



Caroline looked like she didn’t like her company, making an obvious expression.


「……you seem to be very frank huh. It cannot be helped, I shall leave for today」


After Eudora said that, she turned around and left the church.

She really seemed like she acted maturely. Adding to the air around her and her elegant bearing, some believers looked at Caroline with clear disapproval and discontent.

They look as if they would’ve been making a fuss about it if Caroline wasn’t the “Child of God”.


Naturally, those gazes, their emotions, they did not reach Caroline.

She saw off Eudora with a confused and unpleasant expression.


Even now, in Caroline’s eyes, Eudora seemed to be something that is disgustingly dark and dirty.



After getting into her carriage, Eudora whispered an order to her subordinate.


「Go and thoroughly investigate that girl. From her birth, taste and preferences, to the color of the underwear she wears. Find out everything. There must be something. Something that would make her listen to me」



Her subordinate received her order and left.

Inside the carriage that started moving, Eudora whispered to herself with a scowling expression.


「That little brat who’s conceited for being called the child of god……I’ll definitely make you regret this」


Eudora cursed out in the place where no one was looking.

Although her beauty was still present and the same, her expression was wicked and fierce, incomparable to what she had shown earlier.


It’s her true expression she only shows when she’s absolutely sure that no one is looking.


「It’s like a different person」

『Kukuku, she is quite decent in looking good outside』


Eleanor and I looked at that expression closely.

In the same carriage, on the seat opposite to her.

I got in the same carriage while clad in my camouflage aura.


Thanks to that, she can’t see me at all.


「I’d probably refuse anything someone like this asks. No, in the first place, there’s no way she’d bring something reasonable」

『She seem to say something about threatening that girl too』

「She did. However, why did Caroline rejected her?」

『She didn’t even let her talk about it』

「Caroline had an unpleasant expression the instant she saw her. As if she’s looking at garbage」

『Umu. She was looking at Nikki just a moment ago, so the difference on her expression was terrible』

「……what do you think?」

『She might have heard something impossible for the common man』


I nodded.

I agreed with Eleanor’s guess.


Originally, Caroline had a different “way of hearing” from the other people.

Up until now, it would be either “she could hear” or “she could not hear”, but there is the possibility that it might’ve evolved into something else.


In fact, her eyes were clearly different when she’s looking at Nikki and the other slave soldiers. She looked at them with favorable eyes.


『Are you bragging now?』

「It’s a fact that they’ve become good women」

『Kukuku, you’re no fun teasing』


Although she said that, Eleanor seemed to be having fun.

I gave it another thought. I thought of how to test and prove what happened to Caroline.



「If that is the case, there is someone very suitable」


In the Calamba Kingdom, in the Royal Capital Meteora.

Rica told me that when I came to consult her.


「Who is it? I came to ask you if you have someone you had your eyes on, one that has yet to enter the harem. Is it like that?」

「Unfortunately, it’s a man」


Rica smiled.


「I would secure those I must collect at the quickest, fast enough to win against Delfina」

「Colaria huh」

「Yes. That’s why there’s no one who is like what Kakeru described right now. I don’t have that, but there is a man who might be punished with a crime」

「Tell me the details」


After showing a graceful smile, Rica started to talk about that man.


It was a lower official in a rural area with many farmlands in a certain region.

This year, that region is was hit by a bad weather, so the kingdomーーRica gave them an exemption for taxes and sent them relief goods.

However, it was a plot by some corrupted officials, increasing their personal wealth by taking advantage of that.


The lower official found the proof for those other officials’ corruption and tried to report themーー.


「It’s a story that goes like that. On the other hand, there are reports that say that the true culprit of everything is actually that lower official」

「I see. It isn’t going anywhere huh」

「But I already caught some evidence. He’s innocent. I think that he’s just what Kakeru needs right now to test Caroline」

「That’s true. Thank you, Rica」


After I said that, I held Rica by the waist and pulled her into an embrace, then gave her a deep kiss.

Rica looked entranced and she leaned her body to mine.


「Is there anyone else who’s like him?」

「Although they’re not completely clearly proved, there is a few」

「I’ll be using all of them」

「Un. I’ll bring you the list」


I gave Rica another kiss when she was about to call someone to order, giving her the advance payment she deserves.






In Ainon’s church, in Caroline’s bedroom.

I directly warped into her room.


Caroline was unexpectedly calm although it has been a while since she saw me.


「What’s the matter, God?」

「Un, no, it’s nothing. More importantly, come with me」

「To where?」

「To the prison」

「The prison……」


Caroline had a face of wondering what it was all about, but even so, she unhesitatingly took my hand when I reached out to her.


Holding her tightly, I warped to the prison I was led to once before.


It’s an underground prison where felons are locked up.

The stone walls and iron bars releases a solemn atmosphere.


「Over here」



I brought Caroline in front of the man I was looking for.

It’s the lower official who had reported corruption yet he was accused to be the corrupted one.




As soon as she saw the man, Caroline’s eyes widened.

She hasn’t even heard the man speak, but she already raised a voice of surprise.


「Why is that person, in a place like this?」

「Can you tell something?」

「Un. He’s the same after all, with that person God talked with. He looks shining」

「To the one I talked to?」

「That amazing woman saluting」

「Nikki huh……you saw us huh」


Caroline made a slight nod. Her eyes were pinned to the man.


「You see him shining, huh. What about that woman Eudora?」

「She’s so dirty」

「I see. It’s not that you can hear it, you can see it」

「Un. It’s only recently that I can see it」

「I see……Caroline」


「I’ll make you look at different people as well」

「Un……if God says so……」


Caroline looked clueless. She definitely doesn’t know it herself.

She doesn’t know how amazing the thing she sees.


『The light of the soul, huh……』


Eleanor whispered in a solemn voice.

Eleanor had the same guess. If our guess was correct, it means that Caroline is now able to see the color of a human’s soul.

And to confirm that, I made her look at different kinds of people.



About 90% of the movement of Caroline’s heart was as Kakeru had expected.

The remaining 10% was beyond Kakeru’s expectations.


Caroline started to look more at humans, she started to look more and see their true nature.

Caroline was born as the Child of Godーーas the vessel for Solon, but Kakeru had never imagined that her powers would awaken, the ability to sort out souls.







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